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  1. Looking for someone who'd like to RP with my pretty little starter, starring Akira and friends.

    PM for details, PM for RP.


    Your character(s) will die. No matter what. Everything dies, so get over it. If you fall asleep, you die. If you eat the wrong thing, you die. If Maniks and Zed tear you apart limb from limb, you die.

    But do not fret! All characters in the game REGENERATE AND REANIMATE. This, however, is controlled by the Gods of the Game. They determine whether or not a certain character was entertaining enough for them, and whether they should live again. Characters come back to life with scars on them - and sometimes missing fingers, if the Gods cannot find them.

    If a character dies and is not regenerated, another character shall come in their place.
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  2. Is this by any chance related to the game happening on a different RP site?
  3. Yes. But, unfortunately, I have abandoned the site.
  4. Why? Were the people being jerks?
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