The Demon's Crossing (Shadow x Succubi Queen)

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  1. @The Succubi Queen

    A Demon x Human RP by Shadowstream-chan and The Succubi Queen

    Male: [​IMG]
    Female: [​IMG]
    NB: [​IMG]
    Name: Devyn
    Age: 7,124 (appears 24)
    Gender: Fluid (Answers to any pronouns)
    Persona: An Archdemon serving directly below Lucifer, Devyn is a bit of a wild card. They rarely take orders from their master, but they're extremely controlling and bossy of their own subordinates. Assured that they always have the best plan and the best ability, Devyn isn't terribly trusting. They're rather do everything themself than trust a lackey to do a good job. They are dedicated to sowing chaos in the most precise and perfect way possible, and won't settle for anything less than perfect destruction.

    Devyn is very manipulative of humans and even other demons, and has a tendencies to twist their desires around to suit their own means. It's not always the cleanest way to work, but it often makes things easier for the demon when they have their hands full.

    They tend to vary a bit in how they present based on their gender presentation- Female Devyn is cold and haughty, essentially a controlling snob. Male Devyn is more chaotic, filled with bloodlust and a desire to make people suffer, regardless of the means. Non-Binary Devyn is likely the worst though, hiding their cruel tricks behind a kind and even nurturing mask. However, despite what many think, Devyn doesn't change with their gender presentation, rather, they change the mask of their gender based on their mood.

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Name: Karli Oscendo

    Age: Fourteen

    - Drawing
    - Writing
    - Singing
    - Music
    - Daydreaming
    - Videogames
    - Dogs

    - Math
    - Science
    - Critical Thinking
    - Expectations/Standards [Physical, Mental, Psychological]
    - Socializing with people she doesn't know/hate

    Personality: She acts somewhat like a tomboy because she used to be friends with the boys and she was mostly around with her Dad than her Mom. She is sensitive and is known to be clingy for she hates being alone. She tries to be the stubborn, hard-to-get person but really she is pretty easy to befriend. She is loyal and caring to anyone who is her friend. If her freedom is compromised, she'll find a way to get out. And since she is moody, she will hide things until it is too late or until she later on 'explodes.' She is very reserved as well as socially awkward. But when she is put in a corner (or her friend(s) are in danger), she is not afraid to fight back.

    Bio: Born the only child, Karli was the one that had eyes set on her for the longest time. Her parents grew considered when they realized that at age three, she was not talking at all and that she was not reacting well with the kids. After a few doctor visits, she was diagnosed with severe Asperger's, suggested to be in speech therapy and to have a dog as her companion (not a service dog). Thanks to speech therapy, and social classes, she seemed to be doing just fine. But when she was eleven, there was a terrible incident at her middle school that had left Karli in the hospital with bruises and burns all over her back, legs, and arms. It even caused her to lose most of her hair. She did not explain to her parents on what had happened but she begged them to not let her to go to school.
    So that was how they moved away, and after her three years in homeschooling (And getting a new dog named Sabaticus), Karli has to go back to high school. But since she is new, she wants to keep to herself at all times not wanting the 'incident' to happen again.
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  2. Karli Oscendo


    The morning had come through the grassy hills that were watching over the busy suburban community. It seemed like it would be a very good day if it weren't for the fact she had to go to school for the first time in three years. Karli groaned on her bed when the alarm buzzed in the room, forcing her to move slightly to turn it off. Getting up, she went to the bathroom which was thankfully her own (since her parents created a master bathroom for themselves). She got the clothes she would wear for the day, putting them on the counter before taking a shower. After a good scrubbing and shaving, she went to the weight scale which only made her sigh. "235 pounds....again." She shook her head as she got a towel wrapped around her head, before getting on her baggy clothes for the day.

    Her parents were already gone, Mom with errands and Dad with work. So she was alone eating a bowl of cereal and feeding her dog, Sabaticus. She just relaxed and slowly got everything done, including blow drying her hair before leaving with her backpack to go to school. She didn't like school, it brought back many memories that still make her wake up in sweat. But she tried to ignore it and get her school day over with. She had her hands inside her jacket pockets, listening to music from her iPhone 6 plus as she was slowly walking to school.

    It doesn't seem like much time has passed....although I wish it went by quickly..... Those words were in her mind every day, only wanting to stay inside the house where no one will know her of her 'condition'. She felt like Elsa from that Disney Movie....only that the Ice Queen could control her power in the end. Karli was still trying to figure out why the hell she suffered through the ugly scars left behind by her 'supposed' classmates, their satanic made her shiver, still to this day. She sighed to herself, tired of the crap she had been through. She was thankful that she was able to start over in a new community, though, where they did not know of her 'problems'. So she was just the 'average' girl, despite being a bit bigger than some girls. Her refusal to go outside made her gain weight, and it was a problem since she was afraid of going outside. So her clothes were slightly bigger. She knew her parents were trying to get her to a 'healthy' weight, but she knew it was going to be another scar from 'middle school'

    She stopped at the stoplight she needed to use. The stoplight that would eventually lead to her high school. She stood there, humming softly to calm herself down. She did a silent plea for it to be normal and everything would be ok in the end.

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  3. Devyn rolled their eyes, looking over the sheets before them. Every couple of weeks, Lucifer sent them a new list of people to torment, and boy, did this list look boring as hell. Some old homeless man, a underpaid secretary, a stupid looking high school girl, and a college kid who looked like he was one rejection away from shooting up a school. How mundane. There was never anything exciting happening in the Human World anymore. Not since they decided they didn't care about guns or corrupt police officers or crazy politicians. Modern humans were all sooooo... passive.

    Still, a job was a job, and while Devyn hated most aspect of their job, this one was their favourite- even if the task looked boring, they were sure to enjoy them.

    Of course, they had to pick one. They set down their coffee cup in the hand of a servile imp they employed, and sent the pictures hovering in the air, pointing at each in turn. "Eenie Meenie, Miney, mo!" They pointed and the other cards burned up in a flash of light.

    "Well, then, this one first. Might take me the rest of the day, but I can start on the next later tonight." They snapped their fingers, turning into a cloud of shadow and flying out of their office.

    Karli would find the usual groups gathered in front of the school building, gathered into what a cheesy teen comedy would call cliques, but as was common with most 21st century schools, the groups were more loosely organized, and a students tended to drift between them. There wasn't one that had quite opened itself to her yet, but there had never been any indication she wasn't welcome, other than a slight look in the eyes of her new classmates.

    Yet, today, one approached her, affixing her black cat-eye shaped glasses. Her dyed black hair looked odd against her pink skin, but apparently no one had ever told her that. "It's Karli, right? I'm Mindy, president of the Horror Club, and we're having a little meeting tonight- we thought it might be a good idea to have some, uh.. fresh blood in attendance. There'll be pizza and we're probably gonna watch some movies. You should totally come by, it'll be a hella good time. I promise, we're not like, a cult or anything, unless you count the fact that Emma's family are mormon, haha." She smiled at Karli in an bright way,
  4. Karli Oscendo


    Karli entered through the school gates, as her head was tilted down. She did not want any of her eyes to meet anyone here and it caused her heart to beat rapidly as she continued walking through the grounds. She happened to look up to see the court and it was very big with the grounds all grounded with pale walking concrete with a small area where a huge tree looms over them with two wooden picnic benches surrounding it. Across from it was a big outdoor stage that blended with the ground that only took two wide steps to get up to it. Karli could see that a lot of people liked to sit on the stage along with the picnic benches below the ginormous tree.

    She tapped her feet as she was going to continue walking until she was stopped. A woman with strange glasses and black hair that reminded Karli of Amy Lee in a way but it did not fit her skin tone very well. Karli dared to think that she would look better with red hair or dare say blonde hair. She backed off a little as the girl just came to her suddenly and asked if she was Karli. " you....know my name?" She meekly spoke as she could only listen to this woman named Mindy, president of the Horror Club. Horror was not Karli's favorite as she got easily scared, and she wanted to forget the bad times..not add any more misery onto it. She blinked as she was a bit skeptical with this invitation, finding it difficult to believe they were interested in her coming over. "I...I'll think about it." Karli went past Mindy, walking to her class as she knew she was not coming over. She rather be home than stay at a place with strangers, where she would be miserable. She did want to play her new video game that just came from Amazon which involved a girl that somehow can teleport to Feudal Japan with a well.

    She got to her classroom where it was isolated, and only the teacher was there. Karli ignored her surroundings as she sat down and got out everything needed for her class. She sighed, laying her head on the desk, with her arms being pillows as she prayed that this day will be merciful to her, at the least.

    @The Succubi Queen
  5. Mindy slid into the desk beside Karli, adjusting her glasses once again. "I know your name because we have like, 3 classes together. We have for almost a month." She smiled. "Now, c'mon. It'll be fun- unless your going to that block party the football team is throwing? I didn't peg you as the type to go to stuff like that. But of course the cheerleaders got to you first." She rolled her eyes. It was pretty clear Mindy was one of those 'I'm so unique because I don't wear makeup and don't like sports' type.

    "Listen, I know it can be hard to be the new girl, so if you ever want some friends, we'd love to have you come by. Here, I'll even give you my number. Text me sometime, ok?" She smiled again, before pulling her textbook out of her black canvas messenger bag.

    Devyn pulled out his list of cards. It hadn't taken terribly long to convince that stupid college kid to take the wrong drugs and decide the wrong girl needed to be punished for dumping him. The long part had been the drive to the college and the sounds of screaming. The poor guy hadn't even actually managed to kill anyone before he was taken down by the campus security. Unbelievable. Of course, all that mattered was the James McMasters had gone of the deep end, and his fate in hell was sealed.

    Devyn was in a bloody mood now, for sure. He ran a hand through his ash white hair, rolling around to pick his next victim. The teenage girl he could save til later- she'd be easier to manipulate when she was half drunk at a friday night party, desperate for love from a stranger. But the secretary... it was about time for her first coffee break, it seemed. He snapped his fingers, and moments later he was possessing her boss, ready to drive her to insanity.

    ((So, I have a pretty clear plan of how I want the meeting to happen, but it'll work best in the evening, rather than the school day- proceed how you want, just know that's what I'm working towards @Shadowstream-chan ))
  6. Karli Oscendo

    Karli jumped a bit when she was talked to again. She had to semi-glare at the girl. Wasn't she new here?! Was today supposed to be her first day?! Or did she merely forget that she had been here for a whole month? Well, she didn't care...she hated every day and the people here too. Of course, she gagged when the girl mentioned the football party. "I hate parties, especially jocks and cheerleaders." She grumbled as she didn't get along with people who were popular and acted they were 'holier than thou'. She did get seen by the cheerleaders but she could see through their lying and deceptive smiles as it was only just to show off how 'equal' they treat others when in private, they were laughing about her overweight body. It made her wish murder could be legal for once.

    She could see the paper that 'Mindy' wrote on and it was a phone number. She sighed as she took it, but she could not guarantee that she was going to this party. She will not go...

    Classes went by...Breaks went by....and Karli kept to herself all through those times. She liked to sit below the tree as it gave her peace while eating her lunch. She liked the warm sun rays settling on her skin, it gave her peace. It was the only thing she enjoyed during the day when she could think to herself and be left alone. So when the bell rang, it made her sigh and gather some courage to go to her remaining classes.

    So when she was free, she walked in a fast pace so she could go home. She did not want anyone stopping her from heading to her safe haven. The safe haven being her home. The home nobody at school knew of her location, so it felt nice to be inside where she knew she was safe. Going to the door, she then opened the door and entered. "I'm Home." She called out, closing the door behind her as she went to her room to get her homework done. In her room, was there her dog, Sabaticus , sleeping peacefully. Karli had got to her bed and was doing homework, so she could at least play her video game.

    But she felt her phone vibrate and it made her think if it was one of her iOS games letting her know about something. She picked it up and was disappointed to see a text message from an unknown number. It asked her about if she was still up for the meeting tonight. Why do they keep bothering her?! She tosses her phone a foot away from her on the bed as she kept on working.

    What made her decide to go to the party? Well, when her Mom came home, she turned on 'Housewives of Orange County' and it was loud to the point even her computer couldn't drown it out. So she texted back and said 'yes, where is it?' before heading out of the house. It didn't take her long to reach the destination, turned out that it was a ten-minute walk from her home.[not that she would let anyone know that] as she entered the stranger's home, aka Misty's home with her iPhone, headphones, and a 3DS in her baggy pockets. She could only sigh as she could see she would never fit in this place, but it was better than hearing screaming women in their 40's saying things for 'Reality TV'. "I'm here...I guess...." She mumbled as she found a couch to sit with no people on it just yet. She held onto her hands, her fingers twitched slightly from anxiety. She really wanted to go to bed now.

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