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  1. Bella glided through the empty towns, looking for little porcelain antiques left behind by the humans. Between the towering buildings or small villa countryside on the narrow and wide, smooth and rocky streets, she swept through the houses, silent as a mouse. Sometimes she shrieked in the sounds humans could hear to make sure they were empty. Humans were very dangerous after all.

    Sometimes, she found only the presence of a loyal hound or even a canary but little more was there. She delighted herself by gazing upon beautifully painted china and intricately cut glass punch bowls. The humans were still capable of creating beautiful things even if they were merciless to that which they did not understand. Bella frowned at this and when she started frowning, other unpleasant thoughts came. If only she could remember her name, she could finally leave this extended existence. Then she wouldn't be so hungry all the time.

    Bella turned and drifted out, ignoring the others ignoring her. Some mindless, others were senseless, most were just hopeless, as Bella was then.
  2. Adrian was stretched out on his bed. He had his pillow pressed over his ears as he tried to block out the howling sound of the ghosts in the town outside. So far, none had entered his house and he hoped it stayed that way. He was a stubborn man, refusing to leave when the rest of the town evacuated. He'd grown up here, lived here his whole life. He wasn't going to let some damn ghosts chase him out. He ran a hand through his shaggy black hair. Despite the pillow, he could still hear the sounds from outside. He squeezed his eyes closed and tried to sleep. He wasn't religious, but he had a cross on the table next to the bed. Better to be safe than sorry.
  3. Bella's journey continued forward, always forward in the way of ghosts. Going forward stopped you from becoming a senseless monster which attacked humans on sight. Staying in the same town for any longer than a month while looking for memories incurs frustration and drives ghost further over the cusp of insanity, forcing their hunger for souls. Fortunately, once a ghosts feasts on a soul it dies. At this stage, Bella received only hunger pangs when she sights the living beings. There wouldn't be many left, she thought to herself bitterly, people died everyday.
  4. Adrian stretched on the bed and pressed the pillow tighter against his ears. Despite the noise outside, he soon found himself drifting into an uneasy sleep. He'd wake often, but it was still some sleep. He tossed and turned, eventually grabbing the cross and holding it in his hand so he felt a little safer.
  5. Bella felt a tingle run across her ethereal being. She stopped and twisted right and flowed in the direction of the sensation. It was an odd feeling, not like the discovery of her childhood toy in that pawn shop a few towns before. This feeling was warm and bubbly like 'champagne', whatever that was. All that she knew is that it was drunk and it made your head spin if you drank enough and you were human. Lacking both of the above, she put no more thought to the matter. She continued her search. She was surprised to find 2 or 3 ghosts, rolling around and howling in the dust.

    No humans were in sight or mind, they must be searching. But they were gathered, but there was no big buildings nearby. She wrestled with her logic until she released a violent scream. With that, the other ghosts barreled out the walls and windows of the lonely abode.
  6. Adrian jerked awake again as he heard a violent scream. He seized the cross in his hands and started slowly towards the door. He nudged it barely open, and peeeked out of his room.
  7. Bella looked around her, horrified by her own display. Her hands covered her mouth now, her disbelief beyond compare. She looked around her. She was indeed alone now, alone again. It didn't make much difference than her previous situation but scaring away others did introduce a new facet to this new and complicated life. yet, even if the ghosts were gone, the feeling remained. It buzzed inside her, her form fizzing with bubbles. She began to scan the place wildly.
  8. Adrian stepped out of his room and started slowly down the stairs. There, at the base of the stairs, a ghost girl stood with her hands over her mouth. He raised the cross with shaking hands. "Get away!" he yelled. He hoped these things actually worked.
  9. Bella's skin started to burn. She turned to see a man standing up the stairs. A human! She backed away as the cross approached her. She was afraid and bubbly all at one once. She was caught in a loop of confusion. She backed away but didn't flee. She instead, found herself pressed against a wall, unable to move through it.
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