The Decade Without Summer

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It is February of 2016. The Coalition praises this as the first year in a century of peace. Napoleon Bonaparte, the habitual troublemaker of Europe, has been exiled on the island of St. Helena. Britain, Royalist France, Prussia, Austria, and Russia all agree that peace will win out in Europe. Poland is carved and given away to the victors. Newspapers in Britain speak of the British Century -- with the Royal Navy ruling uncontested on the waves. The winter has been harsher than normal, with speak of a volcano in the Orient spewing tar and ash. Nobody cares. The Napoleonic Wars are over.

It is now July of 2016. Harvests have failed and snows blanket Europe from Sweden to Sicily. Peace is short-lived. The Russian Empire, seeking to turn the minds of their people away from their empty stomachs and to a noble cause, invade the Ottoman Empire in a Crusade to retake Constantinople. Attempting to escape St. Helena during a snowstorm, Napoleon Bonaparte is killed by his British guards. Civil war has erupted in France. Piracy in the Mediterranean has grown. Barbary pirates plunge deep into Europe, Syria and Africa to bring slaves back to Algiers and Tunis. Nations, having fought each other for decades, now have trained and experienced armies to throw at one another. Tens of thousands die in pointless battles over land disputes. Hundreds of thousands have starved and millions are starving.

Pierre Rodin has fought this war before. A Bonapartiste to the end, he served as a Major in a Cuirassier Regiment. Losing an eye in the French retreat from Russia, he returned to Napoleon's side during the Hundred Days Campaign through Belgium. An impressive tactician who is just as skilled with the heavy sabre hanging at his hip as he is at riding. He is the epitome of the best the French have to offer... and he's tired.

Napoleon is dead and this Chef de Bataillon has no interest in waging another pointless war against Royalists or foreign invaders. In the dead of night, under the cover of a snowstorm, Pierre Rodin flees France through Spain. Narrowly avoiding the knives of peasants still reminiscing French occupation, he arrives in Morocco in October. He travels to Algeria, with the intention of resting in a chateau owned by a former French commander before traveling further south to Senegal. A commander who has turned his back on his Bonapartiste ideas and is now running a small chateau ran by black and Syrian slaves. Slaves that are routinely rented out to Barbary pirates in exchange for protection along the coastline.

Our French Cuirassier is led to a crisis of conscience: can he turn his back on this injustice? Or will he stand up and put an end to this tragedy?


The above idea is based off actual historical events. In 1815, a volcano in what is now Indonesia erupted causing what was called the "Year Without Summer." Understandably, events were not quite as chaotic as is pitched in the above idea. The roleplay will revolve around the idea that this eruption has continued since 1815 -- causing a drop in temperatures so sudden that snow begins to fall as south as North Africa, with no relief in sight.

I'm looking for someone with a small grasp of history of this era. I'm not asking for you to discuss the finer points of the Battle of Borodino, but I would still like you to know who Napoleon Bonaparte is or have some understanding of the Barbary slave trade in North Africa at this time. Not everything need be rooted in realism or history (Is a volcano apocalypse in the early 19th century not historical?!), but I would still like it to be quasi-believable.

More importantly, I'm asking for a more advanced partner. That means an ability to type multiple paragraph posts, roleplay as more than one individual (I most certainly will be.) and have a desire to develop their own plots and interests in the roleplay. Due to the very nature of the subject material (slavery, war, famine, etc) any potential partner must be over the age of 18. Please note that the roleplay will revolve around sex and the slave trade, though I will not tolerate any fetish requests. These acts will be alluded to, but will not be role-played between us. I'm here to tell a story, not help you live out your daddy fantasies.

Romance is accepted, and even adored in some circumstances, but should not be forced or nauseous.

PM me (Don't respond to this post.) if you're interested.​
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