The Death of Good Intention


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Scifi, Fantasy, Modern, Magical, Horror, Noir, apocalyptic, Grimdark, yaoi, yuri, anything really.

The year is 2234 AD, you are one of the countless citizens in this highly-advanced society. Your life is perfect, 80% of the diseases and sicknesses from the beginning of the 21st century have been conquered, schools are much more effective, and there hasn't been a recession in a century. Crime rates have gone down, and politics has gotten much simpler. Hospitals have gotten more advanced, if you loose a limb, it can be replaced with a robotic artificial limb that works just as well, maybe even better. Organs can be replaced with bionic counterparts and cyborgs are common in this day and age, as well as androids.

Everything should be great. Your life is a piece of cake. Everyone should be happy.

But things just don't seem to work out that way.... War is still a huge problem.

Oh.And not to mention, there's a small, SMALL problem...

In research for lengthening human life, there was a.... well, a small mishap.

So now, there's creatures running around the city.... that...

Well, they're zombies. Or at least, there hasn't been any other name for them. Their skin rapidly starts decaying, but stops right before attacking anything truly vital. Their eyes seem to corrode in some ways, so these unfortunate souls are blind. Their hair starts falling out in patches and their blood finds it harder to clot from the simplest injury.

Their brains are triggered to become more violent, turning that sweet old lady down the street who always made cookies for you and your friends when you were younger, into some slow-moving monster who would tear out your throat with her teeth in a second.

Not to mention, the government's way of dealing with this "small problem" is shipping out these decaying masses and offloading them onto other countries. And by offloading, I mean dropping them. From a minimum altitude of four thousand feet.

Also, that.... disease is able to be spread through bodily fluids, and has an incubation period of two weeks.

Two weeks of everything still being normal.

Two weeks of harboring something that can destroy you, and the people around you without knowing.

The perfect life doesn't seem so perfect anymore, does it?

Along with these zombies, there's one more tiny problem. Something that the government tries to make light of. It's not really a problem at all, as they spin it.

There's a bit of problem with power....

Power outages have been rolling through the countries, but in this city, it's the worst. Hospitals will loose power for three hours. Within that time, at least 50% of their ICU will die. This also is horrid for traffic, causing massive amounts of traffic-related deaths.

That happens almost every day, sometimes twice.

Now, there have been rumors of an actually perfect city. Across the seas.

You just have to get there. And the government WILL try its hardest to stop you.

You have to do everything you can to just to survive if they know you're trying to escape.

NOTE: You can play a "Zombie" if you want. Their higher functions are still intact, and aside from sometimes EXTREMELY violent behavior, they are more or less normal, plus, as long as they aren't flinging bodily fluids everywhere, they're not contagious. It's actually quite common to see someone walk alongside one of these "zombies". It's frowned upon and people are afraid of them, but with proper restraints, they can be kept alive without harming others.


Gwain "Gigi" Armitali sat upon a office desk in a white hospital smock, wearing a mask. She was at Pesterence Methodist Hospital on 51st and Green St. getting checked for that awful zombie disease.

As her blood was drawn and tested, she sat there, smoking somehow while wearing a mask as she waited for the coffee next to her to cool down. A nurse came by, telling her that smoking was not allowed in that area, with a look of disdain so powerful that it was almost palpable.

Even so, Gigi only glanced at the nurse, then stubbed out the smoke on the desk, eying the nurse as another came back with her results.

"You're not a carrier of the disease yet.... and I'm still unsure of why you come by every week to get tested.... These tests cost at least fifty dollars.... each... and you've already been tested five times...." The nurse started quietly, but Gigi was already on her way to change back into her normal clothes.

The nurse followed her as she went into the dressing room, peeling off the smock, but keeping the mask over her nose and mouth as she changed back into a bra, panties, a shirt, pants, and shoes.

"Why are you repeatedly checking so much?" The nurse questioned as Gigi grabbed her purse. and looked up, her voice muffled by the simple mask.

"I dunno, I just want to make sure...." She shrugged then walked out of the hospital, walking down the street to her apartment, gathering the last of her things and looking at a calender on her wall, today's date circled in red marker ink.

She had bought tickets to a small, relatively unknown cruise. One that would help her leave this city for good.

But just as she was zipping up her bags, three hard, loud knocks thumped on her door, and without a doubt in her mind, she knew it was the police. They knew she bought those tickets.

They were going to take her to jail if they got a hold of her. And she couldn't let them. So, grabbing a duffel bag with her most important items, she opened up a window, climbed out onto the ledge, walked over, past her neighbor's window, and a few other windows, then broke into another room, and slipped out that door, going down an elevator.

And when the doors opened, she found herself surrounded by uniforms and held up her hands in surrender.

"Fine.... fine. I give." She muttered behind her mask as she was handcuffed and led away to a waiting police hover-car. [/bg]
Jade hurried along the path keeping her head down and avoiding eye contact with passers by, she didn't want anyone to question the black eye she had obtained. Jade was only 17 but she felt much older than that, she was forced to grow up quickly when her brother the only family she had left was infected. She kept him hidden, fearing that if he was found he would be taken away from her and she wouldn't let that happen, even though he was becoming more and more violent she had gotten off easily with just a black eye. She knew she'd have to hurry if she wanted to make it home before nightfall, looking back over her shoulder she didn't see the police officer ahead of her and as a result ran straight into him. The bags of groceries she had been carrying fell to the ground "sorry officer" she said nervously and managed what she hoped was an innocent look before bending down to retrieve her items. She noticed that there was a group of them and they were arresting another girl.
Gigi watched wordlessly as a girl nearby dropped some of her groceries as she ran into a police officer. She had been in the process of being told to duck into the cop car, but with that distraction...


Gigi was off, hands restrained behind her back, she ran right back to where she had left her bags, crouched down while trying to maintain her balance, then grabbed onto the bag and took off, running past the girl. Huffing and gasping for breath behind the mask, she ducked into an alley and then ran down a couple side streets before ending up in another alley. She propped herself up against the wall and dropped the bag while she tried to think of a way to get out of the restraints.

"Well.... my cruise leaves in four hours.... and I have to get out of these handcuffs...." She muttered to herself quietly before looking around for anything she might have been able to use to help her situation. For a moment, she glanced down at the bag, then suddenly turned her head to the left, on alert.


She had the duffel bag in her hands again, running away, not too soon before the sounds of boots stomped over to where she once was.

Within ten minutes, they had her in their hands again, this time, she was thrust into the car and driven off.

Meanwhile, the rest of the police were shooing away or taking in more people along side Gigi if they seemed the slightest bit suspicious.
Jade quickly retrieved her groceries and hurried off trying to avoid the remaining police, she made it home without incident but she had the feeling she was being watched. Shrugging it off she unlocked the door and went inside, dumping her stuff on the kitchen counter she went in search of her brother.

She found him in his room hunched over a book reading, (its written in Brail) "Ben?" she asked tentatively she never really knew what mood he'd be in after he had changed he had gone almost completely insane never really making sense. He lifted his head but didn't look at her "hello dear sister" he said quietly "would you like to know what I've been reading?"

Jade didn't but she asked anyway, he had the edge to his voice that told her he was close to an outburst and she should just go along with him. "Its a story of how a man goes crazy from being stuck in the house all day, so he kills his entire family" he said it lightly all though it had a threatening undertone.

Jade sighed "Ben please you know if you go out they'll hurt you, someones been watching me lately."

He laughed but it was empty without humor "come here" he whispered, she swallowed and took a step closer. He quickly whirled around and grabbed her by the throat choking her, " You don't care about me, you just don't want to get arrested. Did you ever think that maybe I'd be better off?" he hissed before letting her fall to the floor. He turned back to his book "yes maybe i would" he muttered, as Jade stood up and turned to leave he called out after her "goodnight sister dear."

Jade went into her room and locked the door behind her she looked in her mirror and saw Bens fingers had gripped her that tight that he had left red marks, she crawled into bed and lay there determined not to cry.

It was always like this Ben would go into dark horrible moods and would distance himself from her, never saying her name so he wouldn't feel guilty when he attacked her but it would be okay after wards he was always sorry and tried to make it up to her and he was her sweet loving big brother again. Still his dark moods were becoming more and more frequent and she was worried that one of these days he might go to far and kill her. Trying to empty her head of these thoughts she closed her eyes and settled in for a sleepless night.
Officer Itsuko Hara (<........see pic) was just following orders when some new girl was dragged in. It was a well know fact that people were buying tickets online, in the streets and back alleys all trying to leave the city. They were so stupid to think that they werent being watched every single second of the day. Shaking her head she walked by the new group of women that were crying and shaking. She hated how weak they were. Some looked sick already and that was why she always wore her mask. Most officers never took theirs off and she was one of them. Why risk it she thought.

"Are you done with that group over there?" Another officer asked her and she nodded. Clearly she didnt out rank him but the place was a mess and staying alive was all that mattered. All the rules of this or that person being incharge went out the window when heads of state, congressmen, CEO's, section heads and so many others started to die or out right vanished. It was a mess.

"Yeah just bring me the stow aways, I'll have a chat with that one right there, she looks like she wont go insane, at least not right now. I have my gear set up in room 4 just make sure she is locked in. I dont want another one to be put down" He nodded and walked over to Gigi.

"Looks like your up sister, get your crap and lets go" He grabbed her up by the arm rather rough. "Come on, you might even get to go home, our cells are full already, but if your sick, well its a one way ticket" he smirked and walked with her down to room 4. It was set up like most interigation rooms. A table and two chairs, a simple light hanging from above. Plain and unwelcoming.

"Sit!" he told her and cuffed her to the chair that was also bolted to the floor" a two way mirror let Officer Hara look in at the girl. "So young.. god, two days younger than my sister." she was mumbling to the other officer that was there but he walked out.

"Just dont make a mess, I hate cleaning up blood." She flipped him off and walked in to the room with Gigi

Gigi quietly followed orders, choosing to wait for some kind of opening to appear, not feeling too terribly confident when she found herself handcuffed to the chair. She looked at her knees.

Plans whirred around inside her head, looking for any way to get out of this situation. She had already heard horror stories of what happens if you admit to the fact that you were trying to get out of the city. Like a little hamster in a wheel, running faster and faster until the spinning got out of control.

It sparked on her.

"YOU GOT ME! You got me! I confess! I confess to it all! I'm so sorry!" Gigi warbled behind her mask, her eyes rolling around in her head, looking half insane. "I ADMIT TO IT! I STOLE A CAR WHEN I WAS FOURTEEN! I BEAT UP THE OWNER AND HOTWIRED THE CAR! Oh GODS, you finally caught me!" She whimpered loudly, sobbing.

"I'm so sorry! I had started out so small.... I.... I think I'm a klepto! I started when I was little... Dammit, I used to steal apples from a vendor near my house..... The vendor was blind.... and I wasn't hungry.... I just got a thrill when I got away with it!" She babbled on.

"I'm so sorry.... I even crashed the car only a day after I stole it! I'm such a horrid, rotten person!" She spat, her entire body straining against her binds, flopped over her legs, her head hung.

She was going to admit to everything and anything BUT buying tickets to get out of the city... meanwhile, she was sounding so crazy that an insanity plea would easily get her out of this. She took care not to look insane AND violent. If she did that, they might just think her as a zombie. Either way.... Then, she'd get out of here and be back on the street, then she could start working on another way out of here.

She whimpered like a child, mumbling and babbling, then suddenly strained against the chair more, growling and screaming from behind the mask. A garbled version of "I'm sorry" was mangled in her throat. Her body shook as she sobbed more.

Memories slid through her mind, vague and dark, but painful as they dragged through her. She could not be caught on a charge of leaving the city. She couldn't. The last couple people she heard about that admitted to that ended up missing....

She had heard that what she was doing now, should work. Provided that when they check to make sure that you don't have the disease, that you come out negative. In her case, she knew she was clean, but.... some things said differently.
Officer Hara looked at the woman and laughed then fixed her uniform making sure Gigi could see her name and title. Her voice was muffled but still audible even with her mask. "Look sister your gonna be here a long fucking time if you just dont come clean right now. We've checked your record and guess what, thats not why you are here. Your here because you ran, your here because you were stupid enough to try and leave in the middle of the day with a duffle bag."

Her tone was full of insult and distain. "God, did you even think this through? Clearly you didnt or you wouldnt be sitting here. We have been tracking your movments ever since you got the tickets and dont tell me that you didnt because they were tracked right to you." eyeing the woman even more Officer Hara sighed and walked the room.

"I dont care about the source we know it already, what I want to know is why? Your clean, I know that from the sweat coming off your body and into that chair, yeah your clean. Also your going to hyperventlate if you keep up your rant. Its fake and you know it. Not a single person in your family has an illness and your clean." Stopping at the window she made a motion with her head and and hair then looked back a Gigi. Her eyes were like spikes.

"Listen to every word i say you got me, dont do anything stupid or we will be both be killed." sighing hard she rubbed her eye and looked back into the two way mirror then to Gigi her arms folded over her chest while her fingers moved.

"Now if you would have thought this out you would have paid for your ticket a number of ways and at different times making it that much harder to track. You also would have bought mulitple tickets for multiple desitions leaving at diffetent times and on different dates."

She paued for a breath, "You would have stashed away important things along the way in different locations around the city. You would have back tracked and retraced your steps to prevent errors and most important you wouldnt be doing all of this in the middle of the day when all the city cameras can see you."

"Everyone knows not all of them have night vision. Most of those have been stolen for parts or drug money. So... now that you know what do you, go do it. Look on the others side of the coin, cross the street in the wrong direction and run dont walk when you think you should stop."

Looking at Gigi and then down to the floor Itsuko walked behind Gigi and pushed her head down into the table, undid her cuffs and whispered in a harsh tone.

"Run." pulling back from her in a dramtic fall to the floor Istuko tiimed it just right and the door flew open. She had a trigger for it in her hand and it snapped to life letting Gigi go, free to run. It was all part of her plan, if the girl listened was another issue all together. Right under their noses she hoped that this girl would get it, this girl would save herself and in the process save Itsuko.
Musical Score: Brave Soldat - Call of Duty World at War Soundtrack


He had left in the dead of night, hours after he had thought he had won. hours after he had been betrayed.
The rooftops of the skyscrapers were a dangerous place, but to the Agent, they were the only home he ever knew, the high winds buffeting him and the sheer height meaning his targets never saw him coming until he hit the roof above them.

This time was different, the Agent, freed of the Agency's control, had come here to hide from one time "employers", and this visit to the rooftop was merely to check on his surroundings.

but as he looked out over the other buildings he felt the wind die down, and the impulsive urge rise, the need for adrenaline coursing through his brain as he crouched, ready to run.

Musical Score: Dog Wave (Nazi Zombies) - Call of Duty: World at War Soundtrack

Like a shot the Agent sprang into action, massive legs propelling him towards the edge of the building, and at the last moment, both feet propelled him high into the air.

where an average man would have fallen to his death, the Agent soared, reaching the apex of his leap just after he crossed the halfway point of the two skyscrapers, those on the street below him, heads downcast, eyes only on the footpath in front of them, failing to see the Agent land on the other building, pushing himself onto his stomach in an attempt to redirect his momentum

on gut instinct, the Agent crawled along the rooftop, looking down onto a police station, and he felt the anger and disgust at the Agency swirl around in his stomach.
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"Hara!" A voice came over the intercom "Officer Hara! What the hell is going on, the sound was off and now that girl can escape! Get up and stop her. There is a riot outside we are under attack! Get up!" the voice came from the other side of the two way mirror. Itsuko made it look like she was out cold but her eyes popped open and she looked at Gigi.

"Go... locker 16, lower level of garage B, north end. Dont! Let them find you, go... Ill find you later" she panted and looked down. "Please.. I can help you, you have to trust me"
Gigi was glowering while her head was hung. This woman was insulting her for lying. It's not like she could just admit to it! They'd have her neck! They already had her locked into this fucking chair, she was pretty much screwed. Ah well, she had gone off on this half-cocked. You loose some, and then you loose more, right? Not much you can do about it. She was dead meat.... but.... she was safe.... she was safe... she had to be safe.... they couldn't just....

They knew about her family. She looked up at the lady officer silently, her breathing starting to slow and relax from behind the mask, her hot breath started to cool. Then the woman sad something that truly peaked her interest.

"Listen to every word i say you got me, don't do anything stupid or we will be both be killed."

Gigi started listening, her eyes holding onto the woman's. Curiosity getting the best of her. She didn't care if this was some kind of a trap. At this point, she was curious if they were wanting her to go out with a bang or something. Curious and curious-er. Was that even a word? "Curious-er"? Ah well, back to focus.

The woman was explaining so much. So many instructions..... but why was this woman telling her this? She was really getting drawn in, her curiosity becoming insatiable as she listened to the woman. Was.... was this a second chance at escape, or was she digging herself into a bigger hole than she already was in?

She was astounded when the woman pushed her head down and she felt her cuffs being unlocked.

Gigi didn't even acknowledge the word 'run' when it had been said.

What..... the fuck is going on!?

Her mind was screaming for answers, only to hush when the woman gave her more instructions.

No way.... this woman was going to try to help her? What.... in the world did she stumble onto?

She took off quickly. She ran like she was in some kinda marathon, but due to the fact that she wasn't used to running, it started hurting pretty damned badly. But she kept going. The thought of possibly being able to get out of this godforsaken city was too much to pass up.

"Go... locker 16, lower level of garage B, north end. Dont! Let them find you, go... Ill find you later" she panted and looked down. "Please.. I can help you, you have to trust me"

She followed the instructions, and found her hiding spot. She was frightened, but fear's the best motivator, right?

All her money was gone, they knew that too, didn't they....

She hadn't had a job in years, her parents refused to help her pay for anything, and she had busted her last buck on that ticket.... this was her last stop... if she couldn't get out... she couldn't live here.

Her breath heated the mask over her mouth and nose, her throat rasped with the air, but she tried her best to silence herself, hiding as best she could. She was hungry, tired, but more excited than she'd ever been before.

Please.... I hope this isn't just some trap.... please....


Meanwhile, five docks harboring somewhere around sixteen boats each were locked down while each boat was searched for smuggled civilians.

Five boats came back entirely clean, but one came back with signs of life within it besides the crew-hands. The owner of the boat and the crew-hands were led away, meanwhile the others were all in the process of being searched.

Until there was a call that there was a riot at one of the police stations. Everything was dropped and the search was ended while the officers got back into their cars and drove to the station in question. There were many questions. This riot had been planed, it had to have been if it had started while the docks were being searched. They had done it out of the blue, only police would know. There had to be a leak.
"HARA!!" Her commanding officers voice filled the air as just as the blood capsules in her jaw snapped to life. Blood instantly poured from her lips as she spit and shook on the floor violently. With her mask in place all he could see was blood and paniced..

"Shit! call an aid car Hara is sick!! No! You cant be no!!" the rage in the mans voice went from totally pissed off to that of great concern. Touching her forehead he felt the cold sweat and heard her gagging. He went to remove her mask but fear wash over him.

"Damn'it dont you dare die, your one of my best, fuck what happened? Wheres the girl? Fuck that ... where are they!!!" he screamed down the hall as the sound of a gurney filled the air. "Damn it they got to you too.. didnt they" He backed off and took out his gun ready to avenge her, thinking she was done for.

Moments later they arrived and he ran back to them panting. "SWAT's here, go get her out of here now" he moved out of the way and she was out the building, loaded up just as the car boom went off and blew half the street apart. It was an all out shit storm or fire and bullets.

There were only two, the diver and the guy with her. He was young, kinda cute too, but she didint care. At a red light her knees clamped around the guys head as he tried to move her mask. His yelp was muffled by the engine as the driver turned the corner and she snapped his neck.

Knowing how they worked all to well she hit the wall three times he pulled over and opened the back doors thinking something was wrong. Something that couldnt wait and might have something to do with the explosion. Instead of a nice hello, or whats up, he was greeted with her boot in his face. Knocking him back head first to the pavement she jumped out and landed ontop of him her knee crushing is windpipe and with her hands on either side of his head she snapped his neck.

A woman on the curb looked at her and was scared. "Dont worry mama, they were infected. Police buisness, please move along." The woman did as she was told. Looking around for another others she nodded to the few and then in her uniform the didnt think anything was wrong. Fixing her jacket she caught her breath and then loaded the guy up into the back and shut the doors. Getting back into the aid car she made her way to garage just as night fell on the city.

It was going to be a long night now if that girl followed her instructons they would meet again soon, if not she had other capsules in her pockets that would make capture pointless.
Gigi kept in the locker for as long as she could, but how much longer did she have to wait? Was that police lady hurt or lost? Was she waiting for something hopeless? Was she ever going to be able to get free of this dreaded city? The questions swirled around her head and tormented her as she sat there, hidden in that locker, with nothing else to do but to consider the possibilities. She looked around herself and pray quietly for nothing short of a miracle to get her out of this situation.

And if she couldn't get out of here.... then what else could she possibly do?

She couldn't go on living here. So if she couldn't escape.... then would she just try to take her own life?

...But that was a coward's way out.... was there a way she could at least help others if she herself was doomed to staff behind?


As a riot was staged at the police station, another wave of people stormed to the docks, cramming into as many boats, tankers and other modes of transportation, looking for escape. Most of them got out free and unscathed, but many others were stopped by a security measure that had been added quite recently.

Huge massive battleships started firing on the ships, a third going up in smoke upon contact. The rest tried to get by with critical mechanical failures, but most of the rest did not get out of it alive....

The City was not in the mood to loose its civilians.
Officer Hara pulled together supplies from the ambulance and made for the locker. Not stopping to say hell or even pausing to be caual. She yanked it open and stuffed the bag into it. "Sorry" was all she said and then she closed it once more and tied her shoe. Right then some officers walked by.

(Song playing on a small radio in abadoned sercurity booth) (Wasted, by Fuel)

"Why arent you out with the others?" One male walked over to her.

"Hey!! Im talking to you girly!!" He grabbed her and playing weak he lifted her up and then saw all the blood on her shirt and face.

"Holy fuck!" He dropped her like a stone.

"She's sick! Lets get out of here" They both took off running.

"Shoot her" "No fuck it save our ammo run!" They both took off and after catching her breah she opened the locker again and fell back on her butt panting.

"That was close. Are you alright?" Worried about the girl she tried to smile and look composed but it was hard. Shew as tried, sore and still felt like they were being watched.

"We cant stay here, but I know a place, it sucks but it will do" Looking at the girl once more she gave her a weak smile her eyes half open as she fought the urge to passout.

"Im Itsuko by the way"