The Deadened Masses (W/Charlie Vasilyev)

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  1. The world was crumbled, brought to mere bits by a rain of steel encased death bringers. The world had gone to shit, and it had taken less than 10 years for it to happen. All because of one man. One single fucking megalomaniac, Heinrich Vantz. He had ascended to power on charisma and the promise of a better nation for his people, the people of Govania. However, for a nation to become great, it needed money, and for that, he flooded the economy and drastically reduced buying power. After that, one thing led to another and he started a war to divert attention from his miserable failure. It wasn't even that hard for him to start it, as Govania and the nation of Bulga had been at violent odds for years.

    Now, normally, wars are a great way to kickstart the economy, as it puts industry in over drive and allows great innovations to be made, however, the war soon turned to one of attrition, and the nations were pouring everything they had into it. Soon, other nations became involved, and a world war had begun. Years went by and still people were dying en masse. The leaders of the world superpowers became desperate, and Armageddon soon became the only way to get it to stop.

    That's where our story begins, a few years after the missiles had stopped raining down, and the world lay in ruins. Enter our first piece of this twisted tale, Adrian Matthers, who at this point was simply doing as he did most every day, scrounging for supplies and things to eat.
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  2. Aiden ran her hands through her hair. She squatted in a tree, hidden by the branches, watching into the ruins of a building. THere was a group there. Gangs grouped together so they could get more supplies. Generally though force.
    Aiden watched them closely. They were using the old building as a home base and she had plans to reapply herself after the gang left for a run or went to sleep.
    The gangs never really feared anyone because they had a reputation of hurting those that screwed with them.
    Aiden had been up in the tree for hours, her legs hurt but she would move them now and the to avoid cramping and numbness.
  3. While Adrian was out and about, he scaled a hill and saw that a building was nearby. What was more was that it seemed to be inhabited, and habitation meant supplies! "Okay..." He muttered to himself, "Should I let them keep their stuff, or should I take it? Nah, I'm gonna take it." He grinned to himself and gripped his knife in his hand. Adrian knew that he couldn't take them with just the knife, so he looked around a little more and saw a sizable metal pipe that looked like it would be good for smashing some skulls. He took in a deep breath and let it out, then slowly made his way down the hill, doing what he could to stay hidden. He crouched underneath a window opening and leaned up to look inside. There were quite a few of them, and he knew this wouldn't be easy. "Alright motherfuckers..." he whispered to himself before leaping in the window.
  4. Aiden wanted to scream when some bravado filled knucklehead leapt through the window wielding the ever so intimidating knife and metal pipe combination. She gritted her teeth to keep from swearing. She'd bee staking this building out for a week now. She'd been planning, observing the groups routine, and preparing to sneak in. She had an empty bag ready to put supplies in and now it was all ruined. Not only was this guy going to get himself killed the group would be more vigilant after his attack and could possibly move locations.
    Aiden watched the ugly scene unfold from above. She wasn't about to leave her hiding spot now. It was dangerous and ran a high risk of being seen and possibly dragged into a fight she would lose. The small adult went as still as possible on her perch and slowed her breathing as she observed the fight start to play out beneath her lofty viewing stand.
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  5. The first 20 seconds of the encounter went well, He was able to smash the pipe over one of their heads, sending them crashing to the ground. He drove the knife deep into the neck of a man that was standing nearby, and then things started to go to shit. When he was pulling the knife out of the man's neck, a crashing blow was delivered to the side of his head, sending him reeling across the room. The knife flew out of his hand but he managed to keep hold of the pipe. There were still about 6 men left, and they were all menacingly approaching him as he stood up. Some had knives, some had only their bare hands. "Guys, I can tell you that some of us aren't going to make it out of this building, and I'm pretty damned determined to make sure that it's you guys that die and not me."

    Apparently, they didn't like that very much, and they quickened their approach. "Um... Okay, new plan." Adrian charged head first, wildly swinging his pipe and doing what he could to ram through the men to spread them out. This was met with some success, and he was able to crash the pipe into about three of them. For the moment they were incapacitated, and Adrian was able to single one of them out for a fight. The man started to slash at him with his knife, landing a glancing blow that was still enough to break the skin. Adrian bashed the pipe into the man's hands then smashed it into his skull.

    When all was said and done, Adrian had been cut twice, had a black eye, and the men, were scattered on the floor with their heads beat in. "Crazy fucker 8, other fuckers, 0." he said with a grin as he flipped the pipe in his hands.
  6. Drugs. That was the first thing that came to Aiden's mind whens he saw the fight. That man was on some seriously strong stuff...his style of fighting was wild, not calculated and form her prospective he appeared frantic and like he wasn't thinking. Aiden was definitely not coming down, this guy appeared extremely unstable and she didn't want to be the next target of his wrath.
    She was glad she'd chosen a branch high up in the tree, the wild stranger looked too big to get up here the branches wouldn't hold his weight. She kept her eyes locked on the building only glancing around now and then to check for incoming threats. Aiden was interested in what this man did next and hopeful he would leave some supplies behind she could steal. She felt tired and wobbly though from being up in the tree so long. She didn't to get down and move around, get he rblood pumping again very soon.
  7. Whistling a merry little tune, Adrian stuffed all he could into his bag, well, he did until he saw a much better, much bigger bag lying around. He grabbed that one and started to stuff all the useful stuff he could find into it. Food, a few canteens, some knives, and even a gun. The gun itself was a simple 9mm, and he was able to find a partial box of ammo with 25 rounds, a rare luxury in these times, well, at least the ammo was. The guns themselves weren't all that hard to find, you just had to look. The war had only ended a few years ago, and while the bodies were gone, some of the guns remained. Now, Adrian looked around a bit more, and was able to find a sleeping bag, which he attached to his new back pack and began to make his way out of the building. "Man, these fuckers had some good stuff." He said to himself as he jammed his hands into his pockets and walked out of the building.
  8. Aiden watched the stranger start to leave. She watched and started to climb down...inch down more of pausing ever few seconds to look up and make sure the guy hasn't not is her.
    She made sure to make very little noise mostly moving when there were sudden gusts of wind so the tree was already moving. She made it to the ground finally and landed softly. She turned and started to hurriedly head in the opposite direction of the thought-to-be junkie. She used walls, logs, and anything she could as cover. Her goal was to get to a good distance and wait to night fall. Then come back and scour the former gang base for any left over supplies.
  9. Now that Adrian had some supplies that would last him at least a few days, he decided that now would be a good time to seek some shelter. "Wait..." he said to himself aloud, as was his habit, "All those fuckers are dead, why don't I just use this building? I mean, I have a gun, and people generally don't like being shot." Shrugging to himself, he turned around on his heels and went back into the building. Taking what time he had, he scoured the rest of the building, turning up very little. "Well fuck a damn duck. There ain't nothing. I can't even reinforce the.... wait, there's plenty of rocks and shit..." That gave him an idea! And with that in his head, he began to stack up rocks and pieces of debris against the door ways and windows.
  10. (Sorry!)

    Aiden stopped moving when she heard the stranger speak and then start coming back. She swore under her breath and hurried to hide in a near by building. This stranger just kept making things more complicated. Now he was going to camp out in the building so she couldn't take what was left. She felt frustrated this wasn't an uncommon occurrence for her, staking out a place for days and then some muscled idiot would come in and ruin it by either getting killed and upping the guard of the people that were attacked or killing the people attacked and taking all the goods, but that didn't make it any easier to take. She hide in a near by building and watched the junkie build up a wall of rocks.
    Aiden knew she just needed to leave now. It would be no good to try and get anything from this place. She would wait for nightfall and then sneak out. Hopefully find some easy to grab supplies because she was famished and low on everything she needed.
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  11. Adrian had resumed whistling his merry little tune as he continued making his barricade, and once all was said and done, he had ample protection for a few nights. It had taken him a few hours, and night was now approaching, so he set up camp underneath the stairs so he would have protection from the wind, and unrolled his sleeping bag. It was nice and comfy, but Adrian knew he couldn't fall into too deep of a sleep, otherwise someone might come along and either kill him, or take his stuff while he was asleep. So to make up for that, his body soon fell into the level of sleep that it had adjusted to over the years: enter a light sleep, and wake up every few hours to check around.
  12. As soon as darkness covered the earth Aiden snuck out. She saw no fire from the stranger's building though. Maybe he was sleeping. She soundlessly slipped over and peeked in through a crack in the barricade. He was sleeping...she frowned. Could she risk getting some supplies? She doubted she'd be able to find any soon after this.
    Aiden carefully climbed over the barricade and squatted in the a shadowy corner waiting for her oppurtunity as she watched. She breathed slowly and watched him wake up now and then to looked around. Finally she chose her moment and slipping forward grabbed the still packed smaller bag before hurried climbing the barricade. As she did a stone loosened. Aiden swore under her as it fell and jumping down with her loot started to sprint off trying to find a good place to hide.
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  13. Adrian awoke with a start. "Who the fuck's there?" He called out, looking around in the darkness. He looked at his supplies and saw that his small bag was missing. "Fucking hell..." he muttered as he got up, putting the larger bag on his back just in case. His hands gripped his knife and pipe, and he carefully made his way around the building. "Just come out now, give me my stuff back, and I won't have to hunt you down and beat the shit out of you." Adrian's eyes darted around the building, and he desperately wanted his supplies back. Out here, every little bit helped, and the little bit that was stolen could have saved his life one day.
  14. Aiden heard him yelling from where she was hiding behind the wall. He was yelling in the opposite direction she was in. Aiden slowly made her way along the wall towards what used to be the more dense and now had the most ruins. She slid along away from the yelling guy as quickly as she could without being too noisy.
    Aiden squatted behind a wall and quickly switched all the supplies to her own smaller sack only leaving a few things in the bag like a hankerchif, a rusty can opener, and a two crushed cans from her bag. She then stuffed the bag with rocks to make it appear full. She dumped the bag against a wall and then ran purposefully kicking up some rocks so he'd find the bag.
    Aiden darted away and thens witched direction into the woods and went back to moving quietly. She hoped the 'full' bag would distract the man long enough for him to lose her trail. In the woods she could easily shake him from her tail since he hadn't even seen her go in. She walked softly along listening for pursuit.
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  15. Adrian's body twisted in the direction he heard rocks flying, and quickly dashed over there. It didn't take him long to find the bag, and when he did he quickly opened it, only to find that a few useless items were in it and some rocks. "son of a fucking bitch!" he moaned, tossing the bag to the side. There was no purpose in keeping it now, as he had no use for the items, well, except for the handkerchief, that might come in handy later. However, he did keep a few of the rocks so that he could use them as weapons. As much as he wanted to give chase to whoever the thief was, he knew that sleep was more valuable, as sleep meant energy, and energy was extremely valuable.

    Still pissed off that this had happened, Adrian returned to his sleeping bag to finish off the night. Were this to happen again, he would no doubt have to hunt down the thief, as he couldn't afford to loose any of his resources.
  16. Aiden finally decided to bunk down for the night. She did t feel like climbing up a tree again so instead she crawled under some root of a partially uprooted tree. There wasn't much room but she and her bag fit because she was a tiny person. Going out she covered her hiding spot with some more dead branches, leaves, mud etc to make it harder to look in and harder to actually find. She crawled in and curling up let herself drift into a restless sleep. She wanted to keep her stuff so she never wot deeply.
    Aiden faced the tiny door like opening when she slept so she could sense when there were light changes if someone covered the door up.
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  17. The night eventually passed with fits of sleep for Adrian. When he woke up, the morning sun was just high enough above the horizon to light up the city, revealing once more the empty shell that had once been a thriving metropolis. "You know, I should probably go look for the motherfucker who stole my shit. Wouldn't want them to start yapping and make others think that I'm an easy target." with that in mind, he got up, packed everything up, and made his way out of his shelter, now heading towards the woods. It was never a smart idea to stay in one place for too long, as that used up resources and the area would eventually become depleted.

    Adrian decided that he might as well just take a leisurely stroll, as there was no immediate danger around him. However, as time wore on and he continued to walk, he became a bit bored and started to toss around some of the rocks that he had kept. Now, at first, no harm was done, as they were mainly just skipping off of boulders and trees, but one rock which he threw managed to sail towards a rather large tree that looked like it had been somewhat toppled in a storm. When the rock hit, a hole was revealed, and Adrian quickly dashed off towards it. "Well well well, what do we have here, a tiny little rabbit trying to stay warm in a hole, huh?" he said wickedly as he saw the little woman in the hole. "Don't start to freak out, that's how people die."
  18. Aiden sat up realizing she'd slept late. She glanced at the doorway and saw the junkie-man there. She swore inwardly, but outwardly faked calmness.
    "Good morning." she greeted with a fake cheeriness. She should've slept in a tree at least that way she could drop something on top of someone trapping her. She was now stuck in a small shelter with one way out. Aiden cursed herself inwardly for being to exhausted to think right last night. She should've known better.
    Aiden sighed when he didn't move, this was going to get ugly.
    "Do you need something?" she asked.
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  19. Adrian arched his eyebrow, rather surprised that she hadn't already started beating him over the head with a stick. "No, I don't need anything, but it is rather curious that you're sleeping in a little hollow. How about a little proposition, eh girl? A little symbiosis, if you will. If you can fit into that little thing, imagine all the other places you can fit into, and in this world, that means the possibility of getting more supplies. What I'm suggesting here is a partnership, so to say. If we work together, we have a better than average chance of surviving longer in this fucked up world." He held his hand out to her, as a sign of trust and of sealing the deal. "What do you say, sure gets awful lonely roaming the world alone."
  20. He didn't know...thank providence he didn't know she'd stolen his supplies! Aiden breathed a sigh of relief. Sure she's say she'd partner with him for at least a while. It would hurt her as long as he didn't find out she'd stolen his stuff, and once she was out in the open she had a better chance of getting away if needed.
    Aiden reached out and shook his hand,
    "Name's Aiden, look forward to working with you." She said with a strange slightly reserved politeness. She was actually pleased to work with him she just didn't trust him fully and she wouldn't admit it but the kind of creepy stranger scared her a bit.
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