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  1. So, lately I've been having an itch to play as a necromancer character of mine. And with necromancers comes undead of many kinds.
    So, I'm looking for something along the lines of a great warrior or something being brought back to lead his troops more directly, or be his champion, something along those lines.

    Or, if fighting is less your deal, I also have a few romance plots in the same setting.

    So yeah, might not be the best partner request, but hey, I hope someone's interested :3
  2. Color me interested. I have several ideas for great heroes who could be brought back. ^^
  3. The greater the hero, the greater the champion! :D
    And heck, with a great enough hero, there might even be some infighting as well :3
  4. Indeed! Depending on the hero, s/he might very well start wondering why the troop s/he's leading aren't his/hers... that could be interesting. Especially if we combined it with a romantic subplot. Everyone loves a good power struggle, right? XD
  5. Oh, indeed! Having everything just turn out well, the easy way is no fun! :D Struggle is what makes roleplays fun!

    So, you wanna tell me about these heroes of yours, or should I guess? :P
  6. Well, this is going to be a bit of a list, but I'll try to sum 'em up.

    Kolek QuarterTroll | 1/4 mountain troll, 3/4 Orc. He's big, mean, and ugly- strong enough to lift a horse over his head and quite likely to eat it afterwards. A rather simple fellow, but terrifyingly powerful. He was a general during an Elven-Human joined invasion of his lands, and under him, they actually managed to win for quite a while. Y'know, before they brought in dragons and burned him alive.

    Viortu SoulSinger | Another Orc, this one a powerful shaman. She was another leader during Kolek's time, only she sat at the head of the circle of shamans. She advocated for peace and coexistance, and was killed by her own people for perceived weakness and treachery. A decently powerful mage but incredibly gifted summoner, she speaks to spirits like most people talk to their neighbors.

    Caeca Luma | Lover of two kings, a usurper and the "rightful" prince who deposed him in turn, and perhaps the most powerful mage in recorded history, Cae bore the king's bastard and died trying to see him named heir. In spite of being more than half crazy (or possibly because of it) she had an incredible talent with most every sort of energy-based magic.

    Alraz bin Adeola | General and lover to a powerful Tyrant, he later became a hero in his own right, leading several armies to victory against overwhelming odds and holding together an unwieldy and tumultuous empire with his strategy.

    Tendaji | Rebel leader and possible descendant of an ancient line of kings. He used Guerrilla warfare and witchcraft to try and take back his island nation from continental imperialists. He succeeded, but died not long after due to a curse he accepted in return for victory. Very charismatic, but totally clueless to the wider world.

    Thurin the She-Bear | Daughter of a powerful Jarl, she rode the semi-mythical eight-legged steed known as the Nightmare, and banished other creatures of darkness back to the cold frozen north before the Nightmare called in her debt and she was forced into a lifetime of servitude in return for the horse's help in the campaign. An extremely skilled rider and huntress, Thurin has become a figure of myth in her own land of Kaarnholde.

    Ymber Aquila | Perhaps the most talented swordswoman in the history of the paladin order, she became a famous demon slayer and was eventually declared the first Lady Commander of the Order of the Dawnblade. Unfortunately, it was during her short reign that one of the greatest demonic incursions in recent history occurred, and she was killed in the line of duty- purportedly by a dagger in the back.

    Tysa the Oracle | Born a slave with the rare gift of prophecy, Tysa eventually lead a rebellion of her fellow slaves, beginning with the gladiators, and toppled an empire. In spite of being blind she was very well learned, and orchestrated the coup almost entirely on her own. She then became a lifetime member of the triumvirate, and lead the newly freed slaves until her death at the age of eighty.

    Ceryx Luma | Son of the aforementioned Caeca Luma, Ceryx would eventually die on his half-brother's sword, but not before delivering a fatal wound of his own, not only to his sibling but also to the nation, which crumbled not long after into two divisive kingdoms of magic and of science respectively. He was considered a villain by many, but performed a number of great feats with magic that might have been more powerful than his mother's but was never properly tested.
  7. Now that, is what I call a varied list of characters! :3
    How many of them do you want to use? Cause I see more than one of those I want :P

    But if nothing else, I hope the second lady will be included. I can see her and the necromancer getting along just fine! :D

    ...Is this the point where I should introduce him, by the way? :P
  8. I would love to take Viortu out for a spin. ^^ And I'd totally be up for using her in conjunction with others. Perhaps Kolek and Thurin as well? I think they'd make an interestingly varied team.

    Oh, and yes, I'm quite looking forwards to hearing about this necromancer of yours. ^^
  9. They do indeed sound like a threesome that would make for interesting happenings, and who can make the undead forces quite a bit better! ;)

    Now, as for their dark master...

    Kel'Zernu of the Zarnomous temple | Not many outside their orders know, but the necromancers are actually not all joined in the downbringing of all things living. No, that is simply the most famous groups, as they tend to attempt to rid the world of the living. Other groups, however, have other goals.
    The children of the Zarnomous temple want nothing more than to unify the world, to end all war and suffering, by allowing one of their own to rule it all. After all, a wise man who does not die, and learns for infinity is the perfect leader, is he not?
    Kel'Zernu is one of the Zarnomous. He has made a home for himself in a old castle, in the eastern mountains. From there, he has managed to conquer the surrounding mountains, and has started expanding into the forests beneath. Yet he has realized that his troops are missing something. Something he cannot get simply by raising a mindless soldier. And so, he has started looking for champions for his cause, as no simple farmer will do!

    Okay, that might not be the best, but hey, it does the job, does it not? :P
  10. Looks great to me. ^^
  11. Yay! :3
    Shall we get started then? Or is there something more to discuss first?

    If not, I'm gonna write up the first post tomorrow :3
  12. I'd say we're ready to begin. ^^ I shall eagerly await the first post!
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