The Day We Caught the Train [ Zombie Apocalypse ]

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  1. The Day We Caught the Train

    It all started with some average scientists trying to find a cure for the common cold. They hired a few people to test the antidote on, and it began to turn them crazy. A quick-spreading sickness traveled straight to their mind, and they eventually lost their sanity. They were wild, fueled with violent rages and unstoppable power and energy. They began to attack, bite, and scratch anyone who came in vicinity of them, or dared to confront them, and soon, half of the population had been infected.

    Some regular passengers were getting on a train one day, trying to travel to another part of the state where there was apparently no insane zombies. However, a couple of hours into the ride, the train starts to rattle and shake, and screams are following from the cars ahead. Everyone is scared, no one knows what's going on, and the tension is utterly frightening. Then, a couple of men bust through the car door. They were infected. They begin to go after people, biting and clawing with rage and quick swipes. Someone has to do something, and that's when a young lady gets the bright idea to jump. They had to jump off the train. And that's exactly what they did.

    But now, after you've safely gotten away from any zombies, and the train has sped away, you realize something. You are in the middle of the wilderness, far away from any cities, and definitely away from any shelter. You will have to survive, together as a group. You have no food, no weapons, and definitely no shelter.

    Can you survive the people around you, and more importantly, the raging sickness and harsh wilderness?



    Character Page


    Age [ any age will work, besides below walking age ]


    Appearance [ descriptive ]

    Personality [ descriptive ]



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  2. [​IMG]
    :rose:Fletcher Grimmauld :rose:

    "I'm 16, nothing to it."

    :rose:"A boy, really? That's a stupid question.":rose:

    Fletcher has a bit of a young look due to the lack of maturity in his expressions. He has tan skin, and dirty blond hair that's always slicked back or in some sort of mess. He's quite an average height for a boy his age, standing at 5'8. He has light blue eyes with golden flecks as you near the irises. He also has a bit of a muscular build, as he was on the track team at school.

    :rose:Fletcher is almost nonchalant about every little thing. He cares more about himself than he does the others around him. He can be entirely too rude in most situations, and doesn't ever apologize. However, on the inside he's entirely too soft. He's angry about the lack of stability in his parent's relationship, and angry about their divorce decision as well. He acts as if he can take care of himself, but he really can't. He depends entirely on his sister, as she's the only one that's been with him and looked after him his entire life.:rose:

    Fletcher is really fast and has a lot of endurance. He also has a lot of strength in his legs so he can run for a long time, as well as jump very high and far. He doesn't help anyone that he thinks is suspicious, and he has a very good gut instinct.

    :rose:He can be very selfish, and sometimes will steal for the sake of his own health and such. His personality over all is a big turn off; people end up not trusting him and being very cautious around him. He's a bit unpredictable as well, so there is no clue what he will do in some situations.:rose:
  3. [​IMG]

    ♥ ĸagoмe нarυna ♥

    "i'm almost eighteen! though, almost is starting to seem like an eternity, huh?"

    "i'm a boy, i'm a girl, i'm nothing and i'm everything, but most importantly, i'm me. gender roles, schmender roles! who cares? i'm cute. that's my gender identity. cute."

    haruna has smooth, round features very similar to a child's: soft and dewy and full of innocence. their milky skin, pale and unblemished, seems to have a constantly rosy tint, as if they're always blushing. their hair is short, cropped to their neck in a fluffy bob that's the color of milk chocolate. their eyes are only a few shades darker than their hair, more similar to coffee than anything else. they're rather short, standing only at 160 centimeters in height. their form, unsurprisingly, is very slight and birdlike, nimble and flexible.


    haruna is an imaginative, idealistic, and romantic teenager, frequently found daydreaming or pondering too long over meager imperfections. very polite, compassionate, and gentle, she is highly likely to put others before herself. she's optimistic, always seeing the glass half-full, and has a near motherly aspect to those younger than her. despite all of that, she retains a childish behavior that evens out her near godly patience and selflessness. her kindness is a near shining beacon, because despite all the carnage surrounding, regardless of how horrible things seem to get, no matter what her mental state was, all she wants is for those around her to smile.

    one could consider haruna's talents to reside in mundane things like singing, art, and cooking, though those aren't horribly useful now. more athletic ones could be his skills in gymnastics, as he is very flexible, nimble, and agile. he's also spectacular in public relations, being sort of hard to dislike, due to his skills with people.

    haruna is too trusting, believing there is good in everyone; you just have to look for it. they're also prone to zoning out quite often, which means they don't tend to notice what they should as fast as everyone else. in addition to their obsessive trust issue, they believe too wholly in second chances, and blame no one but themself. that's another weakness, considering they tend shoulder a lot of blame for things that they cannot be rightly blamed for.

    "she/he/they pronouns, if you don't mind!"
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  4. "I remember singing a dog like that once... looks just as ugly."

    "Little boxes, on the hillside- Goddamn it!"

    Ché Khalil Wright



    "Dark skin like her mothers, like the sun just loves to kiss all over her. Charcoal hair, yet dumb enough to bleach and dye that shit brown."

    "Again. Not she... or her. It's fucking THEY. Thought you were smart." Ché snapped.

    "Not to mention, the dumb bitch decided to wring my dogs neck!" Straight slammed his hand on the table. "And enough of this no-gender bullshit. You have a vagina!"

    "Oh my god." Ché rolled their eyes. The boss did as well, raising his hand, signing for Straight to quiet down.

    The boss just smiled at Ché. "You're fast. Keep your head down. Took us week to find you." He leaned closer onto the table, hands closing together. "Ever thought of dealing."

    "What?" Both Ché and Straight questioned. Straight was completely baffled. Ché was confused, pretty certain they were going to kill her.

    "....weed?" Their eyes fully open and attentive.

    "Just no more puppy killing. 'Kay kid?"

    Ché kept their word. As usual kept to their quiet self, ran into no trouble, but always made sure people had money for their exchange. But every time they went to return the money to their boss and get their cut, that disgusting smell was like perfume in their hair. It became a weekly routine of "Get-in-get-out" sort of deal. But it paid so much better than a chicken reeked KFC or cheap Italian restaurant. Especially for dad. He worked harder ever since he got custody of them, so what kind of child would they be to help out with bills and food.

    Ché lived in low class, houses were run down, gangs took over streets with their damn dogs. Those loud, fucking dogs. All they do is growl, and bark, and attack the minute they come after you. Just like the poodle Ché's mother had. After putting it the damn thing in the ground. It bit them with its disgusting mouth, it was defense to hit it with a gardening trowel. Even if the white fur dyed red. It was seconds after their mother wanted them out, not even a care went to Ché's bitten wound.

    Ché isn't completely silent, but will keep to their thoughts unless they feel betrayed, confused, or if anyone may be against them. Yet tends to bluntly blurt random unnecessary information when bored or its too silent. They are not fond of people when meeting, but still sticks with them if it means they get something out it, or secretly develops emotions and chooses not to admit it. If they find out a secret of anyone or over hears anything, they most likely keep it to themselves unless it harms the people they care for or them self. If they find items they are also to keep it to themselves.

    They use stealth and speed as their advantage, yet not as powerful when physically fight, instead using their surroundings to avoid and/or fight back. If they see a dog bigger than they are, they are most likely to back away from it and avoid it at all cost. If it's smaller, they are most likely to give it threatening glare or gesture.

    Ché is content when searching out for useful items and is excellent when remembering routes and directions, unless they are unfocused and/or under pressure. Unless in the meantime when they aren't doing anything, they may gaze in their thoughts, tap their fingers in rhythm, or if possible play the ukulele.
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  5. This Roleplay does look intriguing. But I may need some time to come up with a Character.
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  6. maternity-wrap-dress-petite-fashion-blog-style-by-alina-4.jpg cute-maternity-dress-fashion-blog-petite-style-by-alina-2.jpg
    Brenda Lee



    Appearance [ descriptive ]
    Brenda is 5' 4" Tall, maybe a little taller with Heels. She initially weighed exactly one-hundred pounds, but after she became pregnant, Brenda gained an additional thirty pounds due to pregnancy weight gain. She once had a slender build, but was also lean and athletic. Her skin is noted for being very soft, but can be rough if she does not take care of it. Temporarily, she will have the 'Pregnancy Glow' due to carrying life. Because of the growing baby, her Stomach has expanded considerably. As of current, she is estimated to be at least 34 Weeks along in her pregnancy.

    Personality [ descriptive ]
    Having been raised in a Strict Asian Family, Brenda had to give up many liberties that many would take for granted. While this left her bitter, she became very family oriented and caring as a result. As a result of focusing on School for most of her life, Brenda is very attentive and focused on her goals in life. As a Friend, she is noted to be very easygoing, nice and caring, as she will always be there whether a shoulder is needed to cry on, to vent or any of the sort because she leaves an Open Door Policy. However, she isn't the strongest emotionally and can be considered light-hearted, but that doesn't necessarily mean that she is. One rude comment, depending on its severity can send her straight into tears. An Emotional girl, she also cries very easily compared to most girls. Whenever she is mad at someone, she can stay mad at them for an extensive period of time, with her longest grudge being at least two years long if not any longer.

    Caring: She will always be there for you, whether you need a Shoulder to Cry on, a Sympathetic Ear or a Therapy Session. Just give her a call, she will answer unless she is using the restroom, at work or sleeping.
    Family Oriented: Family comes first, above everything else. Now that she is a Mother-to-Be, Brenda will put her baby before anyone else, especially since she is a widow.
    Focused: When it comes to her Career, she is focused and attentive on the job. She is not the type to fool around or slack off during work.

    Cries Easily: Brenda is an emotional person, but that doesn't necessarily mean she is light-hearted. However, it does only take one rude comment to make her cry and it already doesn't help that she cries very easily.
    Depression: Over the past year or so, Brenda has been suffering from mild depression due to her husband's passing.
    Grudges: If angered bad enough, Brenda can hold a grudge and it will last from a span of six months to a year and a half, sometimes even longer.

    -If it isn't Obvious, she's pregnant
    -Thirty-Four Weeks (Eight and a half months) along
    -At this stage in her pregnancy, she has trouble walking, let alone she can't run
    -She is a Nurse, so Medical Aid is her strong suit, as long as she has access to the materials required
    -She is also Strong-Suited for a Moral Compass for her Friends and people close to her, sometimes stranger unless they are very dense
    -Hormonal due to pregnancy, watch for the Mood Swings
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  7. Name: Alex McKenzie

    Age 27

    Gender Male


    Appearance 6’ 1” about 228 pounds athletic build. Black hair that is usually well cared for with hazel eyes. Wears an earring and has scar on his left hand. Loves wearing tennis shoes jeans and t-shirts.

    Personality Alex is generally an easy going guy. Tries to be upbeat but isn’t obnoxiously cheerful he has a realistic outlook on things, but tries to see some good when possible. Alex also possess a razor sharp sarcastic wit that he uses frequently, but it keeps him from snapping at people and physically hurting them. If Alex realizes that he has gone over the line he is the first to admit when he is wrong. Has a strong sense of right and wrong and if he sees someone hurting or suffering he will do what he can to help out.

    -- Knows how to survive on the bare minimums
    --Keen sense of Observation
    --Sense of Justice for others

    --Sarcastic Mouth can get him in trouble
    --Trusts his instincts to frequently over logic
    --Is willing to help others to the point of wearing himself out
    --Compassion for others to the point that it sometimes is to his own detriment

    Alex was born and raised in Phoenix, AZ. His father was a rancher and his mother was a school teacher. Alex’s dad had Alex helping around the ranch and made sure his son knew how to survive on a cattle drive. Especially if something happened and Alex was on his own. Alex’s mom made sure Alex knew right from wrong and to always help where he could. In High School Alex was a Cross Country runner and eventually got a Scholarship to UCLA. Alex always had a love of photography and made that his major. His big break came when he was selected for an internship with the Clinton Foundation. His pictures caught the eye of the Editor at the Los Angeles Times. Once his internship was over Alex was hired as the youngest Photojournalist in the paper’s history. Alex earned a reputation for being not only a great photographer, and also willing to do whatever it took to get a picture but never at the expense of his integrity or at the cost of another person. Alex had just finished covering a major story in Central America and was getting ready to take the pictures back to L-A where he would then be on a week’s vacation in Hawaii trying to get over a broken engagement.

  8. [​IMG]

    "Call me Elle."
    Adrielle Harper Warren

    "Turning 17 in two months, even if I don't like it."

    "Last time I checked, I think I am."

    Adrielle is nothing like her mother. The young girl has a fiery temper and a great amount of sass in everything she says and does. She has little self-control and hates to repeat herself, making friends only with people who can keep up with her fast-paced disposition. She holds grudges indefinitely, but takes nothing for granted. The young girl has worked hard for everything in her life, and so she expects people to understand. Because of her understanding of the responsibilities of an heir, Adrielle has the habit of taking everything seriously, something being a bit too intense in moments where it may not be completely necessary.

    "I can fight, does that count?"

    ╔ Instinct
    With the training she has received from her father before his passing, Adrielle has natural survivial skills and is knowledgeable of the wilderness. When storms are brewing, Adrielle would likely be the first one to tell.


    "Nuts. Don't get them near me."

    ╔ Nut Allergy
    Adrielle is extremely allergic to nuts and vomits whenever she consumes them. Macadamias, cashews, almonds. You name them, she's allergic to them.

    She absolutely hates being caught in the rain.

    Don't ever call her 'Adri' if you don't want to get smacked.

    Ask her to repeat herself? You'd probably end up dead.

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