The Day The World Ended

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  1. The day the world ended was a Tuesday. It started off much like any other day, carrying on throughout the afternoon until 5:37 pm, during rush hour. Traffic was particularly slow this Tuesday afternoon as there had been a large number of accidents due to a group of men wandering onto the middle of the interstate. The drivers, who either swerved to avoid them or ran them down and stopped up ahead, were now being devoured by this group of men their screams going unanswered as their blood splattered the streets. After a short amount of time traffic had come to a standstill for miles leaving a large number of frustrated drivers. They sat in their cars honking their horns, possibly shouting an expletive or two, when they saw on the horizon a great crowd of people slumbering forwards. This sight was quite an oddity for these drivers to see and as some stepped outside their vehicles to take a closer look they saw this crowd of people smashing car windows and ripping screaming men and women out and to their deaths. Everyone who saw this had one of three reactions, they either took off running screaming for help that they would not receive, only to discover that anywhere they might go would also have these monstrous man-eating creatures. Or they would simply lock their car doors and attempt to hide on the car floor hoping that the smell of their fear and piss wouldn't catch the eyes of the shuffling gray men outside. Or they would try to call someone for help, be it police or loved ones, and wait there hoping that someone would answer their calls. That someone would come for them. That someone would save them. But no one ever did come. And no one was saved. Any and all who chose one of these three paths ended up dying their limbs torn from their bodies and their flesh devoured by the undead. But one man chose a different option. One man did something no one else did, and that caused him to survive. This man's name is Roy Wist and as he saw the hordes of zombies slowly shuffling towards his car, he was afraid. Roy was quite possibly more terrified of them than anyone else. Just upon sight of them tears began to stream down Roy's face, his lips quivering ever so slightly. Roy got out of his car and walked to the back opening the trunk. After removing the spare tire, Roy stepped inside and curled up his body so that he could fit. And then he closed the trunk. Roy lost track of how long he spent in that trunk focusing only on the screams of the dying as he silently cried. Finally, after many hours Roy opened the trunk and lifted his head out so that he could see the devastation that had just occurred. At this point Roy let all of his screams come out at once letting the world know of his anger and his suffering at all that had happened and all that was yet to happen. Roy wiped his eyes on his shirt sleeve and began walking. Past the traffic he walked. Past the remains of the dead who were too far devoured to come back to life he walked. Past the death and destruction he walked. He walked and walked until he spotted a small town in the distance. Roy kept on walking until concrete was below his feet and a fast food restaurant stood at his side. Roy walked cautiously and quietly. Other than crashed cars and splattered blood the town was quite peaceful. None of the dead were around and Roy was all alone. "I wonder if there's anyone left. I always assumed if zombies were real it'd take them months to overtake even a small area such as this one, yet here I am standing in an abandoned town only hours after I first noticed them. I think this really is... the end of the world."
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  2. Sobbing quietly she tried her best to climb out of the dumpster behind the fast food restaurant without making too much noise. She didn't want the scary people who ate her parents to come back and eat her too. Though try as she might a few dull bangs sounded out before she could slide her small body over the edge and dangle a few moments before dropping to her feet. She timidly looked around, spotting her discarded teddy bear nested between two mangled bodies and a massive pool of blood. Her small frame trembled at the sight as she chocked back her screams and collapsed to the ground sobbing harder. With a soft, hollow wail she called out,"Mommy . . . Daddy . . ."

    She sat there crying until she could cry no more before slowly rising to her feet. Her legs wavered slightly under her weight, her body drained of energy, but she managed a tentative step forward and the another. Swaying gently back and forth she walked slowly around the back of the building and towards the front, her mind numb from the trauma. She kept walking until she collided with a man's frame and fell backwards onto her backside, getting muddy water all over her dress. She looked up in terror, scared that one of the scary people had come back to eat her.
  3. Roy lept back in shock raising his fists at the oncoming danger but there was none. He relaxed when he realized it was a child and knealt down, sticking out his hand to her. "Hi there. My name is Roy, are you out here by yourself?" Roy cautiously looked around to make sure he and the girl were actually alone and, seeing no one, he sighed in relief.
  4. She calmed down a little when she realized he wasn't one of the scary people, and timidly took hold of his large hand. "M-my name is Elizabeth mister, and I lost my Mommy and Daddy a little while ago. They won't be coming back for me . . ." Sadness showed in her deep blue eyes as fat tears started to roll down her cheeks once again, she couldn't even have her teddy for comfort because she was too afraid of the corpses to retrieve it. She wiped the tears from her cheeks with her grimy hands as they fell, her breath hitching in her throat with every sob. With a soft wail she called out, "I-I want my Mommy . . ."
  5. Roy backed away when the little girl called out for her mother. Roy had never been good with kids nor had he really even liked them. He didn't really know what to do in a situation like this one where a kid was calling out for her dead mother. "Listen, kid. It's ok. Those monsters won't hurt you anymore. Now listen, you think there might be any other normal people hanging around here? Not those monsters but people like us? Maybe we can find some others who can take care of you."
  6. She sniffled and wiped at her eyes a few times before she replied, "I don't really know Mr. Roy . . . they hid me in a dumpster behind this building so the scary people wouldn't find me. After that I heard a lot of screaming and then after awhile everything got really quiet" With another sniffle she pushed herself to her feet and tried to brush off some of the dirt that was on her dress but it was to no avail.

    When the attempt proved futile she quit trying and just wiped her hands clean instead on the skirt of her dress. Then like any other child curiosity started to get the better of her so she asked, "Mr. Roy, how did you not get eaten by the scary people that ate my Mommy and Daddy?" Since she was eye level with him she looked into his face expectantly and waited for his answer.
  7. "Well, Kid. I'm a coward. That's how." Roy smiled and stood back up eyeing the surroundings nervously. He thought he saw something move from behind the restaurant. "Come on let's go. We aught to find someplace safe we can stay at."
  8. She nodded and smiled before reaching to take hold of his hand, "Okay Mr. Roy, can I hold your hand?"
  9. Reloading his shotgun, Alex was overwhelmed by these undead freaks of nature and was cornered into a wall. He stuffed the gun with his last two hopes of survival, his last two bullets, and blasted the heads of two of the zombies that were surrounding him,which gave him just enough space to climb the ladder behind him. He climbed up as fast as he could, with a determination to survive as strong as that of an animal prey. Alex didn't really know why he was running, he had lost everything and had already realized that there was no longer any reason for him to live, so why was he running? why did he fight back? He thought to himself. Arriving at the top of the building, he removed the hood that was covering half of his face, leaving only a mask of bandages that covered his mouth and nose completely. "Phew..that was a close one!" He said as he looked down on the other zombies who were dying to have a bite of his flesh. Luckily, they lacked the intelligence that would allow them to climb a ladder.

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  10. Roy sighed and stuck out his hand. "Uhm, S-Sure thing kid." As Roy took Elizabeth's hand he heard a loud blast ring out throughout the streets. The sound of gunfire. "Elizabeth, stay close to me." Roy wasn't the only one who heard the shot as the sound of moaning and shuffling feet began to get closer. Everywhere Roy looked one of those monsters had appeared walking ever closer and ending the distance between he and them. Their teeth chomped hungrily at the air unaware what they should and shouldn't devour.
  11. She jumped at the sound of the gunfire and gripped his hand tightly when she saw the scary people starting to approach, "M-Mr. Roy, what are we going to do?" She trembled with fear as she watched his face, waiting for his reply.
  12. Roy shook his head. "I... don't know." Roy simply stood there in shock as the beasts moved closer. There was nowhere for them to go, no escape from the devouring mouths that surrounded them. Roy looked down at the little girl and tears began to break in his eyes "I'm sorry, but there's nothing I can do. I'm weak. And I can't stop them."
  13. Quietly she whispered, "Don't cry Mr. Roy," then she smiled up at him and puffed her chest out, "just hold my hand, okay?" She pressed a finger to her lips, motioning to stay quiet, and took a careful step toward the alley way that led to the back of the restaurant, gently tugging at his hand as she did. She intended to lead him toward the dumpster she hid in earlier, but not for the same reason as before, she had noticed that it was after the gun shot that they had started to move, not before. She was smart for her age and she often noticed things that others would miss, but she had a feeling they were attracted by the sound and probably couldn't see very well if any at all. Maybe they were coming towards them because they smelled yummy to them, but if we smelled like garbage maybe they would think that we weren't food.
  14. Alex was blood thirsty, and wanted to kill more of them, especially after what they had done to him. He took out a sniper rifle from his mysterious black backpack and aimed carefully at the zombies below. He had already noticed the two survivors and wanted to help them. "Smart girl!" he said feeling impressed by what the little girl had done and gave a confident smirk shooting most of the threats down.
  15. Roy wiped his eyes with his free hand and followed the little girl out to the dumpsters. "What are you doing? There's nowhere for us to go. It's a dead end back here." Roy let go of the girl's hand and began looking for some way they could get on top of one of these buildings but he found none. Sighing he walked back to the little girl and collapsed to the ground. "So, now what? What was the point of coming back here?"
  16. "Well Mr.Roy I don't think they can really see us, otherwise they would have come a lot sooner, I think they're attracted by sound, and when they're close to non-scary people they follow the scent because we smell yummy to them, but if we were to smell like garbage we wouldn't smell yummy anymore."
  17. Roy shrugged. "Worth a shot, I guess." Roy walked to the dumpster and began smearing a pile of God knows what onto his chest when he saw a man sniping the monsters from a roof. "Hey! That's the douchebag who alerted those things in the first place."
  18. "Please don't yell Mr. Roy," she quickly smeared some foul smelling gunk across as much of her dress as she could reach and then turned back towards Roy. "We'll have to walk through them to get to the army surplus store Mr. Roy, so you'll have to be extra quiet and watch where you step, okay?"
  19. "Yeah, yeah. You don't have to worry about me, kid." Roy peered out at the monsters shuffling back and forth looking for their next meal to devour. Roy walked out into the street and carefully stepped past a little girl who had lost a large portion of her face. The grotesque sight of these creatures made Roy want to vomit.
  20. She held onto part of his shirt with her hand and trailed behind him as they moved forward through the mass of scary people, though she kept her eyes either on his back or on the ground so she wouldn't get too scared and start crying again. If that happened she would probably end up eaten just like her parents.
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