The Day Man Lost Power



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(Futuristic setting)

They year is 2112.

Throughout the course of a hundred years, man has gained more knowledge then ever before.

It all started with the discovery of a planet that could sustain life, one of the many "super-earths", in 2015. Things began advancing more from there. Scientists made several advances in terms of space travel; building better, and faster, ships. Before long, a team was sent to investigate one of the "super-earths" closer to us. Though failing to find intelligent life, they did find new species of animals, similar to our own.

Long story short, humanity did find intelligent life. Or rather, intelligent life found us.

A race of ultra-humans (stronger, taller, smarter, and faster than us) found signals from our planet. Being quite advanced in their technology, they paid our little planet a visit. Earth had an open door from there on out. Those ultra-humans told other races they'd made contact with and soon earth had as many alien-inhabitants as humans. Not only that, but a lot of humans went to live on other planets.

That wasn't all that happened in a hundred years.

Technological advances were made in the form of a robot. First it started with a simple robot that acted much like "Siri", obeying commands with nothing but a simple and amiable reply.

Then came more advanced robots.

Soon, humans no longer had to do anything. (The wealthier humans at least)

Robots began cooking, cleaning, running errands, ordering take-out food. Anything you could think of, they could do. And soon, even the less wealthy could recieve these robots (complimentary gifts).

Yes, things seemed to be going absolutely fantastic for humanity. But... What goes up, must come down.

It came to be that when earth, as a whole, denied an alliance to an alien race in need of help during a war that this alien race became quite unfriendly. They used some sort of tech-weapon and gained control of every robot on earth which, by that time, was more than three billion.

War broke out. An intergalactic, World(s) War III.

Needless to say.... Man lost power.


That is the history.

Now, humanity is a minority.

The majority of humans left became submissive and didn't attempt to fight back. These humans have grown accustomed to being servants to the Zoninites.

But a rebellion is being formed. Humans, and even some aliens, are joining forces to take down the extra terrestrial government and hopefully return earth's control to mankind. Rebels live in underground facilities, though, many of these facilities are raided. The facilities always have secret escape tunnels, the tunnels collapse as soon as the rebels are out (so none of the Zoninite raid-guards can trace where they let out).

See, the alien race our world leaders angered were a race known throughout the galaxy as the Zoninites. They're known for their fierce tactics and for using brute-force to take what they want.

They've conquered thousands of planets. Now, immigrants who came from those planets are willing to fight on behalf of humans for the sake of freedom from Zoninite leadership.


Zoninites are tall (8ft.-9ft.) and muscular (weighing over 300lbs in nothing but muscle), with a blue-ish complexion.

Other Alien Races:

Bronxers- Height: 6ft.-8ft. Weight: 100lbs-200lbs. Look somewhat like humans, but with a white -almost chalky- skin tone.

Adrates- Height: 5ft.-6ft. Weight: 90lbs-150lbs. One of the smaller races that came to earth. They usually have crimson-red skin, but some have been seen with a pinkish skin-tone (Though we believe they're older, like humans who get grey hair).

Mazins- Height: 7ft.-9ft. Weight: 100lbs-350lbs. Larger race, however, they tend to be more on the Zoninite side, so don't expect any of them to help you out.


[In terms of what you can be in the RP, you can be human or any of the alien races above (including Zoninites). If you want to be an alien, try to think up a cool, intergalactic name xD Not required though, remember, aliens have been on earth for a while so some could have started naming their children with human names.

You can have as many characters as you want, the more the merrier.

If you're human, you can choose to be in the rebellion or a servant.

Suggestions are alway appreciated, so if you have an idea, speak out :) ]



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