The Day I Saw Her for the First Time (MxF looking for F)

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  1. Hey, all! Okay, so this thread is dedicated to the ever-so-fun pairing of:

    Best Friends Turned Lovers

    Now, there's a bit of a story to this RP so let's get into that:

    Many years ago, a little boy was invited to a little girl's birthday party. She felt bad for the boy because he had no friends, so she wanted to become his friend. He was always very shy and never really seemed to like people, but she thought he was just lonely and a little sad. So, the day of her birthday, the little boy showed up with his mother, who, unlike the other parents, tried to help out her son as much as he could. He was old enough to be able to act on his own, but it seemed a little odd. Then, it was revealed that ever since he was born, the little boy was completely blind. The mother and father of the boy did everything to try and make his life easier, but they knew he was trapped in a living hell. When she learned of his blindness, the little girl felt even more sorry for the boy and resolved that they would become the best of friends.

    Throughout the party, she spent time with the boy and helped him whenever he needed it (grabbing snacks for him, positioning the fork with cake on it, and even guiding him through the hallways and up/down the staircases. The little boy was so grateful for her help and they both agreed to become friends.

    15 years later, the two best friends have already entered high school and are planning their futures. The boy has managed to get a grip on his blindness over the past years and is now able to do many things without getting help from other people, but he still lets his best friend help out whenever she wants. The boy has stayed relatively the same throughout the years, retaining his lanky figure and having pretty much only small muscles cover the mass of his body, but the girl has changed dramatically. She went from being a cute little girl who wore frilly dresses all the time, to a gorgeous cheerleader with an affinity for looking amazing without much makeup. The frills were traded in for short-skirts and her dresses became more stylish and fancy. Her body transformed into one that any girl would envy, with a set of heavy breasts and curvaceous hips that were really showcased when she wore that tight-fitting cheerleader uniform. She was easily one of the high school's most beautiful students and nearly every guy wanted to be with her (most of them, however, only wanted one night). But, she has shown no interest in those guys because she's in love with her best friend.

    They're always spending time with one another and are almost always talking through text messages (which the blind boy has been able to type out thanks to memorizing the keyboard) or through a physical phone call. However, the boy is oblivious to her feelings, despite having similar ones himself. The reason he doesn't act on them is because he doesn't want her to be tied down with somebody who can't even look at her the way she deserves to be looked at.

    (The part below is where the RP would start. All the rest was background information)

    Before long, the two friends decide to meet up and discuss how they feel about each other (much to the boy's reluctance). Its revealed that the girl would still love him even though he's blind, which leads to them both losing their virginities with each other in a rather tender and loving moment.

    The annual Graduation Prom Night for their school had just been given a date: two weeks from now. Neither the boy or the girl have dates to the prom. The girl has received multiple requests, but none of them seemed to catch her attention so much as the call she gets at 4 in the morning the night the date was revealed: the boy had been in an unfortunate car crash. A drunk driver had come out of nowhere and sped past the light, crashing directly into the side of the car the boy was sitting in.

    The girl quickly gets herself dressed and rushes over to the hospital just in time for the doctor to reveal that his vitals are stable and he can take visitors. However, when the girl and the boy's parents enter the room, they discover he is wincing in pain. They immediately call for the doctor again, only to discover that the crash has produced a miracle: somehow, the boy has gained his sense of vision. The reason he's wincing? Because its the first time he's ever used his eyes. When his eyes finally open fully to take in the wonders of sight, they land on his best friend, making her the first thing he ever sees.

    From there, we would deal with the two of them starting their relationship and dealing with the boy's newfound eyesight. I know it sounds a little odd to have him not be blind for the main RP, but it can open the possibilities for so many things we can deal with, but it would be a very sweet RP I think. Besides, I know all you ladies would have your heart melt if the first thing your blind lover ever saw was you :3

    Alright, so I'll need one person to do this with me. Send me a PM or post below and we'll start discussing!
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  2. I don't know if you found a partner for this plot yet but it sounds simply amazing and I would be interested in doing this.
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