The Day I Saved My Angel OOC

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  1. He was sent to earth with orders to help a woman with a difficult life and a horrible past... This is his chance to save himself as well... The boss has had it with him. Will these two manage to help save each other?


    -Character Sheet-
    Name: Maximilian Lucas Cage
    *Goes by Max*

    Age: He was 20 when he died

    Height: 6'3"

    Body Type: Muscular/Athletic built.

    Personality: Goofy, outgoing, smart, talkative, protective, and enjoys helping others. However he is stubborn. He is tough yet gentle and will go the extra mile to help someone in need even if it means breaking a few rules... thus why the Boss has had about enough of him.

    Bio: Max was in the army during World War 2. He had a younger sister, a twin brother who was considered the black sheep of the family and a single mother. One day when he finally came back from the war he found his 8 year old sister dead and his brother was no where to be found... he knew instantly his brother was responsible for her death... him and his manipulative girlfriend. He avenged his sister by beating the hell out of him. However what he didn't know was that his brother was in a gang. The gang came to his aid and shot Max, cause of death was loss of blood. Since he died doing a selfless deed he instantly became a guardian angel.

    Looks: Pic Below (Except a little more built and fair skinned XD. And of course doesn't wear this lol.)
  2. Name: Natalie Bright
    Age: 21

    Height: 5' 9"
    Body type: Slender build, some muscle from running.

    Personality: Natalie is Sweet, kind, caring, compassionate. But she is also independent and introverted, she does not mind being by her lonesome. She may be slightly naive in some situations. Natalie can be sarcastic and fires up easily if the situation calls for it.

    Bio: Natalie is the youngest of 5 children. All of her siblings went on to do bigger and better things, two getting their doctorates in various fields, one became a famous actor on Broadway and the fourth working with the peace corps working over seas in third world countries. Natalie is the family disappointment because she is an artist who is attending art school. She doesn't care if people think that she is a disappointment. She is who she is and she loves herself for it. Mostly, that is.

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  3. Accepted! :D I'll have a starter up shortly!
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  4. Hope you don't mind me going at a different angle rather than just meeting somewhere XD. Figured being her handyman will give him a chance to get close to her lol.
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