The Day I Fell in Love With a Ghost

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  1. Guy and girl meet, get married, have kids.... Well in Dawn's case it is different. She just moved and have gone to a new school. It is an alright place, however one thing really catches her eye... A young handsome ghost. This is the story of there journey to find a way to be together.
    -Quick Character Info-
    Name: Dawn Lynn Daviz
    Age: 17 Height: 5'6''
    Looks: A beautiful albino girl. Fair skin, long beautiful snow-white colored hair, high cheek bone, full pale pink colored lips, red eyes, and a slim body.
    Dawn grunted as she dragged her two luggages to the fancy gate entrance to the new prep school Dawn was going to. Once she finally made it to the gate she dropped the suit cases and sat down on one of them and exhaled loudly. Why, she thought, Why did I have to transfer in the middle of the semester?! She didnt get why, she truly thought is was stupid. Suddenly the golden arched gate opened and she perked right back up. Suddenly a middle aged woman with a tight black bun (and a little bit of grey in it) hair. She smiled warmly at Dawn, "You must be Dawn. I have heard so much about you!" she paused for a moment, "Let me take you inside." she turned her her back to Danw and started walking. Dawn sighed, picked her luggage back up and started dragging them again. Every now and then the lady threw glances at her. Probably wondering about my white hair and red eyes, she thought.

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  2. Quick Character info:
    Name: Carl
    Age: 18 when he died five years ago
    Description: Carl a 50% transparent ghost that roams the halls of a prep school in search a friend. He "stands" 5'9" with a lean muscular build. His Skin was very white to begin with but it became even more so after he died. He has medium length red hair.


    Carl had been haunting the halls of the same prep school for five years now. In all that time he had never seen a girl as beautiful as this new student. Perhaps it was her fair skin and those awesome eyes.
    He couldn't stand it he had to make his self seen by her. When the dean took leave of her Carl came up to the girl.
    "Hi, My name is Carl. Please don't be afraid of me, I'm a ghost."
  3. Dawn blinked and looked at the young man, then threw a glance at the teacher to see if she could see this Carl fellow. The teacher stopped and looked over her shoulder at Dawn, "Is something the matter?"
    Dawn shook her head a little bit to snap out of it and smiled she didn't realize she had stopped walking. She smiled at the teacher, "No, everything is fine."
    The teacher gave her a solemn look then sighed, "If you say so... please keep up with me." the teacher started walking again then Dawn looked at Carl. She smiled at him the lifted her head a little at the direction in which they were walking in, signaling him to follow.
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