The Dawn of a New Era

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  1. For six long years have I searched in vein attempts of finding a community of role players where I am allotted to freely expand, not only my personal writing skills and critique, but also help others in helping enhance their own. Whether it be combat such as tier one or story writing, my primary objective will always be to produce works of literature masterpieces whilst also making a few friends along the way. I do not please so not be afraid to say hello n..n
  2. *Whispers* I bite.

    Welcome to Iwaku oh Forgotten one! :D
  3. /Blushes/ Biting, eh? Lol hai thurr n..n
  4. Actually, a lot of people on this site bite! So you won't be alone. Me? I much prefer a light nibble -nods- but to each their own. Welcome to Iwaku!