The Darkness of Disney

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  1. All to often do I see the happily ever after princess, tra-la-la-la, pink tiaras and Glitter!


    All that stuff is cool and the stories wouldn't be the same without it, However, The darkest moments of Disney have always called to me more than the Princess getting the Prince. All to often, even as a child, did I find myself crying for the villains and wondering...what the fuck happened to them that made them so angry and vengeful.

    I may not be a huge Disney fan, but I can appreciate a good villain and a depressing scene when I see them, and perhaps it is the extra fluffy happy overtone of Disney that makes some of their downtrodden moment horror worthy.

    Some of Dinsey's scenes in animation and live action have always hit home and displayed the gruesome and horrifying realities that both children and adults can understand and feel.

    Let's recap together over the Darkness of Disney.

    I'm going to start with;

    Granted Disney gets extremely creative with how they kill of certain characters, this death strikes me as ironic as the bad guy literally and metaphorically does himself in. In the end this Disney villain got exactly what he deserved. ​
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  4. A death so infamous, it made it into the Animaniacs.
  5. The Question!

    Which had more feels?

    Mufasa dying or Bambis mom?

    I say Mufasa.
  6. Mufasa.

    Bambi's mother was probably delicious.

    Then again, Scar had a rough upbringing in the shadow of his brother, having a name that means garbage vs Mufasa which means 'king' would make you a little resentful....
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  7. i am i bad person for loling?
  8. That you lol'd has nothing to do with you being a bad person. ;)

    I agree with Fijoli that Clayton's death is probably the worst of all Disney deaths (for a villain, at any rate), but I'll also give a mention to Ursula, which is the one that sticks with me. Probably just because I watched The Little Mermaid so many times when I was younger...

  9. i never noticed, but the bow goes thriugh her!
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