The dark tower a changed beginning

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  1. This will contain spoilers for anyone who has not read the dark tower series by Stephen King. My thought is this, Roland and his ka tet are searching for the tower but alongside or behind them this ka tet is as well to fix the dying worlds and all world after the fall of Gilead thoughts and anything you'd like to contribute are welcome!

    Name: Logan Blackhorn (age 37)

    Appearance set in a stern face his deep blue eyes are always searching for something. His black hairs is long but not reaching his shoulders, and is sometimes kept under an old black cowboy hat. He wears dark blue jeans and has criss-crossed brown leather holsters at his hips. His brown boots are well broken in from may travels. A black button up shirt is covered by a long split tail duster. He is strong and physically fit there are a few scars on his back from when he was a boy and a single tattoo of the sign of Eld on his left wrist

    Weapons dual wield double action .45 long colt revolvers oiled and polished with saddle wood grips. They are his only weapon. He also carries a grow bag he found on his travels.

    Family deceased Frank Blackhorn(father) and Marth Stonewell (mother) his father was not a gunslinger but a blacksmith. And his mother was a simple crafts woman. They left the city to travel and their bodies discovered throats slit along a path most likely bandits. No siblings

    Ties to Giled. He hails from the line of Eld one of the few families who does, though most have forgotten

    History his family stated out of politics they took the simple life instead. They knew they were of the line of Eld but choose not to be gunslingers believing the violence would solve nothing. When they started to raise Logan they tried to make it so he turned from the gun, but he had a dream often of a crow dropping a revolver at his feet. And so one day he asked his father if there had ever been gunslingers in their family and learned that his great grand father had been one. During his trials his family went traveling and didn't come back alive. This filled his heart and gut with steel. He devoted himself to reaching out to his family's roots in his blood and chose himself as his weapon besting his teacher at just 16. He had a few tasks from the city but after awhile he decided to try and find his own path and would help small towns and communities when he could

    Personality he keeps to himself sort of a lone wolf. He finds local rules and laws too governed by politics so he follows his own moral compass. His travels have made him harsh and cold.