The Dark Knight Requests

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  1. Lately, I've been in active and took time to think. Now that I'm back I thought I'd try my hand at a sudden idea of mine, as well as one of my favorite characters; The Batman.

    The role-play will take place around the Beyond Universe, the future, where everything has changed.

    If any are interested send me a PM, or comment below.
  2. Hello! I would be happy to RP that as I have become quite a fan of Batman (Thanks to my boyfriend!) and this RP sounds like it could really be fun and interesting to try out. :)
  3. I've had a couple ideas for a Batman role play but never had any serious people want to join so I'm up for anything as well!
  4. Just PM me your ideas, I am really curious! :D

    Edit: And I just have to add; I looooooved the Batman Beyond series! It's a shame it ended so soon in my opinion. D:
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