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  1. "Hey there! My name is Yumi Ashiki! I'm 16 years old! And live in Tokyo Japan with my parents! I have amazing friends at school! Actually I'm pretty well liked! I guess it's because I'm good with math? Everyone ask me to help them almost everyday. I love all of my classmates!! Besides one! He gets into fights all the time! He doesn't do his work, and likes sitting alone on the top of the school's looking up at the sky!! Some days he doesn't come into school at all and Mr. Hikeri always ask someone to go to his house to drop off the his home work. The last time I heard anyone going over there, he threw a bucket of water at her and told her to get lost and never come back! I hope I never be friends with him!! Even if I COULD he's too heartless!"

    The day started with class 5-B. Yumi was walking right in with a smile on her face. Ami (which is her best friend) walked up grabbing ahold of her arm as she pulled her to her desk and another persons desk, his name was Jamie. She looked at both of them with concern on her face.

    "Okay what's going on?"

    Ami: "I heard that Rukima was coming back tomorrow!"

    "Oh really? I thought she was staying in France with her mom?"

    Jamie: "Nope! Parentally her mom is spending more time with a "GUY" then her, so he's coming back to her home town with her grandparents."

    Yumi felt a little bad for Rukima. She left here because her father went off without a trace and was living alone at their house. Then her mom found her living alone in the woods with only a tent. So she took her with her to France, and it seems that everything isn't going as good as she thought. Yumi walked to her desk to get her work out to hand to the teacher once he comes in. Placing her books on top of her desk, she looked over to her side (left) by the window and saw that "HE" was here. While looking at him, she thought she saw him move to look on her side, so she quickly looked away. She didn't want to be caught dead being seen looking at him!

    Finely Mr. Hikeri walked in with a smile. He sat his things on his desk and grabbed paper that was laying on his right side of his desk.

    Mr. Hikeri: "Okay students! Roll Call!"

    Soon he started calling out everyone's name, one by one. Each time names were called, Yumi heard small voices saying "Here" or "Present". Yumi sat in the middle of the class room at the end by the windows. Once she heard her name being called, She stood up with a gentle "Here" and quickly sat back down. When it came to the last person, Yumi was thinking to herself. She was looking for her pencil. It was her favorite and now she couldn't find it. She was looking through her bag and in her desk but nothing. She sighed and grabbed another pencil and was ready to work.

    Morning soon turned to lunch time. Like always Ami Jamie and Yumi all sat together for lunch outside by the pool and gym under a tree. It was sunny and warm, but the wind made it perfect for lunch. Yumi sat by Ami as Jamie laid back on the tree as he ate. They were talking about what they wanted to do this summer, sense it was coming up soon. Yumi wanted to go to the beach! Ami wanted to go to the summer festival with a guy that she likes. Jamie would be gone most of the summer as he has to meet his family this year in the country side of Tokyo.

    Jamie: "I'm allowed to bring friends along! How about you guys come with me for a week?"

    Ami: "I never been to the country side of Japan!"

    "Me either! Sounds like a adventure that I can't wait to try out!"

    They all giggled together. Yumi looked up at the sky as she hope to find more then a good time. She was wanting to find someone special. Just like Ami wanted to go with her crush to the festival. She wanted someone to spend time with her other then her friends. Someone that she likes, someone who also likes her. She was lost in day dream as she imagine a guy who would spend time with her all summer!
  2. "What the hell are you looking at? Don't ask me questions about me or my life. I don't know any of you motherfuckers." Yuzoko said as he got up and left the room.

    "Yuzoko!! Get up!" his mom yelled as she got upstairs and into his room "Come'on, just go to school and just stay for the rest of the year til he summer. Please, for me." she said as Yuzoko just laid their and didn't even look at her. She sighed and walked away "You know, if you give it a chance something may happen. Something good." she said as she walked out. Yuzoko sighed and shook his head. He sat up and looked outside and sighed "Fine..." he said to himself. He took a shower and got dressed. But dressed differently this time. He wore something classy. His mom wanted a change so he's going to give it to her. He promised her when he went to this school. He grabbed his satchel and walked downstairs "Alright, mom. I'll do it this once" he said. His mom turned and her mouth dropped. ", you look handsome." she said. He cut his hair and you could see his eyes. He didn't look like a hobo anymore. But he was still the same Yuzoko.

    He walked to school and got their 10 minutes late. He stopped and looked up as he puffed on a cigarette and then put it out and walked in. He walked to his class, Mr. Hikeri. He took off his satchel and walked in. They were doing roll call. He heard his name and then the teacher laughed "Yeah we all know he..." he stopped as Yuzoko walked in "I'm present..." he said as he walked in. The room went silent. It was so silent you could hear someone fart. He walked to his desk which was directly near Yumi. He sat down and sighed as he pulled out his books. Everyone looked at him, he looked up and looked puzzled "What?" he asked. They turned and faced the teacher. He looked down at his journal and shook his head "What am I doing here.." he said to himself quitely. Not knowing that a certain someone was just staring at him. Three girls who wouldn't even look at him, two were drooling over him and his looks. Which were Shaki and Yamisha. And the other was just staring which was....Yumi.
  3. The new look was surprising indeed!! Yumi tried not to make it like she was giving him attention, but the new look was something that she wasn't expecting him to do. But he was till the same! His attitude was still as bad as his heart!! Cold and black!! All day Yumi spent ignoring the fact that he looked a lot better then what he did for couple of years. Believe or not, Yumi knows Yuzoko from grad-school. Every time they went to different school for different grade, Yuzoko always seems to be fallow her to the same school.

    Now it was almost the end of the day. Yumi was walking back to class as she asked to leave to the bathroom. But before getting back to the class room, Yumi saw "Hoshimo Yoshi" (or also known as Sempi, or however you spell it lol) Yumi's heart skipped a beat, Yumi been having a crush on Yoshi-Sempi ever sense 6th grade. He plays sport, he loves girls with long hair AND he's a captain of the baseball team! Yumi never told him how she felt, but this summer is going to be different! Yumi is going to try and tell Yoshi at the festival while the fireworks explodes for people to see, and tell her feelings to him! It's been a plan of Yumi's for the whole winter! But the look of how he hold himself, blonde hair, tan skin, bright blue eyes! And about 6 foot! Ohh he was the love of Yumi's dreams!!

    But she isn't the only one that has feelings for Yoshi-Sempi. Other girls too, actually there is a fan club of him in the school! They say that they know Yoshi-Sempi better then anyone, but what he said from his own lips, was that NO ONE knows him but him, the only way to know him more then himself, is spending time with him! And that is what Yumi is going to do this summer! Get to know him better, and then tell her feelings for him!

    "H-Hi Yoshi-Sempi!!"

    Yoshi: "Oh Yumi! You don't have to call me "Sempi" after my name. . ."

    "OH NO!! I could never do that!! I don't know you well enough to call you only "Yoshi". . .b-but I like to get to know you better. . ."

    Yoshi: "I would like that. . .how about we do homework with each other tomorrow after school at the Library by the park?"

    Yumi's felt like this was a dream! He asked her to work on their homework with each other tomorrow after school!! "THIS IS AMAZING!!" Yumi thought to herself.

    "Y-Yes!! I would love too!! I'll wait for you by the entry-way. . .tomorrow after school!"

    Yoshi: "Awesome. . .well see you later Yumi. . ."

    He walked off giving Yumi a smile as he waved a little. Yumi smiled back and waved back too as she watched him leave. She couldn't believe this!! Everything seems to be going into place!! Nothing will make tomorrow a bad day! Off she went to her class room with a big smile on her face. But something that Yumi didn't know was that standing behind a wall in the hallway, was Gabby, she also has a thing for Yoshi. Hearing what just happen made her madder then ANYTHING in the world!!

    "This isn't going to happen, even that means hurting her!" She said to herself as she walked off to class. Once walking in, Yumi walked straight to her desk as she looked at Ami as she tried to keep herself from squealing like a freak. She started writing in her notebook and ripped the part that she wrote on out of her book and sneakily to Ami.

    I ran into Yoshi-Sempi in the hall way and he wants me to go with him to the Library by the park to do our homework TOMORROW!! OMG AMI!! THIS IS A DREAM COME TRUE!! Once I get to "KNOW" him enough, I might tell him how I feel!! I won't have to wait!! This is soooo awesome!!

    Ami looked over with two thums up with a big smile on her face.
  4. Liam rolled his eyes as he heard the Girl Magnets name being called. He could her all the girls sigh with awe and want. He shook his head. And opened his journal. He grabbed a penicl and began to draw. No one knew he could draw, literally. He always was a troubled kid. But when he was at home or by himself, he wasn't like that. He drew a man and a woman and they were in love with each other. He did it with perfect detail to everything. He smiled as he drew more on the paper. His whole journal was full of them. All his drawings were amazing. The teacher walked from behind him and just watched him draw. He was impressed with his skills. "That's amazing, Yuzoko. I never knew he could draw." he said. A kid laughed "He can draw like stick figures?" he said. Yuzoko shot a look at him "Yeah and once I'm done with these stick figures, I'm going to shove them down your throat.." he said as the kid turned around and shut up. He lowered his head "Sorry, sir." he said. Mr. Hikeri chuckled and stepped in front of him. "You should play for our football team. Let out your rage on the other team. A matter of fact, I'm signing you up, now. Practice starts after school. Be their." he said as looked at the class. "And if anyone wants to watch this Man take out his rage on the other team today, then please, do come. Actually, I want you all to come. It's going to be a class assignment. Maybe he can help us win this year." he said as a kid chuckled. Yuzoko glared at him and Hikeri pointed at him and he stopped. Yuzoko smiled. The teacher never suggested anything or did that. So he kept drawing, but a woman walked up to him and sat a paper on his desk and then a few more did, well half the class of woman did. He blushed which never happens but he hid it. He opened them and it was all of them wanting him to go to the festival with them. He didn't know what to do or who to chose. He looked at the clock and class was nearly over. He was soon going to go and get prepped up to get ready for football. Hikeri wanted them to all come down to watch the practice and the game. He saw Yoshi wondering and looking at him, he knew Yoshi hated him. But he was also afraid of him. He saw him talk to Yumi a while ago and his protective side struck him but he kept it to himself. Then, the bell rang. "Alright, everyone! Head to the feild!" Mr. Hikeri exclaimed. Yuzoko sighed and got his stuff. His journal dropping at Yumi's feet, accidentllay pumping into her "Sorry..." he said as he looked back at her and walked down the hall. Did he just say sorry? Something was different or wrong.
  5. Once again, everyone was all loving the new look that Yuzoko had, but Yumi wasn't going to be fooled by it! For the longest time Yuzoko picked on Yumi! Pulling her hair, with lifting up her skirt, to throw food, water balloons, or anything else he could think of at her! But one thing that she can say anything "GOOD" about him, he has grown into a handsome man, but she WOULD NEVER be caught DEAD being with a guy like him!

    While working, Yumi was far too busy thinking about Yoshi-Sempi! The conversation that the teacher was having with the whole class, she missed as she thought of what to wear tomorrow to make the moment special for her! This will be almost a date! Then something got stuck with her, " Yuzoko playing on our team!" Yoshi is also on the team too! Then Yumi looked over at Yuzoko (while they were still in class) as she was assuming that Yuzoko would disagree to NOT do it!! Be he seemed to really want to do it! "Oh great!!" Yumi thought to herself as she sighed in a upset way.

    Now the day was over and all the students in class 5-B had to go to the football field. Yumi wasn't all happy about it at all, but she wasn't going to get an "F" for not showing up. So being bumped into by Yuzoko, she narrowed her eyes at him a little as she didn't a word!


    Ami: "Yumi calm down! He was like that when he was a kid, we're all in high school now! People change! He might not be as bad as you think he is. . .I mean she changed his looks, and he seems to be a little nicer now. . ."

    Jamie: "Hmm well maybe he's just wanting friends!? I know someone who is really good at making friends! Y~U~M~I?!" *He said while singing it in a small melody* "How about you ask him to join us tonight at Papa's Café?"


    After practice, Yumi stood in front of him with a mad look on her face as she had her arm crossed under her chest as she wasn't looking at him.

    ". . .Yuzoko-Sama. . .w-would you like to. . .uhh. . . ."

    Yumi paused for a moment and looked behind her as Ami and Jamie moved their heads back and forth in a sign of "KEEP GOING!!". She sighed and turn back to look at him as she rolled her eyes.

    "Would you like to. . .join me and my friends. . .at papa's café. . . . .tonight. . .right after you get yourself clean up. . . .we will be waiting for you at the gates in front of the school. . . .and if your not going to go, then tell me now so we won't be wasting time waiting for someone who wouldn't be coming!!!"

    Yumi looked at him for a moment and then pulled something out of her pocket of her black jacket as she gave it to Yuzoko. It was a piece of paper with her cell number on it.

    "Now don't think you can text me or call all you like!! This is only for when you join us on our outings. . .like tonight, this is in case your late and we're already gone. . .don't be using this as you wish!!"

    Yumi walked off. She didn't let him say "Thank you" or anything. She didn't even want to the one asking him to join her and her friends to Papa's Café. The thought of it was going to be horrible!! Once she made it to her friends, she walked past them.

    Jamie: "Soo? Is he coming?"

    "Yeah. . ."
    Ami: "See! I knew you wouldn't be mad!!"

    "Whatever. . .let's just get this done and over with so I can get home and plan out my clothes for tomorrow!! I have a "Date" with Yoshi-Sempi!! And I am not going to be out all night with "THAT" guy!!"

    Jamie and Ami stopped walking as they looked at each other, letting Yumi walk farther in front of them. When they looked back at her, they realized that she was a little far from them, as they started running to her and soon walked by her side. So they waited for him to come, the only one who seemed unhappy was, Yumi. She lend against the wall were the gates were, as she waited with her friends for Yuzoko. But then two girls appeared looking at Yumi with a "EGER" look on their face.

    Ami and Jamie both looked at each other then looked back to see them looking at ONLY Yumi.

    Jamie: "Uhh Yumi. . .I think you got some girls looking at you. . ."


    Yumi looked over at them. They jumped and hid be hind the tree. Yumi, Ami and Jamie all looked at each other and then back where the two females were hiding at.

    Girl 1: "Sorry to bother you! But we over heard that you were taking Yuzoko-Kun to Papa's Café tonight. . .we would like to know if we can come along?"

    Jamie: "Do you guys like him?"

    Girl 2: "Well. . .we think he's pretty cute. . ."

    The whole time hearing the two girls talking about Yuzoko on how CUTE he is and how WELL he did on the try outs of the football team, Yumi wanted to throw up! She thought she couldn't keep this up! Yumi took out her phone as she saw that there was a text message from her parents saying that they won't be home tonight (AGAIN) and that she will be home alone through the whole night until tomorrow at 9 at night. Yumi had a sad look on her face. She wanted to tell her parents that she has a "Date" with the boy that she been having a rush on for years!! But that wasn't going to happen. The thought of it made Yumi really upset. She looked at the two girls that just showed up and Ami and Jamie as they both were having a good time with the two new girls.

    "Hey guys uhh. . .something came up at home. . .a-and I have to go straight home. . .s-sorry. . .maybe we can do this later where I'm not busy. . .enjoy without me."

    Jamie: "Want me and Ami walk you home?"

    "No, it's okay! You guys have fun at Papa's Café!!"

    Jamie: "You sure?"

    "Yeah, I'll be okay. See you guys tomorrow!!"

    Ami, Jamie and the two girls: "Bye!!"

    Yumi walked alone. She walked past the park, then the pet store, then a gift shop. On the right hand side, was her house. It was nice and big, but it seems to fit a lonely person like herself then a big family. She walked to the gate to her place as she was about to open it, she looked up at the house. So many memories past, that Yumi shook her head in anger and open the gate and went through walking up to her house as she unlocked it and walked in shutting the door behind her. For the whole night, Yumi took a shower, then messed with her nails and toe-nails (nail polish) as she ate dinner (by herself) and watched her favorite episode of "Honey Love".
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