The Dark Future

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  1. New York City, 2043
    B Company, fourth Platoon
    10:34 PM​
    The city had been hit by blasts of nuclear missiles used by the S.T.O.P. (Space Terrorism organized Planets) forces to immobilize the production of more mobile space flights. The city was hit about a week ago. The entire area of New York was in ruins and rubble. Gas clouded the streets and gathered in the skies. Through the thick gas cloud came a drop ship the size of a jumbo jet. The ship was loaded with cannons and missiles. It had a square body and gun stations on its wings.
    "I don't want anybody dying tonight." captain Couper Brown said, putting on his helmet. It covered his entire face and filtered the gas. He had an entire body armor suit on him, as did the rest of his men. They grabbed their rifles and jumped out of the small hatch that opened up in the centre of the ship. at around 400 meters until contact with the ground, they pressed a button on their shoulder pads and engines came out of small compartments on their back. Flames started to spew out. Jet packs. They slowly touched down with the ground and had their weapons ready.
    "Keep your eyes open, New York is a large area." Brown said, making sure the magazine in his gun was loaded.
    "That's where the video feed cut out." Commander Don Leuendo said, stepping In front of the large screen and facing the room of men and women ready to fight. "I'm looking for a squad of at least six men to go down there and help us find that Platoon. I would like the volunteers to come up here, fill in their first and last name, how many years they have served in the corpse, their home town, birth planet, and weapons expertise."
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.