The Cursed Dreams

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  1. Our cursed dreams, the pleads for help. The prophecy, the great evil. We saw it all but, not everyone saw what we did. We, are called the Chosen Dreamers. Ever since we were old enough to talk, we were cursed with dreams of a dark masked man. He appeared every night in our dreams, we all thought we were the only ones. We thought we were alone, until we found others who had the same dream. Then, the dreams developed. Now, we dremt of seven children, those children were us. The prophecy moved on, showing that we were the ones to face the masked man with great power. After years of seeing this, the power hidden deep inside of us awakened, the masked man, a tyrant rose and together we fought him, confident we would win, not, we were not the Chosen Dreamers. The Chosen are yet to come. We didn't lose our lives, but, what we did lose is our powers. What we were meant to do all along, was wait for the Chosen Dreamers, when the time came, we would have to teach them, help them work together, and make them strong.​

    You are the Chosen Dreamers. Every night of you life, you have dremt of a mysterious masked man and nothing more. You nor nobody else understands it. All you can see is a masked man in the background of your dreams. Each and every one of you holds a secret deep inside of you. If you want, you can play as one of the seven teachers. These are the powers that you an hold.

    Dark(I will be having Dark.)

    Who's interested, and please state if you want to be a Chosen Dreamer, or a teacher.
  2. what do these powers consist of? is there any kind of limitation as to what they do? Also, what time period is this in?
  3. Is this still going?
    I want to claim as a fire teacher.
  4. i would love to play as a choosen dreamer or a lightning/thunder teacher
  5. I would also love to play as a chosen dreamer.
  6. I'd like to play too xD
  7. Interesting.

    I'd be willing to join. Chosen Dreamer.
  8. I'm interested to join as a chosen dreamer.
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