The Curse of Isle

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  1. The trees... it was always the trees that glared upon her.

    They twisted their leaves as the breeze took ahold of the tops and smashed them against the invisible tide. Atlas sat upon a branch high above the earth with her leg propped up and her arms peacefully crossed over her stomach.

    It was this world in which she was born, held within a land that kept her foreign. With her dark skin and long, thick mane tugged into a messy braid - it was hard for her to sink within the crowd and walk between the loudness and quarrels of it all. A brawl happened often, either twice or thrice because of her foreign looks, but it was more because of her ways.

    When was the last time that a woman snatched her hand away from her lustful admirer? She would do more than that, she would assure you. Why, she would hit him where the fruit of his loins were to be produced. She would snatch that gift away. She would take what he tried to take from her – his dignity, his feigned powers. Among these lands, women were nothing but those that produced like that of cows, cleaned like slaves, and mated like goats. She was disgusted with the Isle race. She despised them. She hoped that they would go extinct and rot in the ground.

    No one knew from whence she came. All they knew was that she was the black sheep in the herd of what was pure and clean. They looked down upon her thick brow and the lips that were as sharp as an arrow. Her eyes brought suspicion and intimidation among the people. There was too much mystery about this woman. There was too much that was left unknown. Something that is unknown may weld a strength that could surpass kingdoms like in the past.

    Her heart thumped heavily in her chest and she gripped ahold of her wrists. She remained completely still as hooves thundered against the earth and shook the trees and caused the forest animals to flee. The army fleet rushed by without a disturbance from above.

    I will not give him fear. She thought with nostrils flared. Her eyes pierced the ground and found two huntsmen talking about what they should do if they find her.

    “I’ll hold her down and flog her first.” The giant said with a deep cackle.
    “Yes, yes.” A smaller fellow cried, an attempt to catch her attention from wherever she might be. “Then I will take my knife and cut off that ugly mat of hair, and her cries will be silenced once a take her tongue as well.”

    They both laughed haughtily and cantered away with their horses and their armor shimmering away with them. Bile rose in her throat and she resisted. It burned in her nose and her chest. She clung to the tree as she leapt off and landed onto the ground. She then rushed toward the entrance of the Isle country, forbidden it may have been to have left in the first place. However, she liked what was forbidden. It had a sweet taste on her mind, and left a soft trimmer along her spine to enter the danger. There was only one person to live for, and it was the one who preserved her life from the very beginning.

    The beginning had many memories, blessings, miracles and tragedies. It also had answers that only her mother could answer, as far as this little tale goes.

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  2. "Focus..Concentrate."

    Johko sat out away from the others of the village doing his daily meditation. He would make sure everyday to keep himself from others and things that could possibly distract him. Blocking his own hearing and sight of anything other than his own breathing and heart beat, to put himself in a state of pure relaxation and peace. Johko was a finely toned man with a light tan, and medium length brown hair. Upon his back is a large scar in a unusual way, and is easily noticeable.

    The wind was dancing along his skin, causing his hairs to stick up. Ah, how relaxing this all was and how he looked forward to it everyday, and shortly after his physical training would begin. Even though there was no real reason to do any of this..Johko had his own reasons and never bothered to tell anyone anything, not even his own family.

    The sun was moving along and it was time for him to do so as well. Breaking from his trance and rejoining the world, and rising to his feet and stretching his legs and arms, he looked back in the direction of the village and grunted.

    "Guess now I have to go back and deal with the supplies that need unloading and organizing."

    Such a laboring job back in town. Johko was the only one strong enough to do it without taking consecutive breaks though. What others called lifting sacks of potatoes and crates hard labor, he called his paid training. Not in any sort of rush to get there, he took his time walking back to really take in the scenery as he always enjoyed doing after meditating. Perhaps today would actually be a less stressful day, and he'd actually be able to return home without any sort of headache.
  3. A thick, ivory entrance lay opened wide, awaiting the search party's arrival. Atop this entrance two sets of guards step side by side with their fancy weaponry and armor. These soldiers, and all of the others, had a delicate emblem of the Isle. The Silver Pheonix himself, his mouth open wide and his fiery head turned aside. He was the image of their pride, patience, and strength.

    And let us not forget beauty. she mocked inside as she watched them from below, and scurried toward the shadow of the gates. She gently crouched below and made her way.

    "Hey! There she is!" A voice bellowed from above, followed by a sharp whistle.
    All at once, every light eye was upon her. Her heart thumped dangerously in her chest, feeling as though she were a rabbit caught in a trap. Instinctively and eyes wide, she bolted forward - forcing everyone out of the way. Bewilderment crossed everyone's brow, laughter took the youth.

    "SIEZE HER!" A large, burly knight cried. Five of his comrads mounted their horses and were off with the cutting sound of a whip.
  4. Johko drew closer to the village. Honestly, he wasn't looking forward to putting up with orders from his boss, never really did. If he had a way to do things, it'd be his own and they'd match the pace and way that his boss expects from him. Whatever, soon he'd be able to lose the job and spend more time with his family. Johko loved his family very much and put them before anything in the world, however his work kept him away from them for hours each day, and when he finally was home the moon had just set.

    "One day.."

    As he was coming towards the main entrance he saw a group of soldiers marching by, bearing the Silver Phoenix proudly. Johko groaned softly while rolling his eyes, but looked back when he heard the whistle coming from one of the soldiers. What were they talking about? Who is she?

    A quick burst of action made it hard to see who it was the Phoenixes were pursuing, but a small part of her mane stuck out, quickly answering his question.

    "Atlas..Should've figured.."

    Atlas and him didn't see eye to eye, in fact, they had a rivalry and pure form of hatred that has reigned for many generations. Johko never understood why, but he just went along with it because it was his parents beat into his head. Ugh, that girl was tampering with the isle's main force..Does she really not expect to get pursued? Pure stupidity. Maybe with some luck they'd catch her and lock her up, seems like that would teach her. Plus, it would keep her family quiet and not yelling at his own..Oh yes, the possibility of peace.

    He waited until the Silver Phoenixes were chasing after her before he entered into town. Remember that he was going straight to work...Damn it.
  5. The drumming beat of the horses' hooves galloped right on her tail. The whip cracked again, along with a searing burn across her neck. Atlas yelped with fear, her adrinaline about to explode from her very viens. She searched for an escape - ANY escape that would catch the soldiers off guard.

    Large carpets hung from a rope to the left, with the elderly beating them with their brooms. "AHA!" Her chest jumped. She raced for them, looked back to see that she gained a few paces from her pursuers. Like a sly fox, she coasted between one, disappearing with just a moment to loose.

    The horses crashed through the heavy carpets, along with three soldiers wrung by the rope, demanning their horses. The clash of their metal bodies hit the earth, startling the elderly workers nearly to death. Atlas laughed aloud and bolted once again, headed for a dark ally where some of the most poor sat with their smoke pipes and sickly, sunken faces. Despite the chase, her once solid heart softened with its sorrow and pain for these people. She did not hate the Isle folk who were disguarded and forgotten. Another reason to hate His Grace.

    "A shilling for the banes?" A young woman prodded beside her with three toddlers staring. Their sulky, pale faces put her in complete shock. Atlas' lips quivered and her brows knit "I- I'm sorry." She pulled out her vest pockets. Then she remembered the bread and cheese that she brought with her from home for the adventure into the woods. She scrambled through her waisted pouch and found the loaf. "Here you are. From me own mother's kitchen." She pinned off pieces and chunks for those who began to crowd.

    Then there were screams.

    It was a mere second before she felt a whip slash accross her back, along with a horse's bellowing. "NO!" Shrieked Atlas as she was forced to the ground by the same burly knight that saught after her. All of the poor fled like mice, and soon the entire ally was dark and empty. Two other soldiers appeared behind the knight, obviously the ones who had been demanned before.

    "Where were you two bastards?" The knight scolded as he tied her wrists. Atlas struggled against him like a wild animal, teeth bared and nostrils flared. They all laughed at her, stunned by her willfulness and power.

    "She's like my filly at home." The knight chuckled and threw her atop his horse and sat behind her. His very arms were a cage around her waist. "She just needs to be broken, lads."
    . . . . . .

    Atlas fell to the floor, unconscious. Ice water was thrown on her. She gasped from the pain that entered her wounds and muscles. "DAMN YOU!" She screamed at the soldier that stood beside her. He smirked.

    Her entire being shook with rage and from the chill. She slowly stood and looked around. Marble floors, generations of
    royal portraits lined the tall walls, silver rugs and a golden throne. Her heart pounded with fear.
    She was in the king's throne room.

    "I have tried everything." A voice boomed. She jumped at the sound of it.

    A tall, strong man stood beside the throne. He left the darkness and revealed himself to her. He held a thick staff with a cape dragging behind him. The Silver Pheonix sat on his shoulder proudly. The king couldn't have been any older than her thirty year old cousin. Disgusted, she turned her face from him and grit her teeth.

    He was intrigued by this creature. He heard of Atlas, the woman many despised because of her rebellion. She was not the submissive woman the Isle men wanted - the kind that only sat and looked pretty, bore the children, and cleaned the house. Nor was she like the whore - a tease. He smiled a devious smile and walked down the steps.

    "I have spoken with my priests, sent a word out to the Outerlands and Seamen. No one knows why...why we are about to experience the greatest darkness these lands have ever known. It will be marked in history." He was now close enough for her to smell the wine on his clothes, see the primmed hair and whiskers along his jaws. It was all a show. For Atlas, he was nothing but a puppet. She held her tongue and endured.

    "Atlas Trilace, daughter of the Trilace family, I have gone as far as looking to the heavens to make peace with this, to find answers, and I recieved only one." He paused, silence a vaccume in the room. "But I would rather tell you with the other man who now has the same fate as you."

    His Grace loved to tease. "GUARDS!"

    Five bursted through the doors and stood stoutly for instruction.

    "Go and retrieve Johko, his family a sure rival of this woman and her family." He laughed aloud and looked at Atlas knowingly. "This should be an interesting reunion indeed."

    Atlas' stomach seemed to have flipped from the inside out. Johko. She made her mind up to hate the gods, or whatever seemed to rule her fate and the universe.
  6. Johko made his way to his station where he caught eye of his boss, Murg. Murg was this greedy little man, who barely stands at 5 feet tall and has the appearance of a troll, covered with hair, ugly face, and no muscles.. Murg was everything a woman didn't want in a man. When Johko approached him, Murg scurried over with his little snarky self and looked up at his employee. Johko wanted nothing more than to punt this short-stack and go on home..But, work is work.

    "Good day, Johko..Ready to make me some money?"

    "I suppose.."

    "Then get going! Daylight is burnin!"

    Groaning softly, Johko began to lift the sacks of potatoes and crates of oranges and other various fruits. It wasn't even an hour and he was already tired of being with Murg already. Just badly he wished something or someone would come along and take him away from this. For hours Johko continued doing the same cycle over and over. He wasn't growing tired, no what was getting him was how often Murg was barking orders at him and rushing him faster than he could possibly go. Johko came so close to just knocking the runt into the wall..

    "THERE! There he is!"

    Johko turned around to see Silver Phoenixes were pointing in his direction. They couldn't possibly mean him, could they?

    "Johko Svenso?"

    "Speaking to him."

    "The King has requested you come at his request." The one guard said stepping out a bit so he could see that if Johko resisted there would be some brute force needed to overthrow him. Since Johko was smart enough to know when he was outnumbered he just simple dropped the crate he was holding on Murg's foot and walked towards the guards, not saying another word. The guards led forth back towards the castle.

    When they had entered the throne room, Johko immediately noticed Atlas. What was she doing here? Probably ratting him out for something he didn't do. Well no matter what Johko was ready to defend himself and do whatever needed to be done.

    "You called for me. What do you require?"
  7. Atlas instantly stiffened as she heard the doors slowly open with the footsteps that followed. She knew now who accompanied her. The very knowledge
    created a sudden tense reflex in her forearms.

    Although the two seemed to have had a secret sacred promise to never speak to one another, Atlas could only hold onto her mother's words.
    And she trusted those words. Her eyes shifted to the ground, staring at his feet and shaking from the cold air.

    His Grace was pleased. How different the two appeared to be. He smiled slightly. "What do I require, you ask?" He chuckled behind his hand, then thrust it to the left - signaling for the guards to leave. "Are you well informed, Johko Svenso? Do you not listen to the rumors around you?"

    Atlas was beginning to feel rather annoyed.

    The King shook his head. "A great evil is creeping up along the borders of Isle. I have recieved many visions and letters from the Kingdoms about this...this THING. No one knows what it is capable of, but we know it is not good." He sighed like the very world were upon his shoulders. "And it was just last night, as I laid in bed, that I received the final vision. You -" He turned to Atlas, " - and You."

    The Silver Pheonix ruffled his feathers and squawked, tilted its' head to the side. His Grace became silent.

    Suddenly, the doors were slammed open and wind wisked inside, blowing all of the curtains backward. "YOUR GRACE!!"

    The knight ran and kneeled at the King's feet. "The is so dark, please, come!!" He was trembling.

    It seemed as though a dangerous storm brewed outside; black clouds took over the sky in a circular motion. His Grace hastily looked
    at Johko and Atlas. "You must stop this, do you understand?"

    She would rather die than help him. "WHAT?"

    The Pheonix left His Grace's shoulder with one swoop, shimmering into the back corradors.

    "GO! Follow the bird!" He yelled above the howling wind and terror.
  8. Johko could not help but look over at Atlas every so often. The fact of her being in the very same room as him put him in a bit of a foul mood. However, he was disciplined and could keep himself under control and not blurt out anything that could possibly get him in trouble. A huff escaped swiftly from him as he folded his arms over his chest and looked to the King. Did he really expect Johko to listen to rumors? Rumors were mainly just wastes of time and gossip over nothing and anything to start trouble.

    "Frankly, I could care less about silly rumors..Wastes of breath."

    Great evil? Raising his eyebrow and giving a very strange look to the King. Was our esteemed leader losing it? There has no been evil on this isle for centuries, the closest thing to be considered an evil was the riots when the food supply was low. But seeing as how the King claimed to have these 'visions' Johko figured it was best to humor the king and go along with the story, nodding his head and looking as though he believed it. But really..Atlas and himself? That's just a disaster waiting to happen..

    Just before he could reject anything having to do with Atlas, the doors slammed opened, Johko turned immediately to see one of the knights run back in a bit of panic, speaking about darkness covering the city. Unfortunately the knight was right, it was pitch black, and the winds screamed fright as they ripped through the throne room. Johko looked at the King as he gave a request, but to partner with the woman from the family he hated most?..

    "I'll take care of this.."

    Johko began to walk at a fast pace, not even bothering to run.
  9. She just stood there, aghast. What just happened? In a mere moment, her life was now turned upside down.

    A second passed before she could move her feet again, feeling as though she were looking through a foggy looking glass. But, suddenly, Johko was off with a graceful stride behind the throne where a door lay hid, and dissapeared. Atlas couldn't let herself think. So, on impulse, she followed him, looking around anxiously first and took in every detail. Something inside crawled along her spine. Could this be it? Would she ever see her home again? Or, would it all be gone - would SHE be gone?

    Her heart seemed to squeeze in her chest, pulsing the sorrow into her eyes. Jogging after Johko, she felt that she couldn't breathe.


    The madness felt like a dream. There wasn't any noise there, where the walls and the twisted staircase were narrow and torches aligned the walls. Atlas's previous sorrow had dwindled away, and could now only feel purpose and hear the sound of their feet. She was determined to cure the land, whatever the cost. She wouldn't let this darkness take her family, her home. Her eyes wandered the corridor walls as they both walked swiftly.

    Suddenly, the long decent ended. There was only a wall. Atlas began to panic within herself, pushed Johko out of the way and felt the wall's surface. " can't be -"

    She put her ear to it, knowing it had to be hallow. Then she heard it. The sweet coo of a bird on the other side.

    Atlas Appearance (open)
  10. Johko wasn't sure what to think of the situation. One moment he was about to some serious labor for his greedy boss, then the next he was called by the King to ally with his enemy. Huh, how funny really, though he didn't want to be considered any sort of her oafter this, he was just doing it because the King told him too, plus to share the credit with..her, Atlas. That's what sort of bothered him, but surely she'd back off and realize that he was meant for this task, not her.

    Atlas had finally caught up to him, about time too. Johko was beginning to think she'd never show, but she seemed out of place. As if she was in some sort of other frame of mind. Seemed the change that was upon their isle was affecting her more than him..As much as Johko didn't like her, she was going to have to pull herself together and focus.


    Did she just?!..Just push me out of the way?...Calm yourself, Johko..It's not worth it. Johko held himself back from completely exploding at Atlas. Inhaling deeply then exhaling quickly, he shifted his vision to see that she rushed over to the wall, putting her ear against it. He gave her a strange look then approached her not saying a word, but waiting to see what she was listening too. He was going to avoid talking to her however much he could.

  11. Because of the scarcity of space, Atlas was keen to the fact that Johko was well right behind her. She turned and faced him with a steady gaze.
    "We have to get through." She looked down at his feet, then straight in his face. She knew with an assuredy that he didn't want anything to do
    with her, and she understood this.

    Nevertheless, a placid voice in her mind wanted her to be the graceful young woman she was well capable of being, but she didn't want that.
    She didn't want to be fragile. Atlas wanted to be strong.

    "Here -" She grabbed his hand and put it against the wall. She didn't think much about her having touched him now, nor that she had finally spoken
    to him. She blinked, shocked with herself but spoke tursly, "-it is hallow." She let go of him. "And listen, the's on the other side."
  12. Johko didn't like such cramped spaces, it reminded him too much of his job, how there was barely any room to move anywhere. Guess it will have to do though. He stared back at Atlas with a blank expression part of him seeming blank, while he was more intrigued of what she was doing. Atlas was definitely a strange case, but Johko had to give her some sort of credit, she was good with everything around her. That's the only compliment he'll give her.

    "Well..We can't, there is a clearly a wall right he-"

    She took hold of his hand and placed it on the wall. Johko was left speechless by her actions, and just allowed her to do what she was doing. Usually, he'd grasp the hand of the person and shove them away. But..It was just so unsuspecting that Johko couldn't react to it. She was right though, the wall was hallow and the bird was on the other side, cooing and fidgeting periodically. Very easily he could break through this wall, but what if he scared the bird away? Johko looked back at Atlas, putting their rivalry aside for a few moments.

    "How do you propose we get through?..I can easily break the wall down. But I risk scaring the bird away."

    Johko looked the wall down both ways to see if there was a possible way to get around or go through. Breaking down the wall might be the only way to continue on their journey, and at the rate the storm was brewing, there might not be much time to wait to find and opening. Johko placed both his hands on the wall, closing his eyes focusing on the sound and location of the bird so he wouldn't scare it off. He began to push the wall, slowly causing it to crack and push through.
  13. "Wait, what are you -" She couldn't finish, because the wall slowly began to crack, making the picture of a confuzed spiderweb up
    into the ceiling. The cracks grew deeper and deeper until, with a jolt, everything fell heavily to the earth.

    Dust took up the air and clung to her throat. Atlas caughed, waving the debris away. She turned to Johko with dark round eyes, officially bewildered.

    How did could he...did he really - ?
    Was that magic or strength?

    She shook her head and pride rose up into her chest.

    "Well then-" She huffed. "-finally."

    And with that she straightened her vest and stalked away. Nevertheless, inside she found Johko unsettling and unpredictable.

    The silver pheonix sat on his perch, looking at the two with a single eye. He squawked again, twitching his head toward an old stone table to the left, completely engraved with designs she had never seen. Sitting atop this table was a gaint leather book with old notes, letters, and tattered pages coming out from the sides.

    Atlas hurried over to the table and looked at the book with confusion and curiosity. Her fingers traced the fine letters on the front.

    Suddenly, the book flipped open hard onto the stone. Pages were flapping to the left - old dust was flying. Her heart was racing.
    What is this?
    She cowed away

    The old book finally stopped flipping, a chilly whisper coming from its pages.
  14. Johko put all of his strength into moving the wall. It was about about focusing and adjusting your force to where you want something to break. He was able to do this a few times in the past, and now it shows itself again. He smiled at his work and moved the chunk of the wall that was pushed to the outside, and watched as it slammed onto the ground while breaking into more smaller pieces..They would need someone to fix it later on.

    "It is done."

    He turned back to see...Atlas. Right, she was his partner..Urgh.

    Watching as she walked away all proud like. It's not like she really did anything, all she did was locate a bird while he did the main labor. A sigh escaped his lips as he looked up at the silver phoenix apparently watching the two, but then Johko also noticed a large beaten book that had ripped pages coming from the sides. How interesting..What could it be? He didn't read very much, but when he did it was about something truly intriguing to him. The age and designs on the cover lured him closer.

    "Seems like a tome of some kind..."

    The book flipped opened on it's own, revealing it contents..But what lies in store?
  15. The book stopped on a page where a door was inked inside. Atlas looked around Johko with a pensive stare, hating how frightened she'd become. This day had been the most unusual, and she felt that her spirit could barely stand it all. Nevertheless,
    it seemed to be a test - was her strength only a facade, or true courage?

    She blinked hard, erasing the thoughts that evaded her mind. She walked from behind the quiet man, oddly timid. She was intrigued by
    the drawings and figures, but was confuzed as to what it all meant. She looked closer, as the candle light in the cavern did not help much.

    When all is lost, and there is none , look for the door, the only one -
    - Hidden by the race of literature
    And Pluck the bird's silver feather bound -
    With the twine of magic, trace it along the spines
    And there, the door shall be found.

    Atlas read this aloud in a hushed voice. Determined, she quickly turned her head to the Silver Pheonix on his perch, and strode to
    him without doubt and fear. He then screamed at her, his sharp beak parted like two knives.

    "Please..." She whispered to him, as she stretched out her hand to pluck one of his long, decorated feathers.


  16. Johko folded his arms and looked at the book. The picture of the door along with the strange writing. It was more of a riddle than anything, and riddles annoyed Johko because the answer could be anything other than what he was thinking. He grumbled softly and watched as Atlas drew in closer to the book. This could lead to something very bad or something good, a risk Johko was willing to take, after all it wasn't him who was going anywhere near that damned riddle.

    He listened as Atlas explained the riddle, this one was easy though, it was the Silver Phoenix. But to pluck such a creature? Would she be able to do it? Wait..Why was she doing everything? Well without him, she would have never gotten to the phoenix so he supposes that his strength did contribute some.

    The loud screech of the phoenix was startling, but it seemed Atlas was having a bit of a rough time.

    "The bird knows what you attempt..You must ask him without words."


  17. "The bird knows what you attempt..You must ask him without words."

    Atlas' felt the pride rise even stronger in her chest. She'd show him. She was well able to perform this
    task on her own and had no need for male instruction -

    Right when her finger touched the feather, the pheonix sliced her arm wide open in a flash, glass eyes now obsidian and dark. He hissed
    and flew around as she wailed in pain.

    Blood oozed from her wound and pitter-pattered on the floor. It leaked inbetween her fingers as she attempted to stop the flow, but it was no
    use. Like a heavy spring released from its rocks, it ran freely to the ground.

    The very sight of seeing so much of her own blood made her panic. Her heart began to beat heavily in her chest - eyes widened with fear. Her
    ears thumped, and the rusty smell of her blood created a headache and twisted her stomach.

    Atlas faltered, holding her arms close to her chest, and slammed into the stone wall. Her white sleeves were now soaked in red.

    Her eyes slid to the back of her head, then returned as she lost her balance once again.

    "Oh, by the gods-" She mumbled, seeming as though she were about to hurl.

    A raiment of anger sprung back up to her cheeks. She lifted her head, struggling to stay calm, and looked to Johko with an intense gaze.

    "Get the feather, damnit!" She rasped. "Get it - and trace it all around - the books' spines - " She felt light headed now.
    Repeat the riddle, the magic should release - AHH!"

    She cursed again as pain shot lightening through her arm and into every nerve. Stiff, she was determined to stay alive.

    Atlas ripped off a long piece of the bottom of her blouse. Her naked belly showing, and not quite caring, she quickly wrapped it around her forearm tightly.

    She yelped again from the pain. Tears fled from her eyes.