The Cruor Mafia

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  1. Throughout history, people fought for control in one way or another. However, what people didn't know was that many Mafias out there are still yet to be discovered, and very few are still running today.
    The blood Mafia, one of the top mafias in the world that still lurk in the shadows even today is run by vampires. For centuries have been in rival with the wearwolves, even to today.
    If you want a favor then the blood mafia will get it done, for the price of blood. How much blood they want is depended on how big the job is.
    The wearwolves run a mafia as well called the Lunar mafia.
    If you wish to be in the mafia or serve then sign up below.
    Please give your:
    What you look like:

    1. You can make up to 3 characters.

    2. You have to start out as a human to choose a mafia and understand their rules.

    3. You are not allowed to be the head hancho or any relations to him unless you talk to me first.
  2. Name:Ava Blackwell
    What you look like:Ava has a slim,petite hourglass figure and only stands at 5'3".Her hair is a long,wavy Auburn brown which makes her emerald eyes stand out brightly.She has pretty olive skin with a slight dusting of freckles across her cheeks and nose.
    Personality:She is kind and loving to those she knows but is harsh and cold to those she doesn't.Ava has a short temper and is a lively spitfire with heavy sarcasm.Though she shows herself as a fiercely sarcastic yet caring woman beneath that she is at times heavily depressed.
    Bio:Ava used to have a loving and tight knit family but when she was 13 her parents were killed in a car crash.Her younger brother perishing with them.Her older sister Kenzie was made her legal guardian and they lived together until Ava was 18.Only recently did Ava find out that her sister had been apart of the Blood mafia.A job gone wrong killed her sister and since then she has hated the Blood Mafia with a passion.