The Crimson Rose Inn

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  1. Hello welcome I would like to post up a few "inny" kind of ideas here.
    I want a romantic tone but seeing as this is the libertine section it will have lots of sex involved in the story I do not expect a certain line req I believe in the quality of the content rather than the amount. I can sometimes become unresponsive because of collage so keep that in mind. And we are all human so I expect a nice environment for roleplaying cause in the end we are all human. O and I will playing the male role if it was not already apparent.

    Bartenders Communion
    Genders: MxF
    Roles: Bartender, Customer
    How to Play: Your an a lone customer at a bar during closing time with a few problems on your mind maybe they can ease your pain in more than one way?
    Roles I play: Either
    Era: (Time Modern, Dark ages, ect...) To be discussed

    The White Rose Inn
    Genders: MxF
    Roles: Innkeeper, Customer
    How to Play: A lone shop owner has to keep his/her business open so he/she rents his/her house as a one room inn to travellers on the road, will this innkeeper offer more than room service?
    Roles I play: Either
    Era: Dark ages (magic Included)

    The Resolved
    Genders: MxF
    Roles: A male and Female this is more focused on the situation on how everything has occured.
    How to Play: The Ark a city in which people which severe scars of war or life come to forget their past life searching for a new life in the place of the old after leaving everything behind.
    Roles I play: Either
    Era: To be Discussed​
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  2. I'm interested in the White Rose Inn
  3. Alrighty Pm me and we can start discussing it.
  4. Are you still searching?
  5. Yes I'm taking a few at a time :D
  6. It won't let me message you,
    so if you would like and are still searching you can message me.
    I am open to any of the options you have posted ^_^
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.