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  1. (Okay, So rules still apply in this role play. This is a role play for people of all ages here. So no sexual themes >.< Okay. Don't ruin the role play with your sexual attires. Sure, there can be romance in here, but keep it limited. [BCOLOR=#ffff00]NO POWER PLAYING!!!!![/BCOLOR] We don't do that here. If I see it you shall be kicked out of the rp. You may uses ocs. You may also be human. Just remember, If you chose to be human, You will be hunted. And some of us might be kind enough to turn you into a proxy. Don't know. Anyways. If you chose to be a cannon creepypasta then just tell me who you are and a picture. If your creating an oc, fill out the forum and jump in.

    Looks: pic or description
    Orientation: sexual preference
    Species: (pasta or human)

    Have fun.)

    (I'm gonna be Jane the Killer.

    Jane the killer walked through the forest. People has been camping and basically, It's gonna be a feild day for the pastas.

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  2. Name: Angela
    Age: 14
    download (3).jpg
    Gender: female
    Orientation: heterosexual
    Personality: has a never ending fury within her, short tempered, is usually depressed, can be happy on occasions but it is very rare.
    Bio: Died at a young age and wanted to exact her revenge upon the on person she thought loved her, her father. she later murdered him while he was sleeping as she had been murdered by him before. She always looks for poor human souls to torture before taking them as her own.
    Species: pasta ( DON'T TOUCH THE MUSIC BOX)
    Other: she is mostly blind, has poor vision but she has such amazing hearing it is beyond belief.
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  3. on the outskirts of the campsite, where teens and adults alike were sitting round a fire talking and cracking jokes, telling stories of the pastas themselves and it made her furious how they laughed and snickered at the "stories".
    When the first fell asleep, her fun would begin, and a devilish smile spread across her face. She may be blind but she could hear everything.
  4. I call Jeff!!!! -drools over pic-

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  5. Can I jump in as Eyeless Jack? Been a while since I last RPed as him :P

  6. (Alright. You two go ahead and jump in. But masky is reserved right now for DapperDogman )

    Jane the killer slipped behind Angela. "When the time comes." She told Angela knowing what she was thinking about.
  7. turning to look at Jane, even though she couldn't see her, she knew exactly what she looked like...
    It was disturbing how she could face you and even blind she knew how you looked, how you felt.
    Her smile became more and more sinister and clasping her hands together, as if she were a six year old acting innocent, she spoke with a softness despite her dark intentions.
    " just wait till I you see the first one..."
    Then she started laughing one of her more insanely childish laughs that would send chills down any humans spine, coming from her at least.
    She walked away, disappearing into the shadows, her laughter lingering around the camp.
  8. Jane watched as the younger pasta walked off into the woods. She could still hear her laughing though. But a smile formed around her face.
  9. Oh then I'll make an OC~ ^^

    Name: Akai Akuma - 赤い悪魔
    Or what the Russian's lovingly call him when he had stayed in the frozen country
    Mahlyenki Dyavol
    Which is roughly translated to "Little Devil"
    Age: UNKNOWN (looks to be 17)
    Insane mode (when the blood lust takes over):
    Full Body:
    Regular Attire:
    (He likes to keep his mask on at all times but completely disregards it when he goes berserk)
    Gender: Male
    Orientation: Pansexual
    Akai is very cynical and extremely independent, believing that relying on others is a sign of great weakness. He never accepts help from anyone no matter how small the favor may be (Ex: Person #1: Oh you dropped your fork! Let me j- Akai: NO. *grabs fork and smiles* I've got it ^^ Person #1: o_o;). Despite seeming prideful at times its only because of his stubborn independence. He doesn't really care about anything so pride and what others do are nothing of interest to him (some see this as "accepting"). Through the years he's picked up quite a few tricks from demons he had met (and some that he killed) about how to attract prey. Akai has learned to fake kindness, hospitality, and just over all normal human emotions. And born with natural intelligence and charisma, he is a formidable foe in any playing field. He does have his peculiarities though and one of those are his refusal to eat human flesh. Instead he gorges on the next best thing: Human blood. He drinks enough of it to temporarily quench his hunger and insanity (though this never fully fills the hunger and just keeps his demonic side at bay) without killing the victim. Akai does make mistakes and the occasional blood lust takes over if he fails to drink enough blood.
    His exact origins are all based upon useless theories and ideas. Though one solid fact is that he had seemingly appeared out of nowhere in the frozen country of Russia.
    Species: Pasta
  10. Jeff meandered through the woods, whistling. He had his hands inside the pocket on his white hoodie. Hearing some voices and smelling the smoke of a campfire, he quirked a brow and walked a bit closer to the campsite. "Ooooh, what do we have here". The smile on the boy's face widened, making the already wide smile, creepily wide. The slits on each side of his mouth, making his smile impossibly wide. The gleam in his eye, showed just how excited he was with his current find.
  11. (Can I join as Ticci Toby?[​IMG] )
  12. Forum:
    Name: Nikoli Pycrian

    Gender: Male

    Orientation: Straight

    Likes: The sound of the piano and violin, The smell of cinnamon it soothes him, The sound of bones snapping, dark humor

    Dislikes: If someone calls him Freak, Monster, Stupid. Insults towards his disability, Silence, Similarity, Peer Pressure

    Personality: Creative, Humorous, Reckless

    Bio:With DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) growing up can be a pain as a child. His parents they abused him and never cared for him causing him to go into a independent state trying to take care of himself but he couldn't do it his world slowly melted by 14. He realized his reality had slipped where everyone thought he was OK when he really wasn't. until he snapped he poisoned his parents food and killed a student that always picked on them and set it up to make it look like they killed them selves and acted like the innocent one. He's unstable breaking slowly he isn't afraid to kill you or anyone else he may be weak and small but he can hurt you. today acts normal and sane and has his disorder in control and is currently camping with a group of friends

    Species: Human But mentally insane

    Nikoli sat with the group of friends he smiled innocently and sipped his water they were all talking about what they would do after high school. They joked around and talked hanging out but that's not all Nikoli had a knife in his jacket pocket he had a plan to kill them and walk away it woud sooth his sanity and make him happy he had everything planned out he just waited.
  13. Jaymee Ballesteros (open)

  14. Standing in front of the camp fire with her friends Jaymee twirled her small pen around her fingers while looking at the fire absentmindedly. It was quite surprising that they called her and invited her to camping and for some reason she felt as if there was something behind it but she didn't care anyways. She well also quite brought a gun if something happened who knows evil might just pop out of nowhere and kill them. Taking notice of a certain boy she stared at him for awhile quite like observing him before looking back at the fire.
  15. Nikoli looked around he heard some rustles from the forest he passed if off as a rabbit. He noticed a girl staring at him and looked at her "you need something dear?" he chuckled softly and leaned his head back waiting for her reply he looked back and she looked rather surprised. He took another sip of his water and looked around again
  16. I choose to be the original creepypasta.



    The bane of Norse mead halls. When a place becomes too merry, Grendel comes to crash the party, and crack open some heads.