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  1. Name : Princess Amidi

    age : in human form looks 21, her true form is very unknown

    race : Spirit of Creatures

    History : she doesn't talk about it knowing no one would ever want to hear it anyway. She doesn't speak human at all only animals and makes odd noises. Said to be the MOST DANGEROUS creature the guild has ever captured. Held as a prize in a famous raid, chained up and never seen light ever since.

    Personality : Though at first of her history you may think she is evil, mean cruel and nasty. You couln't be more future from the truth then possible. She has the most kind heart, loving saoul and friendlyness that could make any creature calm down and stop being agressive. She is a true Nature spirit

    Powers : No human weapon effects her, Her true form is almost inpossible to wound. She can turn into any creature she has meeet before. Can can speak english for few hours if she kisses someone. Inhuman condition , able to jump higher, run faster, lift more and her scream cane break weapons.

    Picture : Human form (has feathers and wings. Stands at five foot five)


    True Form (stands around 100 feet tall and breaths fire, ice and roar can shatter windows, can make people def and make creastures no matter how ferice they are flee)[​IMG]

    Princess Amidi or known as Creature to the guild was tightly locked away. She was a prize of the guild but she was nearly unable to be kept under the chains. The girl was said to be very DANGEROUS . Said she could destroy a whole city without much problem and weapons of people effected her very little. It was said it took half the guild death to bring her into from a raid.

    So there she sat her wings chained and eyes covered and hands bound together. But being who she was this effected her very little. She sat there because she wish not to be hunted once more and so there she was for over ten years rotting, well not really. Her face straight, she never spoke and when she did she made very strange sounds and whole rang of clicks and other things. The cage she was held in was made of everything the guild had, thousand feet deep and she sat in a pit, they had great reason. Her true form was too big to handle as human was a ant to her in her true form.

    She hears the door above her open and looked up as two chains coiled around her and brought her up. She felt the binds around her eyes taken off and her pupil opened as she looked at the two humans and blinked once more as if to get a better view of the two humans near her. Her massive white wings tucked up beside her in case of an attack by the humans as she listened as they seemed to talk but couldn't understand a thing they said.

    She made some strange clicking noise and the chains started to break from her wrist and her eyes glowed sharply as the chains came of and she streached her massive stunning white wings. When she saw the weapon pointed at her, making a sharp cry and it broke into billion pieces. She grunted sharply and her fingers where sharp like daggers and she watched them with sharp eyes. She was very beaitful female with eyes that could bring even the best humans to their knees in fear before her. She was well known in the guild as a hostil creature, so why was she allowed out now ? where they going to kill her ?
  2. Name: He is only ever referred to as Jackson
    Age 34
    Born and raised in the deserts of Texas Jackson learned to hunt by the age of 3. It was the way of life for his people. That was before the supernatural began to take over. His people soon became known ad Hunter of the unknown, taught to hunt and kill any supernatural being that comes thier way.

    He is not the most personable of people, some may say he is downright anti social. But why be friendly when your people are wiped from the earth, why be kind when you are one of only a handful of people. He can be a of a persuasive nature when trying to get what he wants, but often resorts to brute force as it is often faster.

    Standing at 6ft4 and weighing 240lbs he is an imposing figure, his skin is tanned, he has a clean yet somewhat unshaven beard, and deep brown eyes. His hair is medium length and often messy.

    Jackson waited outside of the guild building. The guild also known as the creature keepers were where these creatures were studied and or sold. Even though he opposed the idea, orders from high above informed him he would be getting a creature companion. Now his instincts were to shoot, but as the guild walked out, a woman in chains appeared before him. Jackson was rarely one to be moved, but the beauty of what stood before him was nothing short of incredible. her beauty was grand, and the aura she radiated was almost powerful enough to bring him to tears. But not quite. He was expecting some beast, he questioned the guildmaster, wondering what was going on, he was informed that this was the beast of all creatures, hence why she was bound as she was. He took his word for it as he handed him the gold, taking hold of the chains that bound this....woman?,.....Creature?

    "You are coming with me, we have a job to do." He pulls on the chain. "You understand?"
  3. The girl didn't respond because she had no clue what they where saying. She cocked her head to the side as the chains cracked slightly that he was holding. Her eyes glow sharply and she made strange noises. one of the keeprs remembered something "oh here" he said as the girl kissed the man and now she could speak human for a about five hours but that was it.

    The girl spat at him sharply "yuck next time you do that i'll bite your tounge out" said her voice was like that of knives, sharper then that of human words. she looked at the hunter that held the chain "what where you saying i don't uderstand humans unless i kiss one and learn to speak english for a while but it doesn stop and I will cease to understand anything you say" said slowly as her wings glowed sharply her white hair shines in the sunlight of outside.
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