The Cove (chocolatefurycat and Princess Yanna)

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Nadi swam through the crystal blue water, creating little vortexes as he spiralled through the waves. Due to his powers, he could see perfectly clearly underwater; he watched as the light caught his tail, throwing diamond-like flashes off the scales.

His hands brushed the coral as Nadi swam upwards. He broke the surface of the water, taking in a gulp of air; Nadi could breathe both above and below water, and, on the rare occasion he became completely dry, he grew human legs.

Nadi swam to a pile of rocks, which hid him from view of the little beach house where she lived. Nadi had been watching her for months.


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Aianna Moore
[BCOLOR=#000000]Aianna sighed, having finished the dress a customer had ordered. She smiled, feeling quite content with how it turned out as she got up and headed over to look out the window at the water. From her beach house, she could see pretty far out into the water and she enjoyed the scenery. It was peaceful to her. She was pleased with her decision on moving out to live on the beach.[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=#000000]As she looked out the window, she couldn't help but wonder if anyone lived close by, not that it mattered anyways since she usually kept to herself aside from her customers who either visited or called, majority of the time only visiting to pick up what they ordered when it was finished. She heard her dog barking out in the distance which pulled her from her thoughts as she set the dress down on her desk and headed over to the door, opening it. [/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=#000000]"King, quit barking and come inside." she called but, that didn't stop the large dog from barking at some rocks. Aianna sighed and pulled on her sweater before walking over. "King there's nothing out here for you to be barking at." [/BCOLOR]​
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