The Corruption Begins

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    It first showed up on the news. Rumors of a sickness that was mutating animals, and driving humans insane. Humans were suddenly mudering each other in a mad sickness that was spreading like wildfire. It is May 22nd, 2040, and one of the polar icecaps have melted, causing floodwaters to surge and rise, completely submerging entire cities. The disease even infects plants, causing them to mutate and grow at insanely fast rates. At first we didn't pay attention. We were too busy helping the victims of the floods. But now it's impossible to ignore. Wolves are becoming increasingly intelligent and have gained the ability to speak, horses have mutated eight legs, goats have grown into monstrous one-horned flesh-eating beasts, and komodo dragons have mutated wings. The cities that have not been flooded are suddenly destroyed by trees and giant vines that tear through the buildings, destroying them in minutes. A lot of the animals not killed by the Corruption, as we began to call it, started to resemble mythical creatures. Dragons, Unicorns, Slepnir, Gryphons, Pheonixes, all creatures that we have only dreamed about. But the Corruption doesn't create dreams. It turns dreams into nightmares. The only creatures that do not crave human flesh are the wolves, because something in their genetic code is counteracting the Corruption. Scientists are trying hard to find a cure, before they submit to the insanity that creeps at the edges of their minds. But it is hell. Eventually the Corruption grips them, and they turn on each other like rabid animals, killing each other off until they in turn are eaten by eight-legged horses, unicorns, or dragons.

    There is nothing left of the cities, nothing but the steel skeletons of the skyscrapers still shiny, and those are overgrown with giant vines thick as a bus. Anything manmade that is not metal has been demolished. The pentagon has giant trees growing through it, and so do any other human structures. Nothing has remained as it used to be, except the wolves and the few that survived. The outbreak of the Corruption has died down, but there are still some carriers. The remaining human survivors have banded together with the wolves to survive, as even the plants can be deadly. Now a group of people are trying to find the origin of the Corruption, and possibly a cure, working with the wolves in return for protection. The wolves hunt for the humans, and the humans protect the wolves from the mutated creatures. Sometimes it pays to have a bodyguard with a shotgun. The mutated animals who are not Corrupted are called nightmares, and every single one resembles a mythical creature, and every one seems to want to eat man. There are rumors of some dragons who do not crave human flesh, but very few. Now this group must find the source, the cause of the Corruption, and they must hurry before their nightmares catch up with them.

    Slepnir (Slepnir are eight-legged black horses who are very difficult to kill)
    Basilisks (A mix of a rooster and a serpent. Also called Cockatrices)
    Pheonixes (Large birds of prey that are bright red and can set themselves on fire. They are unkillable, and the only way to stop them is to cut off their head and bury it before it can regenerate a body.)
    Giant Serpents
    (You can also make up any other nightmare, but it has to resemble a mythical creature. Remember, there are no good nightmares, except for the rare good dragon.)

    THE CORRUPTION: The virus spreads very quickly. You get infected by bite wounds or scratches, or possibly getting splattered with infected blood that enters a cut. The infected mutate into flesh-eating creatures with the desire to kill. Infected humans turn into what you would think a zombie would be, but they are not dead or rotting, and have full mental capacity. It mutates animals into nightmares, man-eating creatures that resemble mythical beings. Instead of infecting wolves, it seemed to give them increased intelligence and the ability to talk. It also speeds up the growth and size of plants to insane levels. Symptoms include: Sweating, nervousness, sudden anger, bloodshot eyes, darkening of fingertips, and foaming at the mouth.

    THE CAMP: The camp is in the middle of the forest, and consists of nothing but a jeep, some tents, and it's members are humans and wolves. The camp gets attacked every day by nightmares, and you can see wolves bringing in their kills every day. Everyone has a gun to shoot the nightmares, and their only food source is their gardens and the nightmares that the wolves hunt. All food is boiled or steamed at extremely high temperatures to kill the virus, so every day the menu is soup. The camp packs up and moves to a new site every month, and they are heading for the old scientific laboratories, where they were studying the Corruption before it took over. Will they find their answers there?

    Here is my character. You don't have to make a bio, but I just did this to kind of make an example of what the situation is:
    NAME: Felix Christlow
    GENDER: Male
    WOLF OF HUMAN?: Human
    WHEN DID YOUR CHARACTER FIRST WITNESS THE CORRUPTION?:Felix was at home when he turned on the TV and saw a report on the corruption. He dismissed it, but two days later he bumped into a person who was sweating all over, and he had bloodshot eyes. When Felix asked if he was okay the person suddenly attacked him, foaming at the mouth. The police retained the man, but he bit one of them on the arm. A minute later, the police man was dead and on the floor, and the man ran off. A week later Felix walked out onto the street to find screaming citizens running away from maddened hordes of foaming people trying to kill them. After that Felix nearly was bitten by a nightmare, a Ceberus.
    HAS YOUR CHARACTER KILLED A NIGHTMARE, AND IF SO, WHAT KIND OF NIGHTMARE, AND HOW: Felix's first nightmare was a Ceberus, a three-headed pit bull, and he killed it by clubbing it to death with his laptop.
    HOW HAS YOUR CHARACTER SURVIVED UP TO THE POINT OF MEETING THE GROUP?: After killing the Ceberus, Felix fled back into his apartment to see a news report of the Corruption. He holed himself up in his house for about two weeks before the electricity cut off. He looked out of his window to see giant vines and trees quickly growing through the buildings, and millions of Corrupted people fighting and killing each other. After that his apartment began to crumble apart, and he was forced to flee outside. There he got into a car with the keys still left in the ignition, and drove the hell out of there, into the forests surrounding the city he lived in. His car ran out of gas, and that's when he met a wolf. The wolf told him about the Corruption, and Felix, too shocked by the wolf's ability to speak, agreed to follow the wolf. The wolf led him to a small camp consisting of only a few people, and that is where his story begins.
    ANYTHING ELSE?: Felix has some interesting theories on the origin of the Corruption. He believes that it came from an experiment with steroids on plants, and something went wrong. He thinks that possibly some plants were sold into the market that were grown with the steroids, and when eaten, infected the people who ate them.


    IF YOU ARE A HUMAN: You have survived the Corruption. It is a month later, and you are wandering the forest for some reason. You stumble upon a camp with tents set up everywhere, people holding guns, and even a jeep. You can see wolves walking with them, and you can even see some workers watering gardens, checking every day to see if the plants were tainted or not.
    You have seen very odd things. Creatures that you do not yet understand. People that foam like they are rabid. You are either hunting or running in the forest, and you come upon the camp. You realize that there are other wolves here, and you go over to investigate. The lead wolf welcomes you, and tells you about the Corruption. You can choose to join the group, or go off alone. If you join, you will be assigned a human partner.
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  2. A fierce scream of a nightmare ripped across the forest, and it sounded as if an entire semi had suddenly screeched to a halt on a massive chalk board with metal tires. In the middle of the monster's call was the sound of three gunshots, which was fairly quiet in comparison. The shrieking stopped, and a cockatrice fell from the sky with a heavy thud, right in the path of the man on a bike who had shot him.
    He wrenched the bike heavily to the left, braking hard. Both the bike and the baby carrier attatched to it just managed to avoid crashing into the dead monster, which would have almost certainly resulted in catching the Corruption.
    The man got off the bike, a gun pointed at the head of the cockatrice, should it turn out to not actually be dead. It appeared to be a giant dragon-like creature, with an avian head, chest, legs,and wings, but a tail that was reptilian. Seeing as it didn't move, he decided it was safe and approached the baby carrier. It was dirty, but the dull blue fabric held together well. On the inside was his supplies-Ammunition, carefully stored food, a lighter, a sleeping bag, rope, and other things. All of them seemed to be fine. He stood up, and ran a hand over his hair, slicking it back and out of his face. He got back on his mountain bike, and carefully navigated around the slain nightmare before continuing on his path.

    The big paw prints in the ground caught his attention. He thought of the wolves he'd heard of, and how they supposedly spoke English. It seemed far fetched, but the idea of wolves for companions was very intriguing. The camp he was heading to supposedly partnered humans with wolves, after all.
    He'd heard of this camp from another man he'd encountered, and it seemed worth it to check out. If he encountered an entire horde of nightmares, he'd rather have an entire camp to fight with against them.
    The terrain was deteriorating from a small path to rough forest ground, and soon even his mountain bike couldn't get through it. He stepped off, guiding it by the handles. 'This camp better be here somewhere...' He thought, stopping to rest for a moment. It was the afternoon, judging from the position of the sun, but it will become dark quickly. Being caught without shelter at night would surely mean death.
  3. Felix sighed and walked through the camp, towards the station for dinner. He stepped into line, not caring what kind of soup it was. It could be Slepnir, or Dragon, or even Gryphon for all he cared. Soup was soup. After a few weeks of eating nothing but soup it all tasted the same. The wolves dragged in a large black eight-legged horse, it's face frozen in a terrifying snarl, and blood spattered all over it's flank. Felix averted his eyes from the sight. He had seen what Slepnir could do, and along with the bite marks, a few bullet holes leaked from it's chest. A man watched the dragging carcass carefully, holding his gun tightly, as sometimes Slepnir would suddenly revive and wreak chaos. Last week they were attacked by a Gryphon, along with a Unicorn. The Gryphon killed three children and two adults before being put down by a semi-automatic and a shotgun. God bless the rednecks. Felix thought, and stepped up one place in line. Behind the soup stand there was a tent, and the flaps hung partly open, and inside Felix Christlow could glimpse part of a Unicorn, it's body splayed wide open, blood pooling on the floor. I wish that for once we could have some damn steak. He had been in the camp for only a couple of weeks, and already he was used to the constant nightmare attacks. It was getting darker, and soon the screams of more nightmares would sound. They got attacked most frequently by Slepnir and Unicorns, some Basilisks, and sometimes a Hydra. Hydra were only about three feet tall, but their many heads made them difficult to slay completely. Rarely they would get attacked by something large, like a Gryphon or a Dragon, but when they were, many died. The camp would soon pack up and move, as the Nightmares were starting to gather around the camp. The camp would wait a few weeks in each area in hopes of recruiting new humans that were not Corrupted. Corrupted humans stayed in urban areas more than the forest, and Felix hasn't seen a Corrupted human horde attack camp..yet. The same goes for Ceberus, and Tatzelwurms. The cat-and-dog nightmares stayed in the cities as well. Suddenly a gruff voice broke through Felix's thoughts. "Hey, move up!" Felix stepped up hastily in line, and held out his bowl. Soup was ladled into his bowl, consisting of vegetables, meat, and water. Felix walked away without saying thank you and sat down on a bench. Soup for breakfast, soup for lunch, soup for dinner. A man loves variety. Felix looked up from his soup as he saw a cloud of dust rumble into the camp, accompinied by a hellish roar. The jeep. Inside the jeep were some scouts, and they hopped down from the jeep and shook their heads. "No survivors today." Felix felt some disappointment, and looked up. The camp was going to move soon. The wolf that had been assigned to him looked up at him with glittering eyes, and quickly dissapeared into the forest.
  4. Atlas stretched his arms in front of him, then took the handles of his bike again and began walking on. Before long, the smell of freshly cooked meat and vegetables caught his attention. He pursed his lips, adjusting his grip on his pistol so it was more readily-useable.
    Soon, tents were visible through the trees. Hesitantly, he moved forward, becoming increasingly tense. He froze for a moment, hearing something shoot off through the bushes not too far away. He glimpsed what appeared to be a dog, only bigger and it didn't seem Corrupted. Wolf? He thought, hesitating before he continued walking on. There was a line of people leading into one tent, and a big hummer. Odd, Atlas didn't know there was any cars left. Apparently, there was. It was quite impressive.
    "Hello?" He called, aware that before long he'd been caught. He dropped his weapon into the basket of his bike to show he wasn't here to cause trouble. He pushed back a couple stray strands of his long hair behind his ears. "Accepting new campers?"
  5. Felix glanced upward from the soup he was studying to see two guards rushing towards a man at the edge of the clearing. He was next to a bike, and in it was a gun. The guards stopped next to the man, one aiming the gun at his forehead, and the other holding it almost casually at his side. Obviously this guard was at ease with any kind of weapon. "We must have just missed ya. Tell me your name, friend." He said, then tightened his grip on the gun. "If ya can't say it, I might have to blow your brains out." He said this with a perfectly relaxed face, and if he didn't hear the words, Felix would have thought that the guard was starting a pleasant and easy conversation. Felix stood up and surveyed the situation, but did not step further. If this man wasn't Corrupted, he would be escorted to one of the tents and he would be told the rules and regulations of the camp, and he would be handed a better gun. Something about the bike caught his eye. A baby carriage?
  6. [Atlas Avidità] He had his hands casually in his pockets, tilting his head slightly to the left as he smiled, looking friendly. "Atlas Avidità. How do you do." He considered offering to shake hands, but both guards look like they had their hands.. Full.
    "Should I walk a straight line, too? Or is my name alone acceptable proof of my health, buddy?" Atlas offered, chucking quietly at his joke. The whole situation reminded him of watching cops run DUI tests on movie protagonists. The guns pointed at him were a little unsettling, but he didn't reflect any discomfort in his expression, mirroring the camp guard's body language and casual tone.
    The most normal conversation I've had since the Corruption first started, Atlas thought, thinking of earlier in the week when he had to shoot the last person he'd talked to after he was cut by a unicorn's horn, and quickly began to turn Corrupted himself. That was also the person who'd first tipped Atlas off about the camp.
  7. Felix suppressed a few chuckles of his own. He liked this guy. After all, some humor was needed in the camp, or someone was bound to snap under the pressure. The camp was strict, and Felix hadn't seen much humor since he came here. The guard casually slung the gun over his shoulder and offered a hand to the man called Atlas. "Sorry, bud. We had ta make sure ya weren't corrupted." He said apologetically with a smile. Felix felt something brush against his legs and he looked down to see his assigned wolf, back from whatever he was doing. The wolf sat down next to him and surveyed the scene. The other guard that had been pointing the gun at Atlas's head lowered the weapon and walked away. "Cheerful guy, that one is." Felix muttered. He too remembered seeing that gun pointed at his head. He still felt a bit of anger from that. Felix couldn't imagine that man laughing, not ever. The other guard, the one who was asking the questions stepped aside. "Welcome to camp, Atlas Avidità. Make yourself comfortable. You will get assigned a wolf tomorrow, and possibly ya could show us what ya can do with that gun of yours. We need some skilled gunmen for the move." The guard winked and then walked away. Felix saw a group of people moving towards the soup line and decided to stand up and walk quickly to the stand. There he got some soup, and walked towards Atlas's direction.

    He walked up and offered the bowl to the man. "That was a nice joke there. I appreciate some humor. The guard's the lightest person here, and I was about to go crazy from the seriousness of it all. I mean, if we now live in a world where blowing a screaming Unicorn's brains out is something that you have to get used to everyday, we need some humor or we might as well do ourselves in." Felix was being bold, usually he doesn't just walk up to people, but today he was just so tired of the same thing every day that he needed a change of pace.
  8. [Atlas Avidità] "Oh, no worries! I understand." He said, shaking the man's hand, then taking his bike and adjusting it so it was leaning against a tree. He picked up the pistol from the basket and stuck it into his pocket, just in case a nightmare decided to try and find a meal at the camp. Considering how many humans had gathered here, the nightmares would undoubtedly begin to swarm.
    He looked up, smiling and taking the bowl. It had been a long time since he'd last eaten. "Couldn't we all use a break? And to think, unicorns used to be regarded as peaceful!" Atlas said, about to take a bite of the soup when he noticed the wolf at the man's side.
    "So there really are wolves here!" He exclaimed, kneeling down to get a better look at the canine. "And do they really posses the ability to speak English?"
  9. Felix smiled back and nodded. "Yes, they do. I nearly fell over when I heard one talk. I though I was corrupted, and that hallucinating was one of the symptoms. They talk, but only if they need to." The wolf looked at Atlas and parted his jaws in that canine grin that dogs have. The wolf turned and padded away, stopping only to say "That's true." over his shoulder before joining the rest of the wolves in the pack. Felix thought that perhaps the wolf didn't like being under the microscope. Felix then sighed. "Even if we do have humor, there's always going to be nightmares around. I hope we'll find the source of this Corruption, and find the cure, fast. Too many people are mutating, and already almost every animal species has gone extinct. Only the insects and wolves remain normal." Then Felix paused and looked at Atlas. "What do you think caused the Corruption, anyway.?"
  10. [Atlas Avidità] He watched the wolf walk way, standing up straight and brushing off his shirt. The idea of communication with wolves verbally astounded him. It also made him wonder: Why wolves? Is there something unique about their genetics that makes the Corruption affect them differently?
    "They don't even have an accent, or problems with pronunciation!" Atlas said, tilting his head to the right and sliding his hands back into his pockets. "It's going to be hard to find the cure, especially if there isn't any prominent scientists left. I'm no science whiz, that's for sure. I've been thinking about the wolves, and maybe the Corruption started when something went wrong regarding tests on canines? That's the best guess I've got." Atlas said, gently biting his lower lip out of habit. Before the Corruption, he had been a smoker, and hasn't been adjusting very well. He didn't even have chewing gum to use as a substitute, there wasn't any packs left that were clean.
    "What about you? Have any theories on how this all started?"
  11. Felix tilted his head to the side, thinking. "I was watching the news a couple of days before the Corruption-god, I miss TV- and I saw something on some tests on using a genetically modified type of steroid that was going to be used on plants to see if they would grow faster and bigger. I think that possibly they had grown some plants with it, but possibly the steroid got mutated somehow, and that started the corruption. But what you said about the wolves was interesting, too." Felix looked back at Atlas. "What if the genetics they were using were from wolves? It doesn't make sense, why the wolves are immune. Or, perhaps, they tested the steroids on wolves first, and they adapted to it somehow, and, thinking it was safe, started growing plants with it....I'm not sure, but that's why the camp is moving. To find the laboratories where they were studying the Corruption." Felix shook his head, even more perplexed and confused. Why weren't the wolves affected? Did they have the answer to the cure?
  12. [Atlas Avidità]"So, when will the camp be moving?" He asked, glancing around the camp and eating some of his soup. It tasted good, but a little overcooked. It wasn't a kind of meat he'd ever eaten before, similar to chicken but with a lot more kick to it, to the point where it was a little hot.
    A sharp barking suddenly caught his attention, and he turned around just in time to avoid getting speared through the stomach by the curved, pointed horn of a unicorn. His soup dropped to the ground, and is hand flew to his gun. Half a dozen wolves beat him to the punch, though, lunging at the unicorn. It was only a moment before three more appeared, from varying places in the camp. Humans and wolves were shouting, and gunfire filled the air.
    Atlas aimed his pistol, but couldn't get a clear shot through the masses of people and wolves who had appeared from tents to defend the camp. He backed up to the center of the clearing, away from the forested edges to avoid another near-disaster. The first unicorn was laying dead on the ground, brought down by either the wolves or a sniper from a distance, he couldn't be sure yet.
  13. Felix was about to reply when a unicorn burst into the camp, narrowly missing Atlas. He jumped up and reached for his shotgun when suddenly the wolves snarled and jumped onto the unicorn. The unicorn reared, it's blood red eyes flashing whites. Other people rushed into the fray, and gunshots sounded through the camp. Felix saw Atlas backing up, and judging by the amount of crazed wolves and firing people, he thought it was a good idea. The unicorn was dead on the ground, and the wolves were panting and covered in blood, which was obviously not theirs. One wolf lay on the ground, unmoving, it's skull cracked by a hoof brought down cruelly on its head. A man ran to the wolf and kneeled next to him, checking the wolf's pulse. Then he shook his head sadly. But it wasn't over then.

    Suddenly a noise as loud as an explosion burst into the camp, ringing through the air. It sounded like a shriek of a bird of prey mixed with a lion's roar, all amplified through a megaphone. Suddenly a hunting rifle was thrust towards Felix, and Atlas was given a powerful gun of his own. The wolves backed up, bristling, and through the dark haze flew in a Gryphon. The Gryphon screamed at the armed men, its cracked beak wide open and bloodstained. Muscles rippled under its lion pelt, and the eagle feathers stood on end. The Gryphon slashed at the men with hooked birdlike claws, and one man fell to the ground with both hands on his eye. Felix didn't know what to do, exept try to fire blindly at the Gryphon. He moved to a position so that if he missed, he wouldn't hit anybody, and shot at the Gryphon. A noise burst out of the gun and Felix was nearly thrown back by the recoil. "Shit! God Dammit!" He put a hand to his nose and it came away bloody. The Gryphon screamed again, and Felix looked up to see that the bullet had only hit the hind leg of the Gryphon. Other guns were being fired, and bullets hit the chest, legs, wings, and abdomen of the nightmare, but still it seemed unaffected. Blood ran down the creature's fur and feathers in streams, but it didn't seem to notice. It charged the men, snapping, biting, and slashing. The wolves attacked the Gryphon, growling and biting, but it shook them off as if they were water. The ringing shot of a sniper gun sounded, and the a powerful bullet hit the Gryphon's neck with such force that the steaming hot blood splattered on Felix. Felix prayed that none had gotten into any cuts, or his eyes or mouth. The Gryphon tore at a wolf and Felix had to look away as he heard the sickening crunch of a beak breaking a skull. There were several other sounds admist the gunfire and growling wolves. Men in pain, the whimper of injured wolves, wet ripping and tearing sounds that Felix didn't dare guess the source of. He felt frozen, stupid, and slow as the chaos continued.

    Felix decided that he had to help, somehow. So he grabbed the gun again, ignoring his sore shoulder and his bleeding nose, and aimed for the chest. The head was moving too fast for him to bother to aim at, seeing that he had only fired a real gun a couple times in his life. Felix aimed down the sights at the Gryphon's chest, and fired. This time he was more prepared for the recoil, but it still took him by surprise. The bullet tore a hole in the Gryphon's shoulder, and it's leg collapsed, but still it was intent on murder. A gun fired next to Felix, possibly coming from Atlas. Suddenly the beak of the Gryphon shattered, and a bullet exited through the back of it's head. The Gryphon stood still then, and fell onto the ground, its eyes misting over, claws still clutching the remains of a corpse too mangled to recognize. Felix turned away from the corpse and lost what was left of his dinner. Then he passed out.
  14. [Atlas Avidità] He spun around, unsure where to focus his attention. So far, all the nightmares had come in on the edges of camp, and he had a clear shot at nothing.
    A rifle was thrust into his hands, and although he always much more comfortable with small guns, they lacked the power he knew he needed. A vicious shriek tore the air, and he spun around, simply dropping his pistol on the ground. He cocked the rifle he was given and held it against his shoulder, pointing it at a big mass hovering in the sky. It was a gryphon, the feathers and fur both standing on end and catching the sunlight. It's fur was matted and bloody, it's feathers disorderly and crumpled. Atlas barely had time to aim, the creature was dodging around the sky, as if it knew about guns and how to avoid being shot. He aimed, fired, and immediately felt the sharp kick in his shoulder and mentally cussed. The gun had a lot more power than he originally thought, and the bullet didn't even seem to break the skin, merely glancing off the great creature's wing!
    More prepared now, Atlas fell into a rhythm of cocking the gun, aiming, and firing, kneeling down on one knee for better balance and leverage against the kick-back. He stopped paying attention to where his bullets landed, as it didn't matter unless one of them managed to kill it. The gryphon swooped, and he had to roll out of the way, narrowly avoiding death. The wolves took this chance to attack it, but the results were quite disastrous. A mass of fur and feathers brawled viciously on the ground, and the dead, dis forms d key of a wolf fell to the ground. It's head had been crushed so badly, it was beyond recognition. Atlas swallowed sharply, hoping he could hold down his soup.
    Atlas resumed firing once again, careful not to hit any of the wolves. Eventually, the gryphon fell, his beak shattered into a hundred small pieces. It collapsed into the ground, and Atlas felt a huge sense of relief. He couldn't be sure if he killed it or not, but he didn't care.
    The commotion had brought about a fresh wave of nightmares, though. A slepnir and a giant serpent rushed the camp, the slepnir simply jumping over the line of defense the camp had begun to assemble. It had eight legs, and a fierce, rough roar that sounded nothing like a horse's neigh. Atlas immediately ducked for cover behind a tent, stopping to catch his breath before he turned and stuck his torso out from behind his shelter, firing at the creature. Whatever wolves still remained split into two, half of the, going for the giant serpent and the other half the slepnir. One wolf was killed almost instantly, and two more appeared to be injured.
  15. Felix awoke hoping to see himself laying in a bunk somewhere, safe. Instead he awoke to hell. A giant serpent was hissing and snapping at the wolves, and a slepnir appeared out of nowhere. This is what we get for getting in such a big group. Felix groaned and rolled over, then climbed to his feet. The slepnir had already trampled several men and wolves, and blood ran from it's mouth from the ones it bit. The snake whipped through the camp at an insane speed, knocking over tents and wolves with it's massive body. The rifle lay on the ground, and he picked it up. He felt a rush of fear and adrenaline, and everything moved in a crazed haze. He turned to see Atlas firing at the slepnir, and it wasn't stopping. Felix ran towards him stupidly. It was suicide, but Felix saw no hope now. Surely all of this would attract a dragon. Then Felix cocked the gun, not even sure if it still had ammo, aimed for the head, and fired. The slepnir jerked its head to the side as if it had been punched, and when it turned towards Felix, he could see a hole where his eye was. And it was still alive. This was why they were called nightmares. The eight-legged horse roared and started to head straight for Felix. He shot wildly, but the bullets barely seemed to affect it. It charged Felix, and he jumped out of the way to see the beast rush past him. Felix tried to shoot again, but his gun seemed to have jammed, or it had ran out of bullets. The slepnir curled its lips back to show the bloodstained large square teeth, and it reared to kick Felix with four of it's hooves. A wolf jumped onto the slepnir's back and dragged it backwards, saving his life. The slepnir fell to the ground and was immediatley scrambling to get up, when Felix grabbed another gun from the ground, praying it had bullets, and shot at the beast's chest. But a leg got in the way, and the bullet tore the muscles so that the slepnir couldn't use the leg. But it had seven more to use. Suddenly the sounds of the jeep starting up sounded, and the hummer shot through the croud and rammed the slepnir with such force that it was thrown aside. The jeep screeched to a halt and in the back a man holding a semi-automatic started firing. The constant barrage of bullets hit the slepnir and soon it was covered in bullet wounds. The slepnir stood there, still for a moment, panting in ragged, angry breaths, and then suddenly roared and charged the man in the jeep. The slepnir hit the man full force, and the man was bitten, trampled, and probably killed. Then the slepnir turned and started to run towards Atlas again, the one it had targeted first, ignoring the wolves that were attacking it's legs. It was using only five legs now, the other ones damaged by guns and wolves.
  16. [Atlas Avidità] He relentlessly shot at the Slepnir, but rarely got a good shot at it's vital organs or head. It must have noticed, as it turned towards him and charged in a rage fueled by bloodlust and fury.
    He gritted his teeth, and took care to aim. The first shot missed. Atlas cocked the gun and aimed again, both eyes open. He fired, this time hitting the Slepnir between the eyes. The horse stumbled, then shook its head. Blood flew from it, but instead of collapsing, it reared, and lunged. Atlas didn't have time to shoot, and swung the rifle like a baseball bat with every ounce of strength he had. It struck the Slepnir hard, jerking it's head to the side. It moved like a train, it's elongated body flying sideways. Atlas was thrown to the ground, pain exploding seemingly everywhere. The Sleipnir fell, and before it could get up again the wolves had moved in.
    Elsewhere, the serpent raged, taking down tent after tent. Finally, someone had gotten a lucky shot with a very high-power gun, and the snake fell. It looked about to get up, when a nearby injured wolf lunged for just under the serpent's chin, wrenching it's head to the side, taking it out for good.
    Atlas was on the ground, unmoving save for the rise and fall of his breath. He had gotten lucky, as the Slepnir had missed his head and torso almost entirely. His left shin was clearly broken in the center. His right shoulder was bleeding heavily, also potentially broken, and his right wrist was at an angle that wrists were never meant to bend.
    Atlas groaned, and tried to sit up, but found that the pain was too great when he tried to prop himself up on his arms, collapsing again. He instinctively pressed his left hand to his shoulder, which only hurt worse.
  17. Felix dropped the gun, panting. The slepnir was dead, unmoving on the ground, and the snake was too. Felix knew he was lucky. In fact, very lucky. He should've at least broken a few bones, but instead the only damage he had taken was a bloody nose, a sore shoulder, a couple of cuts and his knee was bleeding, but you could get the same injuries in a bicycle accident. Felix looked over to Atlas, which was pretty much the only person he had really ever talked to at the camp, and instantly froze. Atlas's knee seemed to be wrong, somehow, and Felix knew he had broken his shin. Atlas's shirt was soaked through and torn clean from his bleeding shoulder,, and he was clutching it with his other hand. His right hand was bent backwards in an angle that made Felix wince, and as he looked around, he could see that many other people had injuries as well, and many broken bones. The few who were in good enough condition to walk and move supplies were few, and they were ordered to help out the medics, a few of which were still standing. Some people were on the ground unmoving, and Felix didn't know if they were dead or not. He wiped the sweat from out of his eyes, and a medic came up and told him to start helping the wounded. He showed Felix how to wrap a wound properly, but Felix was in a haze and only halfway was listening. Then Felix went over to Atlas, who hadn't received any help yet. The nightmares had ruined everything. The tents could be sown up, and the guns were still working, but a lot of ammo had been wasted. Obviously the camp would need to teach the less experienced ones how to use a gun. But right now they had more important matters to attend to. Felix unwrapped the roll of bandages that the medic had gave him, (the medic seemed to need to have some medical care himself,) and started to wrap Atlas's shoulder. "This is the best I can do. You'll have to wait for a medic to straighten that wrist out." Felix said, and sat down next to Atlas. "I still can't believe it happened so fast." Then Felix looked around. There was no one around to help. "I'll have to straighten that out. Unfortunately, we do not have anything for the pain, so this will hurt. A lot." Felix grimaced. He had broken a leg before, and the pain had made him feel sick and faint. He didn't know how it would feel to have a wrist straightened out. He looked at Atlas with apprehension.
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  18. [Atlas Avidità] It was a while before anything happened. Had he been thinking straight, things like blood loss or infection would come across his mind. All he could think of at the moment were curse words. His jaw was clenched so tightly the muscles were becoming sore.
    There were shouts and voices, but they sounded distant and detached, as if they were at the other end of a long tunnel. Atlas had his eyes closed, and didn't notice when Felix came up to him and started to take care of his shoulder. He flinched at first, but when he opened his eyes and recognized the familiar face he took his left hand away, which was streaked with crimson, and propped himself up a little on his uninjured arm.
    At first, he didn't understand what Felix was saying, but eventually the words worked themselves out. "What's wrong with my wrist?" Atlas asked, his voice slightly edgy and demanding. Everything past his shoulder was fairly numb and hard to move. He slowly looked over, then flinched and looked away quickly. He didn't usually get squeamish around injuries, but seeing his own hand bent like that was hard to take in. "Goddamn.."
  19. "It's definitely broken. The bones that keep your wrist from bending backwards have either shifted out of place, or have snapped." Felix said, taking little comfort int the fact that he could be of some help. He had studied anatomy in school, because he wanted to be a surgeon, and all those nights of studying under pressure had finally kicked in. Felix knew he had to do this, but he didn't want to. He really didn't want to. Atlas's shoulder was badly bruised and deeply cut, and there were probably some fractures. Felix didn't know what to do with Atlas's shin, and he knew that Atlas might have to walk with a limp for the rest of his life. "I'm afraid the best I can do is straighten it out. You'll have to see a real medic for the rest." Felix said, and he took another look at the wrist. It made him feel sick, but he had to do it. Felix took Atlas's arm, gently as to not cause too much pain with the shoulder, and grabbed the hand just below the wrist. Felix looked around, but there was nothing for Atlas to bite on that wasn't splattered with blood. He took a deep breath. "Okay, I'm going to straighten this out. Five...Four....Three.." Felix angled Atlas's wrist so that he could get better leverage."Two...One!" Felix tugged on the hand to pull the bones upward, and while still pulling up, twisted the hand forward so that it would set back into the original state. Felix felt the bones grate against each other, and he prayed he was doing it right. One single bone out of place would put the entire hand out of order. Felix couldn't imagine how painful it was, and in fact, he wouldn't be surprised if Atlas passed out.
  20. [Atlas Avidità] He nodded,and looked away from the injury. He had always had a higher tolerance for pain, so he wasn't too terribly concerned. How much could it hurt, right? Especially with his shoulder, which made his arm feel numb. At least, that was his own reasoning.
    He tried to relax, but it was a little hard, and he jumped slightly when Felix re-adjusted his grip in between three and two. When Felix adjusted the bone, it hurt way worse than being stepped on by the eight-legged nightmare. Atlas instinctively jerked, which only hurt his other injuries even more. The pain overwhelmed him, and he blacked out. [ooc: Short post, sorry. :c]