The cornered fox. (Open to all)

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    The moon dangled hypnotically within the nights swarthy sky. Illuminating the garden path as within it's windy stretch of dirt road a solitary entity did tread. His boots blemished with the influence of dirt being kicked up from his authoritative stride. His rugged face providing warmth against the embrace of winters nips. Frost decorated the dead trees and their barren branches. As but a single leaf rustled in the wind. Picturesquely the brown leaf would fall from on high and twirl it's way to moisten earth. Embellishing the scene with it's dried exterior. The sound of leaves being crushed under his feet would perturb the silence. It's clamor a welcomed change from those who have corroborated the silence wrought by lady winters gaze.

    This man, this entity was known as Kirk. And though his flesh seemed to be corporeal. He was anything but a man. For fathomless within his fleshly carapace reverberated the powerful chord of an ancient entity. A sonorous orchestra of power and tales of old lurked within his body. As if stagnating in a state of torpor; only to be awaken at the moment of his choosing. A moment which just recently transpired.

    A wryly grin enriched his face, as his cerulean eyes infiltrated the mightiness of darkness. There he would know placidity, under the condolence of a blighted oak tree. Peering down from the rolling hill he beheld a small settlement. It's lights scintillatingly serving as an aesthetical reminder of hope. That despite winter and the death it ushers toward the natural world. That beauty, hope and human will would linger. No doubt this settlement though appearing to be tranquil on the outside. Was the one suffering from inner turmoil. An unnatural disturbance germinated out and concieved by the greed of a few; yet dauntingly it's sovereignty barreled down on many.

    For within it's thatched walls Kirk could sense a corrosive yet potently baneful entity whose hunger for human souls knew no fringes. The sheer subtle power it emitted would elude most. However the Kitsune's acute senses and third eye brought it's true power into the light. And to say that it was potent would be quite the understatement. It's insidious intent proved to be nearly suffocating.

    A frigid wind would gust throughout the realm. As Kirk stepped backwards, melting away into the shadows themselves. With uncanny speed the kitsune would gracefully traverse the land, making his way within the towns walls. Upon entering the scene only one thing would greet him...silence. The entire town seemed frozen. The locals were immobile as if time stopped. A bone chilling scene which would haunt his dreams for sometime.

    "Frozen....empty vessels baited within a single moment. It seems the soul gobbler has had his fill. I do not have much time...I have to find it before the damage proves irreversible." Kirk ended, his fingers galloping through his blonde hair as he let out a delicate sigh. Feeling the oppressive adversity accredited to him.
  2. A soft lullaby drifted through the quiet forest, the sound carrying easily among the trees and lulling many small creatures into an easy slumber. The voice was accompanied by a gentle rumble, almost like a gruff purring, though it definitely wasn't coming from a kitten. In a small clearing lit only by the stars and moon above, a medium-sized purple dragon curled up in the soft grasses. Jagged pinkish purple ridges marked a line down its back from the tip of its tail to the back of its head. Atop the head were several more of varying sizes, including two that were tall enough to class as horns. The shining, half-lidded eyes were a dusky rose color as well, peering out at the girl whose voice was responsible for the gentle lullaby. It had its head resting in her lap as she stroked one horn with slender fingers, her other hand resting atop its head. Her lips were curved into a smile as she finished the song, watching the dragon slipping closer and closer to a peaceful sleep.

    The girl carefully nudged the dragon's head down to the grass before standing and brushing the grass pieces from her lower legs that had accumulated from keeping such a position for so long. The kimono that she wore was the palest shade of lilac, held off of her shoulders by swirling golden armbands in the shape of her family symbol - a brilliant sun. The hem of the garment was a soft pink with swirling embroidery, and the obi was of the same material. A woven golden cord with small tassels secured the pieces in place of a belt, settling around her natural waist in a graceful bow. The tips of her sleeves drifted to her knees and the bottom of the kimono was to her ankles, revealing the dark purple slippers she had chosen to wear today. Traditional dress for a festival day, which today had been.

    She walked over to the belly of the dragon and laid a hand against the egg that rested there, feeling the warm thrumming of the life inside. Years ago when she had been chosen as the Dragon's Companion, she hadn't even realized that the dragon was female or would soon be with child. Now, she could hardly wait to see what the baby would look like. She smiled and absently brushed a stray lock of platinum blonde hair from her bright green eyes, straightening up once more. If she didn't return home soon, her family would worry. So, with that, she turned away from the clearing and made her way back through the trees and to the town that she had called home since her birthing.

    When she emerged and walked up the street, her eyes grew wide with horrified surprise. People were standing in awkward positions, as though playing the game of a child. None moved, or breathed, or even glanced at her. They were all simply standing as though frozen solid right in the midst of what they had been doing. Panic flooded her mind and she raced down the street to her home, only to find the same thing. Her entire family was unresponsive, even the cat. More than anything she wanted to sit and cry, but she knew that now wasn't the time to be weak. She had a duty, and she wouldn't fail that now. Rummaging in her closet for but a moment, she withdrew a soft blanket and raced back out of the house. Her rapid steps brought her back to the dragon's side, but it proved to be too late.

    The dragon was dead - or whatever it was that had happened to the others. Tears filled her eyes but didn't fall as she gazed upon the creature she had counted as a friend for so long. She moved closer slowly and ran her hand along the frozen flank of the still dragon, but then her eyes caught on something. Almost completely hidden beneath a wing was the egg. She didn't want to know, but she had to check. Crouching down carefully, she pulled the egg out and laid both hands on it. After a few moments, she felt the tentative warmth and thrumming that signified the life inside. She gasped and wrapped the blanket that she had brought around the egg, then stood with it carefully cradled in her arms. It was no easy task since the egg was as large as a basketball and weighed more than a toddler. Once she had it in a position that she knew she wouldn't drop it, she started to run.

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  3. A once bustling town clasped by a woven spell; borne not from mortal tongue. Rather a derelict language reborn by the awakening of an ancient entity. The locals frozen in time; watching helplessly as their very soul was drained from their fleshly shell. The thought of watching one's own demise; yet being powerless to prevent it served as a bone chilling tale. The Kitsune couldn't even envision their taciturn cries for help as they gazed upon his entry into their once tranquil abode. Straw littered the brick road; adoring it's weathered crimson tone creating a lush array of colors on the normally obtuse scenery.

    Vigilantly kirk would make his way down the harrowing streets. His foot steps echoing in the silence as the caterwauling whisper of wind curving through the alleys; was the only noise to greet him. Casually the kitsune would close his eyes, abruptly standing in place as his third eye observed the threads of their life force convening to a single location, an epicenter. No doubt the lair of the calamitousness soul. Contently feasting as it nested; awaiting the metamorphosis which was undoubtedly to follow. With eye lids shut the Kitsune of frigid pale moon would waltz through the streets. The once speechless cries of the lost echoing within his mind.

    Their song wreathed with agony and regret, pain and suffering. Only intensifying the exotic flavor their suffering wrought. The very thought was enough to turn Kirk's stomach. Such a baneful entity should know no clemency; as the cancer was removed from their soul and body. With disgust now plaguing his face, the Kitsune would open his eyes. Those deep cerulean orbs following the metaphysical trail of thread which lied before him. Traversing the empty town as he found himself standing in front of the mouth of the cemetery. The cliche begetting a genuine smirk; a soft chuckle parting from his lips as his eyes galloped from one tomb to the next.

    But before he could enter the liar the actions of another frantically fleeing would stir the beast which slumber. Undoubtedly Kirk would have to act quickly; less the entity awaken prematurely. With haste and uncanny speed the rugged man with blonde hair would rush. Gracefully leaping and climbing over ever obstacle in his path. No doubt if this woman possessed a third eye she would sense his coming. For Kirk saw no reason to disguise his aged aura.

    Within moments he'd simply materialize in front of the woman carrying the egg of a wyrm. with heavy breath his bare chest would swell as he inhaled; instantly fading as his breath parted from his masculine arches. Deep devil blue sea eyes now attempting to lock with her own. If she only dared peer into those expressive mirrors; she would feel a sense of serenity parting into her. " would be wise if we refrained from running. There is a soul gobbler nearby who has stuck the locals in a state of stasis." His gaze galloping from her soft; feminine bone structure which encompassed her face. Resting on the Egg of wyrm which she clearly felt some attachment to.

    A subtle yet warm smile now graced her, as his arches conveyed the sense of respect such a selfless act conceived. "I see you wish to protect that egg with your life. If you remain calm and trust me for a moment; I promise you this old fox will get you and that egg to safety. " His sultry voice lingered with a rather blunt sense of honesty. Almost as if the "Kitsune of frigid Pale moon" possessed a warm yet gentle soul.
  4. Something tickled the back of her mind as she raced along through the trees, instinctively picking the trail that she had walked so many times. It would lead her to the next village eventually, but it was quite a long walk and she knew it was going to be difficult in the dark carrying such an awkward burden. Still, she focused on her task. This egg was going to make it - she was more than determined to make sure that happened. It was an innocent baby and had no more reason to die than any human baby. Whatever had happened to her own village she would just have to deal with later. The niggling in the back of her mind got worse and worse, as though there was something she should be aware of. A sense of being approached flooded her and she stopped running barely two seconds before a man appeared right in front of her. It took only a rapid glance to discover the description of 'man' wasn't quite accurate, but she hadn't ever encountered something similar, so she settled on it for now.

    As soon as her own emerald eyes found his, she felt as though her fears were simply dissolving. She was still aware of the situation and knew that death was a high possibility, of course, but it didn't budge the calm that flooded her mind. Disoriented, her mental defenses slammed into place and she blinked, rejecting the calm with an automatic instinct that left her in an awkward middle ground between serene and panicked out of her mind. All in all, she felt moody.

    His words made sense, although they were at the same time confusing. She had no idea what a soul gobbler was - though the name made it more than obvious enough for her to figure it out instantly. Wondering if a state of stasis meant they could be revived back to their previous state, her mind wandered faintly for a few moments. Until his gaze landed on the egg in her arms, anyway. She fell back a step defensively, uncertain of his intentions until he spoke again and swore to get both her and the egg to safety. If she chose to trust him and he was telling the truth, she'd escape with her life and have done her duty to protect the defenseless life in her hands. However, if he was lying or she chose not to trust him, things could end much worse than they were right now. It was a harder decision than she expected, but she knew there was no time to think about it.

    "I'll listen to you, but you aren't getting my trust until you earn it," she finally said, her voice soft and faintly accented as she looked up at him and waited to see how he would respond to her.
  5. Willow would perch up on her hind legs, and her arm would lift into the air for her piano formatted fingers to grasp the fresh fruit from the tree. In taking it around her viciously runed wrist, and placed it into the basket under a woven blanket embroided by her Grandmother. In turning her head back, she observed the other ladies in the field and then looked forward mischievously biting her lip. She began dawdling, taking lengthy strides whilst daintily forwarding her tip toes to land without a murmur of sound. Her body moved so gracefully through the environment, and any spectators who could see her would be entranced in the show. It was known that Willow was always getting up to mischief after all, she was the chiefs daughter, and nobody questioned the chief. Her wings fluttered behind her frail body, and her body glided through the field carrying her lightweight legs behind her.

    "Willow! I order you to return back here with that basket, immediately!" the cry came from her mother, who ONLY questioned the chief. Willow spun around quickly, with her lengthy hazel hair stroking over her arms, and resting its curls on her shoulders. She dropped from the ground, and walked mundanely back to the dragon fruit tree. All she wanted to do was play, and have fun in the meadows of her village. To fly, to be free from the chains which so captivated her in her native land. Willow stopped in her tracks suddenly, and her head spun to the sound of the cracked leaf under a footstep. "Male, around 6ft.." her head spun around, and she lifted up again to the likes of her fairy wings and plummeted towards her family which she yelled and raised her arms up at. The faeries began hovering and then swindled up into the tree's above them, hiding in the holes of the Oak tree which shaded the man's presence. Whilst everybody ran away, Willow stayed put, and smiled turning around and gliding after the noise she heard.

    Her body maneuvered in between the leaves and frosty patches of the forest, her light still a bright spec which she hoped he hadn't noticed. Willows body continued to follow him, and see what he saw. She stared in horror at the Kitsune, or what he referred to as "soul gobbler." Her body taking cover, quite a distance away, before noticing the girl appearing by him with the dragon egg. Willow stayed put behind a small picket fence covering the flowerbeds of one of the recently-passed villagers..

    Willow (open)
  6. Like wings of a noiseless butterfly; the winged girl thought herself as sly and clever. Though the near mute beating of her wings still tickled Kirk's six sense. However for the moment he would permit her to bask in the security that is derived from her cautious nature. Allowing her to remove such childish obscurity at a moment of her choosing; less he cause needless offense. The soul gobbler was waking; Kirk could sense it's heart beating. The souls of his victims coursing through his veins like blood does a mammal. It would not be long before his arrival; and yet Kirk was unprepared. He had no way of studying his opponents power. Nor has he ever faced an adolescent soul gobbler.

    Still despite his doubts or thoughts; the Kitsune of frigid Pale moon still kept his bearing. Not allowing even a single twitch to transpire and unravel his inner disposition for all to witness. However this one; this bearer of the Wyrm's offspring did not possess such discipline. Her facial features; though soft to behold. Were plagued with the constant fluctuation of moods brewing within her. No doubt an unintended bi-product of Kirk's own spirit. Reverberating with the strings which encompass her very cells and soul. And so no ill judgement would be wrought upon her. For such was the way of a child, or lesser man. And Kirk was not a man of such caliber.

    Doubt stained her words, like poison influences the blood stream of it's victim. He could feel her reluctantly trusting him as she dug her venomous fangs into his flesh. (Metaphorically) Her concluding statement regarding trust would echo in the back of his mind. Why o' why? Such a heavy burden had to be laid on his shoulders? The arches of his pink lips would widen into a smile. His pearly white teeth now bared as a chuckle parted from his lips. "You are wise; wiser then most." Kirk spoke softly, his sultry voice as hypnotizing as ever. "Let us name is Kirk." A simple greeting would be established, the Kitsune not really caring if she saw fit to share her own name. For he had done his part.

    With a simple pivot of his feet; those deep blue devil sea orbs of his would peer toward the fence where the winged girl seemed to be nesting. Other then a potent, barreling gaze no words or other signs would be conveyed to declare his knowledge of her presence. Truthfully this was a warning...if Kirk could sense her hiding place. So could the predator which he hunted. However it was not done out of spite nor aggression. This much was clear based on his body language, and even aura if one cared to take note that is. With a wide stride the bare chested almost collective apparition would make his way through the narrow yet daunting streets.

    The eyes of the victims following their every movement; as if they were pleading for their purgatory to end. However death was not the end Kirk longed to grant them. No; these humans should live a long human life. And die a mortal death. Not by this unnatural abomination which crept from the void. "Te'lela sai di eir vin tuesh." Words now uttered from a language buried by the sands of forgotten time. A prayer of sorts; encouraging those frail souls to hold on but a moment longer. After a brisk yet disturbing course of travel, the lot would find themselves standing in front of the mouth of a weather worn tomb. A thin haze engulfing the region; obscuring their line of sight as well as thickening the very air around them.

    It was frigidly cold; time itself seemed to be altered by this alien mist. A harrowing sign that it's metamorphosis was almost complete. Removing all doubt regarding whether or not his worst fear were true. "You do not need to follow me here...If you see fit to run. Hide. However trying to flee this place would be unwise. In time if you still doubt my words; their validity will be trailed through the fire of our adversity. But if you care to follow me into the lions den. Then I must only ask that you tread carefully. For we tread on these folks dreams." Kirk concluded. Eyes peering through the mist; as if trying to pinpoint the monstrosities exact location.