The Contract

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  1. Lunaria (Luna) d'Arc
    Luna had just finished her shift over in the local library where she usually worked. It was a good peaceful work where she could most of the day be alone. It was her and the books and occasional students or elder people coming in borrowing and returning books, though she did not mind the human interaction as it was always good having some human interaction too. She sighed as she closed her book, leaving the bookmark a little bit halfway through the book and then placed it underneath her desk for her to read more tomorrow, before he walked out of the library and looked the door behind her.

    "Oh look she's out!" It was one of those creeps from the nearby high schools, they were always waiting for her to finish her shift so they could come and pick on her. She was older, but no one believed that judging out from her appearance.
    "O~ She's even cuter in person!" Another one said as Luna tried her best to simply turn away and ignore them, hugging into her black leather shoulder bag, but it never worked and it hadn't changed today either. Luna tried to make her way through them, but one of the males grabbed her arm making her drop her bag on the ground.

    "L- Let go!" Luna stuttered out trying to pull her arm back, but to no prevail as absolutely nothing happened, except the boys laughing a little bit at her effort.
    "What's wrong cutie? Don't you want to play~?" One of them whispered into her ear as she tried her best trying her best to pull her arm back, but the grip was still too firm and now it was starting to hurt her arm a little bit, but she wasn't planning on saying that out loud.
    "L- Let go I said!" Luna repeated as the guys only laughed loud this time still making fun of her small weak build as they would always pick on her if they were given the chance.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.