The complexity of dull light.

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    Charles felt he stale air creep up his neck and run through his scalp. The interrogation room was lifeless and grey. His pale arms slightly resting on the cold medal table, while his wood brown hair slowly going flat and losing its curls.
    Now he had to just wait for the endless amount of questions in such a large lick of time.
    He just had to wait for that dreadful door to open.
    Charles had to wait.
  2. "So, What do we have here?" a female would ask while her green eyes would look through the glass to only observe a male being behind it she was called down here to interrogate a male known as Charles but she never got the information nor the case file to understand what he has done so she was kind of clueless but hopefully she would be given those things right away. The black hair would drape over her shoulders and some strands would cross over her path of sight, She let out a delicate sigh while she would move her eyes away from the glass and over to the doorknob that would lead into the room, Her pale skin gleamed within the blinding white light that shinned above her head she could not believe that she was called this late at night it was about eleven o'clock and she had a child to raise and look after but instead she was here and wasting her time of happiness. She stood at the height of five foot eight inches and had to weigh about a hundred and seven pounds from the looks of it but she was indeed a attractive young woman she was only twenty years of age and she was one of the most famous detectives around these parts of London. Her black button up shirt would remain buttoned down while her black dress pants would overlap her fine legs and her black heels would click with each step she would take, She approached the door and groaned since she was in no mood to question anyone tonight but she really didn't have a choice and with a swift movement her right hand would reach out towards the knob of the door and grasp onto it before twisting it counter clockwise and pushed it out and away from her slender form before entering the room and then closed the door behind her before opening her mouth to speak as she would approach the table "Hello, I am Detective Violet. . .And I have a few questions to ask you specifically. . ." when she arrived at the table she would take a seat across from this man and gave him a glare of her eyes before beginning "So, what brings you here today?"
  3. "I killed someone," he meekly said.
    "Someone important." Charles started to fiddle with his thumbs, avoiding her glare by looking down.
  4. "I see. . ."
    She sighed and looked off somewhere else within this tiny room more like a chamber and continued on "And who was this important person?" she asked before she reached her right hand into her right back pocket of her pants and would fish out a notepad and pen so she would be able to take notes about this hoping she would get a better understanding for what she was being told.
  5. "The mayor... I had to do it!" Charles whimpered, now his tired eyes looking up at the ceiling.
  6. She nodded her head once and took her pen before clicking the one end to where the ballpoint would be exposed now and then she took her notepad and flipped the cover before slipping through some scribbled pages until she fell upon a black on and began to write notes while staying silent for a few minutes before she would proceed with her questioning "So what has he done to where you had to kill the Mayor, Why did you do such a thing?. . .And by the way I will be needing your name and age please. . " she would say in a calm manner while keeping her eyes off him to make him feel a bit more comfortable.
  7. "I did it because if I didn't, my brother would be taken away. I was to late and they already did that." Charles looked to the side and ack at the ceiling. " Charles Yager, 25."
  8. "Alright, But is there anything else as to why because I am starting to get the feeling that you are not telling me everything that led you towards the death of the Mayor Charles. . ." she would say before setting her pen down upon the tabletop and look up at Charles with a smirk before her right leg would cross over her left since she was not satisfied with his answers so far towards her questions.
  9. " even though I'm just a towns ou, I had a past with him." His legs started shaking.
    "He was with me. We both looked after my little brother and then he said 'we could get more money and get out of here' so I said yes." Charles left a pause.
    " I started doing selling... Things to get money. The next thing you know, the money wasn't for me and my brother. It was only for Maxwel,and for me." Charles choked up as the words debunked out of his mouth.
    " he cared little for my brother, so he had an idea to sell him. I said no."
  10. Violet listened closely to what was being said and paid close attention to his words and explanation, Her arms would fold upon her chest while she stared at Charles from across the table while listening to his voice sine it started to seem a bit shaky and that was when she noticed that he was now speaking the truth since his legs now began to shake and he seemed less uncomfortable and once he has finished she inhaled a breath of air and opened her mouth to speak "What did you sell Charles?. . ." she would ask.
  11. "Uh... Umm..." His voice started to wither away into the stale air.
    "Everything; drugs of all sorts." He finally spat out.
  12. "What types of drugs any kind specific or a mixture of them?" She asked getting a bit irritated sine her mind was now being filled with knowledge and she started to develop a head ache she sighed and continued to look at Charles he was indeed a handsome man but did not look like the type to kill another being.
  13. "Everything!" He lashed out. "Name all of them and we had it. But for some reason a million dollars a month wasn't enough to Maxwell, so he sold my brother." Charles kept shifting his legs in different positions. " so, when i figured it out, one of his secretary's called saying that in order to get him back I had to kill maxwell... So I did and Thomas, my brother, was found dead."
  14. ". . . . . . ."
    She was almost heart broken by this story that Charles would share with her and after that she realized that it was time for them both to take a walk around the city to discuss more she really wanted to get out of this room since it brought back many memories and she jus anted to leave so without hesitating she would slowly arise from her seat with both the notepad and pen in her right hand and speak "Come along. . " she would then move on towards the door.
  15. Charles finally looked at her with his tired hazel eyes. He quietly got up, slowly scooting to her side.
  16. She would take her left hand and bang her knuckles against the door three times before it finally opened and she then yawned silently while she would await for Charles to exit the room as she would look at the two men who guarder the door their black suits were spotless and they were huge in size but slender in body type she smirked slightly while the male on the right would wink to her with a smile. "Anywhere you would like to visit Charles. . because we are heading out to the city. . "
  17. "I need a drink, any place you suggest?" He asked, trying his best to smile.

    (What era is this taking place?)
  18. She nodded and began to head down the hall and started to feel as if she was doing the wrong thing for Charles was in her for murder and she did not think it was a good idea to bring him out of the highly guarded building she sighed at the thought for she was going to brake this one rule anyway. "Alright. . .There is a bar a few miles north from here. . .I guess we are going there. . "

    ((Hmmm how about in the year of two thousand?. . .))
  19. "Okay, great." Charles mumbled out. He needed to feel air on his skin again.
  20. She sighed and walked out the police station along with Charles on her right side her hair would be pushed back by the hands of the wind and she would give off a faint smile while walking down the stone steps heading towards the bar she has spoken of earlier her hands would be buried deep within her pockets as she remained silent for she wanted this moment to be a little less awkward for Charles and herself.
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