The Compatibility Operation [IC]

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  1. Too dark... Too deep. Lost somewhere in the expanses of sleep - trying desperately to crawl out. What happened last night? A wild party? Mm... No. A wild kidnapping. Oxygen. With this bag over the head, it's hard to breathe. They wouldn't let us die. Right?

    How frustrating... Conscious but not awake. Can think but cannot hear, cannot move, cannot talk. Limp. Letting them do whatever. A sharp pain indicates that you were moving but it was hard to react to it. Can't.. Hold on... Falling back... To sleep.

    While unconscious, the body of your character was moved all over the place - stuffed into a car, sent into a plane, flown to Maru, in Quetah, then back in a car, to drive for an hour or so. When the car stopped, the body was moved once again, feet dragging, unable to pick them up. A simple, kind looking laboratory sat, nestled by a hill. But they go right past it. They punch in a code and an inconspicuous desk moves and reveals a stairway to an old train line which would surely take them to their next destination.

    It was a short ride.

    Again, the dragging, how dull, by now it would have scuffed shoes and muddied trousers. The loud sound of metallic doors, or of creaking walls, the rattling of fences and sound of tortured bodies. A cacophony of terror and rage. The distinct sound of keys and a cell door opening, and suddenly they're let go. On the floor. A cold, concrete floor, with tall metal walls around them.

    Cell 3. Welcome home.
  2. Thalia Grace.

    It was cold, dark and she couldn't wake up. Trapped just under the surface - they hadn't just "knocked her out" it was a drug. They drugged her. She couldn't break through, and there was pain in her - she was being dragged, roughly. Stuffed in new areas, taken out of old, basically thrown about the place like a postal package. She felt bitter, annoyed, she should have known that it was going to be dangerous, she should have known. She slipped in and out of consciousness, uncontrollably, was helpless as was subject to the will of her transporters, dragged down stairs and sat down, no doubt guarded.

    Grrr... This sucks... she thought, bitterly, and then the moving again, she'd definitely have bruises there. And then she started to regain a little control, hear just a little, and suddenly, she didn't want to. Howls of pain, terror, filled her ears, the loud creak of metal was the only music played. Deafening. She wanted to go back to sleep. Suddenly she was thrown, and had landed heavily on a concrete floor. The first one to fall, apparently, as when she woke up - no-one else was there. Was this her cell? It was big, for one person...

    And a lot more beds than one. She dragged herself to the wall, leaned tiredly against it, and waited for new company.
  3. It took approximately two minutes for Erin to get up and rip the bag off her head. That was the problem with hardy folk like her - there's a measure of unnerving patience within her for the moment someone slips up. Unfortunately, there were no mistakes and many precautions to avoid slipping up. Sedated and unquestionably angry, Erin staggered towards the door.


    Her rough fists pounded at the thick metal repeatedly, drawing her arm back by the elbow and sending it crashing into the metal lock on the door with vigour. Even in a drug-induced haze, she was trying to break out - or, at least, it looked like it. Her face was a storm, and her fists were the thunder that rung in the sedated minds of the experiments for an incredibly long time, until her knuckles were scraped and bloody and her breath came out in short, sharp hisses through her nostrils. Erin stepped back a little, and tried kicking the lock once, twice, three times. She stepped back some more and attempted to shoulder-barge the mechanism.

    After trying "everything" she could think of, and retaining a fair amount of scrapes and bruises in her effort, Erin's fit of angry smashing quieted down. Her breath escaped in pained gasps as her forehead pressed against the cool metal on the door, her eyes shut, blood dripping down her fingers in a steady "pip, pip" noise onto the concrete.

    She opened those piercing green eyes and turned around to look at her fellow captives.

    The first thing that would strike one about Erin is the complete lack of hospitality in her stance and her features. All the muscle and the height only added to this menacing figure, firmly impressing the prospect of injury should one get too close - if the little punching match with the door hadn't already given her 'friends' the hint they needed. Next thing would be her eyes...constantly fierce, a bright shade of green against her crop of frizzed red hair, and a distinct blankness to them. She regards Thalia for a brief moment.

    With a grunt, Erin sits down on one of the beds and claims it for her own, dark red blood smeared across the blankets as she cleans her messy fists.
  4. On the way back from training, Kyle noticed that everyone seemed to be avoiding him as they walked back. Suddenly out of no where, a black car drove up and out of it came three men all wearing black suits. Before Kyle could react, they shot something at him that set his systems to a stasis mode. What ever they shot at him also shut down his eyes and ears, leaving him completely in the dark. No sight, no sound, all he could feel was his feet being dragged. He knew swinging his feet around would do nothing more then worsen the situation, so instead he spent the time trying to get some rest. It wasn't easy do to because of how much he was being flung around. He even felt some one shoving him into a packed trunk at one point.

    Suddenly his systems started to reboot and his vision slowly re-activated. His sound also came back on, but not before he could get a good look of where he was. Stuck in some large cell with an elf and a girl 'Or atleast I think that is a girl' He thought to himself as He got up and checked his arms to make sure they were not damaged. He seemed ok, but as he turned around and tried the gate, he saw some blood on it "Gonna guess punching isn't getting us out" He said as he turned to the girl cleaning the blood from her fist. This whole placed look disgusting and eerie. The walls were moldy and the bars were a bit rusted. Sounds of howling and screaming could be heard as they echoed through the hallways. There was no way out now, but there were two people currently suffering this fate with Kyle, they had to know something. He then walked over and sat at the end of one of the beds and looked over to the two cellmates and said "Any of you got any idea why were here, or where we are for that matter" He asked, not too concerned with names at the time.
  5. They really know how to drag a guy around. Emilio didn't remember most of the trip, car here, plane there, another car, mud and shit. Now he was laying on this unforgiving floor. Doing a mental check of his body, it felt like he'd been tossed onto the floor, but nothing seemed broken. He was just his bruised and scratched up self. This place smelled...well he wasn't really sure how to describe it but it was kind of cold and mildewy and smelled of people, and blood. There were people in this room!

    Emilio flipped himself up and rolled backwards while at the same time trying to pull the bag off his head. He managed to smack himself against a bed and ruin his momentum and just flopped back onto the floor. "Ugh" he grunted, pulling the bag off, now laying on his side. He figured if he was going to be killed they, whoever they are, would have killed him already. It looked like the blood came from the hugegantic chick wiping her knuckles on the sheet, well that's where the banging was coming from. Oh right, yeah, there had been people talking. Other than the red-headed Amazon, there were two other people in the room the other dude was inquiring about why they were all here. "Well" Emilio said from the floor "I think I know why I'm here. But I got nothing on the where." He gave them all a quick look over. The most distracting was Gigantess, man was she ready to hurt people, wooowee, and he could tell that without the blood. Miles away. Yeah he'd seen her type before. He'd seen a lot of petty thugs try to be like that, thinking they could do whatever they wanted because they had a pistol or got lucky in a fist fight and knocked someone out. They weren't anywhere close to what this chick was, fortunately though they didn't have a lot of brains going for them most of the time, he could tell this chick could be clever though. Emilio wasn't worried, he could pretty much tell what to expect from her, or thought he could. But man, if she had more brains than he thought she did, then he'd be scared. He'd seen that combo before.

    The other two appeared much more tame in comparison. The Elf girl was looking pretty wary, which isn't much of a surprise, it was pretty obvious to him she wasn't about to start making friends with the folks in here. This dude over here, totally a soldier, not hard to tell at all. He looked like he wasn't about to start making friends either but knows the necessity of allies. Emilio knew he could be totally wrong in all of his assumptions, but it at least gave him a baseline to work with.
  6. (sorry for the late reply guys!)

    Darkness. That's all she could see. Nothing. Not even the tiniest of light. Just a black background, nothing more, nothing less. She didn't know what was happening - all she knew was it hurt. From what it felt like, she thought she was being dragged along the rough ground, probably covered in stones. But how could she know? She was half-conscious, she could think, but not react. Only wait for something, anything to happen. Questions whizzed through her brain, but she couldn't find the answer. Either the robot side of her was playing tricks, or she had been kidnapped, taken away. What had happened? Only time could tell...

    The next thing she knew, Julie was lying on a metal floor, her head throbbing with pain. head throbbing with pain. She tried to move her head. She managed. The cyborg seemed to be in some sort of prison cell. Suddenly, loads more questions come to her mind. Why was she in a prison? What had she done wrong? What had happened? Four other people were in the room. She wasn't alone! That was a good thing, right? Or was it a terrible thing? Who knows? Julie could only find out by getting to know these people, but did she want too? Life was getting to confusing, and she didn't want it to. Still, the fates were at work, whether it was for good or bad...
  7. A slim framed man, equipped with a headset, a suit, a clipboard and various pens walks up to the thick, metal door - he opens a slider and peers in "You all arrived around the same time, then?" he said, his voice was soothing, smooth like butter, and yet slightly disconcerting. "That's good - It'll make things easier for us." he decided. His green eyes seemed neutral but a shimmer of malice could be found there. "Now - first of all - we're just going to have a little... Chat, mm? That would be nice." he unlocks the door and steps inside, he cast a glance to the elf in the corner who hadn't chosen a bed yet - and sat down on what was going to be hers as it was unoccupied. He flashes a thin smile and settles "I'm sure you all have questions for me, yes? Well if I may ask you to keep them to yourselves until I explain? Mhm? Good." he didn't wait for any answer and continues on methodically. "Now most, or all of you had signed up for this, as you may be aware." he starts and gets distracted for a moment by his headset - mumbles something in reply then turns back to the group. "But only showed resistance when we came to retrieve you. I understand it may have been a threatening or potentially scary experience." he admitted, gracefully "But. It was only to protect the location of our research! You see, some people don't approve with what we do - but after having won over the public vote? We are free to do as we please - and we have your legal consent." he says and stares at each person, individually, pausing to let that information sink in.

    "What we are doing here is furthering the advancements of mankind. If we connect an animal and a human together - then perhaps mother nature and Mankind will find a way to work together, and not against each other. If we can fully understand animals, then we can work with them, become part of the food chain, predators will allow us to catch portions of their prey in order to not get hunted themselves. And that's just one practical use. Now I will warn you now that in order to do so - it will take a lot of mental and physical strength, but I assure you it's under the most secure, caring conditions" and yet the last part of his speech is drowned out by painful screams "First on our, ah.. Schedule, is a physical and mental assessment - just to be sure that you match the application that was submitted. And then we will plug you in and find out what you're like - assess your personality, if you will. We'll find a perfect match for you, an animal who will be a mirror image of yourself. Personality wise, and physical, ahaha~" he laughed confidently and adjusted his position "I'll tell you more about what we're going to do, after you pass the tests, anything else is confidential until you reach a certain level." he explained and put his hands in his lap.

    "Any questions?"
  8. Thalia looked at the man who walked in with slitted eyes as he strode across and sat himself rudely on her bed, however unclaimed it may be! She says nothing but bites her tongue as she listens to him speak - having so far said nothing to anyone and only hearing occasional chatter, that and the insane man..Woman..? Thing that had punched the door and hardly left a dent. She peers at the faces curiously, though she didn't exactly want to talk, she wanted to make sure they were okay to talk -to-. She finally set her gaze on the slim man after he shut up, she shivered uncomfortably, this man was odd to say the least. She definitely didn't want to be the first to ask but she had to.

    "When do we leave?" she said and shifted uneasily, someone had to break the silence, she was just unhappy it was going to be her. She stood up, and sadly noted that this cell was designed for human height, she could easily touch the ceiling.. Though she didn't try. Elves weren't that much taller than humans, at least she thought so. She brushed herself off and looked around the cell - perhaps she can negotiate a way to make this place look a little more like home, decorate it or something. It was unlikely, but if there was the slightest chance, she'll take it. She walked around the newest member, Julie, and noted that there were five people around her - a tall, butch lady with a flash of brightly coloured hair who didn't seem to want to talk, a smaller lady with slick red-ish brown hair and a disconcerting selection of eye colours and an odd looking mouth, one of the two members of daft punk, it seemed, and a boy with brown hair who had ungracefully hit a bed, she walked over to what would be her bed, where the man was sitting and stood by it, keeping a good distance but still wanting to signify that the bed that this man had rudely taken up was going to be hers.

    "And do we get our belongings? Any of them? I need my music.." she said adding the last part uncertainly, the group she was around all seemed quite intimidating, people who know what they're doing, know how to fight, or have a vague grasp on it. She only knew how to care for animals, dance, sing and play music. That's what I get for living peacefully. She thought bitterly and wrapped her arms around her, she suddenly felt a lot more scared of the people she was with than the situation she was in, perhaps it was the bloodied knuckles, or the soothing voice of the mysterious man. She decided that she would have to figure out what these.. Thugs were like before she began any communications with them, in the off chance she could slip up and cause a cell-fight. Everyone would be on edge, so should she start something with her rude quips or snide remarks against the group then she could be knocked out faster than she can make a sarcastic joke. She then realised how uncomfortable she must have looked to everyone. She quickly changed her stance to that of a braver one, as to not look weak compared to the rest of them, in the right mentality, some would go after the weak one, so best to keep looking strong. Though her brown eyes revealed a tinge of fear and discomfort.
  9. Julie stared at everyone else in the room. Hopefully they wouldn't find her red eye creepy... Or her sown on mouth. She couldn't help falling into that lake, it was an act of nature. She then looked over at the man who had just entered the room. She listened closely as he explained everything, all she needed to know. Still, the cyborg had tonnes of questions she needed to ask.

    "Will we ever get to go back home? What sort of animals? Can the animals communicate with us? Where are we? Who are you? Why are we in a prison cell? Did you drug us to get us here? If so, why?" She stopped when she realized she had been asking way to many questions. But there was one more question on her mind...

    "Why did the last part of the email fail?"
  10. Her temper seethed angrily as Erin glared up at her new room-mates. They threw around pointless questions - the soldier-man asked why they were there and Erin snorted. Foolish lad; if anyone knew why or where they were, then they wouldn't be locked in a cell with bags over their head. Erin certainly didn't consider herself to be the smartest of people, but she had a very firm sense of practicality that carried her through life. Three women, two men, and her two female companions were busy being shivering, scared wrecks. The opposite sex decided to toss around airy inquiries, in the hopes that someone will suddenly swoop in and answer all of their questions and let them go again. Idiots.

    The irony stung a little when a scientist did exactly that, however.

    Surprisingly enough, Erin was remarkably calm when the scientist entered the room. She observed him like a caged beast, green eyes full of hostility, and listened carefully to every word the man said, taking it all in. He had a voice of silk and Erin's gaze trailed down his body idly, hanging onto every syllable. The blood on her knuckles has clotted into dark brown scabs, leaving reddish stains over the cloth of her bedsheet.

    She stood up with purpose, lifting up her stature to a menacing height, and approached the scientist - standing at about arms length. She doesn't say a word, but instead stares down the man, inspecting him, checking every crook and crevice of the man with a searching glare that seems to rip through him and out again. She was looking for something, clearly. Her blank green eyes hit his blank green eyes and there was a flicker of something behind her own, a sort of telling that she was forming up an idea in her head.

    The only warning sign moments before one fist went flying towards the scientist's face whilst the other reached out and tried to rip his belt clean off by the buckle.
  11. 'Should have know, more experiments' Kyle thought to himself. He knew this was gonna happen eventually, but wasn't expecting them to retrieve him in such a secretive way. It does make sense how they got him though, considering how horrible these experiments must be, do to all the screaming from the distance. This whole plan seemed dumb to someone who has practiced going lone wolf for so much of his life, but his paycheck was increased when he signed those papers; government never raises your paycheck unless their about to do something bad to you. The screams seemed to get louder as the man talked, until suddenly a loud crack could be heard and the screaming stopped. What ever they were going to do to us was going to be nothing more than painful and cruel, but as the man said, he signed his away his life for a second time.

    Before Kyle could even ask a question, the 'Ok, gonna guess that's a girl and if not, I deserve a punch' started punching the man. Not a single thing in Kyle's body wanted to make her stop, to be honest it was kinda funny. Felt good to have this guy get his ass handed to him after being flung around to god knows where we are now. I looked over to the others and noticed the elf who was obviously afraid. Kyle had to make sure that if he was gonna be stuck with these people to not count on her, but biggen here could be useful. He noticed the other cyborg and was confused, her design was cruid and looked like she was stitched together, looked like some creepy living doll. He shook his head, this was a very odd group of people, but then again it's not like he looked normal with this perma helmet on his head.

    He sat up in his bed and looked over to the hulk "The more you beat on this guy, the more you are gonna be stuck in here and with us. Got a feeling small rooms aren't your thing" He said as he enjoyed the show, but wanted out of this cell and to get this operation over with.
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  12. Wow there was a lot of screaming going on. Emilio couldn't tell if they were screams of the deranged or the tortured, it didn't really matter in the end. Suddenly there was a man at the door, seemed to be a scientist. Emilio was slightly disturbed at what he picked up from this guy, he was so...void and definitely felt in control. He was bombarded with questions as soon as he gave the opportunity, he only waited a half second before saying "I don't remember giving my consent..." He actually hadn't even seen the message, but now he knew why he was here. There probably was no point in asking when or how or what or anything else really. Looked like all he could do was wait and find an opening to escape if possible, but he'd have to survive what ever it was they were going to do here. An alarm went off in Emilio's head as the girl....yeah it was a girl, as she stood up. It didn't take a genius to realize something was about to go down, he shifted to sitting up and slowly started putting his feet under himself and eyed the scientist for any sort of key or weapon.

    As soon as Erin attacked the scientist, Emilio coiled his legs under himself and sprang toward the pair.
  13. The man peered up at Erin blandly, he let himself get punched once by the beast while reaching into his blazer. He pulled out a sleek, black box with two metal prongs and pressed the silver prongs against Erin and pushed a button. BZZT! A short but effective amount of electricity courses through the box and into Erin. He watched with a bland expression as she fell to the floor at his feet and peered around the room "Oh, were you enjoying the aspect of me getting beat-up?" he asked bemusedly and rubs his cheek, where a flower of red had blossomed from the punch. He peered at his belt which has been unbuckled and slid off him an glanced at Erin. He busily fixed his belt again.

    "As for your answers.." He peered to the elf girl who had now approached him, but seemingly had no intent of attacking "You will leave once the course is over and testing is complete. And as for belongings, once it is thoroughly checked by several, several groups of inspectors, some items with no malicious purposes will be sent over here - however you can only choose one of the group of belongings. Wouldn't want it getting too crowded in here." He peered to the cyborg girl who had just fired a line of questions at him, he shifted into a more comfortable position "Once the testing is over, you will. Animals who suit your personality. Hopefully they will be able to, that is what we are aiming for here. You're in the Compatibility Operation testing grounds. Everyone needs a home, after all, and I can't build houses for everyone. I'm not that rich. Building rooms is so much easier. Yes. I did drug you all so I could get you here. Some to make it easier to transport, but most of the time it's just to keep our location as secretive as possible." He then shifted as he asked about the email, he looked confused for a brief moment but wouldn't allow the expression to stay on his face, it's as if it melted off. "Well." he says and pauses, thinking up a perfect answer to tell the girl. "Technical difficulties." he lies. He then turned to the boy who had sprung into action "If it wasn't you, it was family or friends. As a recommendation. And therefore any legal action you may take will be against them, not us."

    He got to his feet and dusted himself off, and fixed his suit. "If that's all the questions you have for me." he stepped over Erin's body "Then I'll be on my way. You'll have a few minutes to introduce yourselves to one another, but really time is of the essence and we will need to get started as soon as possible." He opened the door and stepped out calmly with a brief wave of the hand and closed it before anyone could slip out after him.
  14. Julie wasn't completely satisfied with the answers, because he didn't tell her who he was and she didn't believe the email failed due to 'technical difficulties', but she didn't say anything. Instead, she just backed away from the over people and examined them. There didn't seem to be another cyborg, which kinda made her feel lonely. Still, perhaps it was good to be different. She decided to wait for someone else to introduce themselves before she did, due to shyness.
  15. Emilio halted and stumbled a bit as the scientist incapacitated Giganta, well yeah he was going to have something on his person to deal with unruly prisoners, test subjects?. She went down and the scientist gave a brief reply to all the questions and left. That could have gone better. He kneeled down and looked over the Amazon briefly, she should be fine unless she had a heart condition. He didn't say anything to her, just put out his hand to help her up, if she would accept it.

    Standing up he looked back at the room to see what effect the violent would have on the others, to gauge their capacity. He was fairly certain the only persons he needed to worry about were the two other women who seemed the most vulnerable. He scratched at his chin for a moment "I'm Emilio, and I'm from Whiten. I'm don't know, obviously, what we're going to be doing here but lets all try to get along and work together. Then, maybe if we get an opportunity we can do something about getting out of here, although that does seem like a long shot. If nothing else we can just help keep each other mostly sane... Yeah, go teamwork." He gave the room a thumbs up and flopped himself onto his bed.
  16. Thalia bridled and watched the girl fall in front of her, she stepped back and narrowed her eyes "That wasn't very smart.." she said and wrinkled her nose. She also didn't seem entirely happy that she wouldn't be getting her instruments back any time soon, she rolled her neck and shoulders and glanced to Emilio as he spoke "Whiten the big city?" she said and frowned "Full of smoke and the very same stuff that destroyed old Earth." she said harshly then shifted uncomfortably, she wasn't about to say it out loud but she didn't seem too happy with herself at having spoken like that. She turned to the girl "Will she wake up? Is she dead?" she watched intensely for a few moments then frowned "No she's still breathing." despite the frown she seemed somewhat relieved. She changed stance as she realised that it was introduction time, she glanced one last time, longingly at the door.

    "Well I'm Thalia Grace. I'm from the Avon Province in Quetah." she said briefly and proceeded to say nothing else for a while, she found a space to lean against and pressed herself against it and watched everyone carefully, as if trying to measure their movements, like solving a maths problem in her head. It's a very focused glance and, even though that's not what she intended at all, she'd found people got uncomfortably under her watchful stare. She paused for a moment longer, after having glared at everyone for a good couple of minutes each and finally said something again "I like animals." she said "So maybe this won't be so bad." then, as an afterthought she added "For me." She ran a hand through her hair and looked to the floor thoughtfully before returning to her methodical, focused glare of analytical intention.
  17. After the man shocked the tank of woman, the room went silent. The silence made it easy to hear what the man was saying and to be honest it didn't sound all bad. Having a pet to be linked to kyle could make mission alot easier, the scary part was wondering if he was gonna be stuck with these people. They weren't bad or anything, problem was Kyle liked being alone, hated other people unless they were paying him or they had helped him early in his life. Kyle listened to both the intros of the two people. Mr hero or Emilio, he seemed alright. He seems like the kind of guy to play hero when ever he can though, jumping up the second hulk started beating on the man. Kyle Hoped this would never be a problem, but from what he saw the guy seemed alright. Then there was the elf, cute and shy, Thalia was her name. Mission wise this would be bad as it seems she tends to hesitate, but there was no way of knowing that. She could secretly be a warrior or a brilliant tactician. She didn't pose a threat and if anything, she'll kill the enemy with puppy eyes.

    Kyle sighed as he sat up against the wall from his bed "My name is Corporal Bennett, but just call me Kyle. I'm a cyborg who's been in the military for a couple years, it's a pleasure to meet all of you,... well some of you" as he finished his statement he looked down at the biggen then back to the others "Things might get bad, this surgery were gonna go through may cause some of the worst pain you've ever felt, but no matter what we need to stick together" He looked around at the others then back to looking out the gate "...And be ready to kill" He said in a dark and aggressive tone. He had no idea what was to happen to them after this and wanted nothing more than to be as far from this place as possible.
  18. First impressions are always important, because you only get one. Julie now had three first impressions to make, before others would make an impression on her. Emilio seemed like an all around nice guy who wants everyone to work together. Thailer seemed like a shy girl who loves animals. Kylie was the type of Cyborg (yes! Another Cyborg!) who was pretty fierce. Now it was Julie's turn.

    "Umm, hi?" she said, stepping forwards, "I'm a Cyborg called Julie, and I guess it's a plesure to meet you all. We can do this!" She said it all with that creepy smile which wasn't supposed to be creepy. Was that enough? Surely it was...
  19. Alrighty folks were opening up, slightly. It's going to be important if they all have to stick together, which he would prefer, much safer that way. Oh yeah that's right Thalia was from the hippy city, not that he disagreed with what they/she believed in or anything. Kyle was a cyborg, that explained a couple things, and he indeed was a loner who knew the importance of a team. The cyborg girl, Julie, well she seemed super bubbly for a place like this, he was more worried about her than Thalia. Thinking of which it was a good thing she considered them so critically, don't want to be too trusting in a place like this, seems a lot like prison. He gave her a bemused look when she got heated about Whiten, as if to say it wasn't his fault what the city did.

    His gaze fell on Erin, and after a second of consideration he decided he couldn't just leave her laying there on the floor. "Hey Kyle, give me a hand here, onto the bed." Getting up from his bed he walked over to Erin and indicated her legs before lifting her torso to put her onto the bed, holy man she was a big girl. He hoped she didn't wake up during this process, but she seemed pretty conked out, but you never really know.
  20. Kyle looked over as he heard his name and nodded in agreement to the request, probably wouldn't be a bad idea to have this thing wake on a bed rather then the hard and cold ground. He get up and helped lift her legs up onto the bed. She felt offly heavy, even for Kyle's robotics. The scary part was that it was all muscle, it wouldn't be a bad idea to ally with her. He face wasn't so bad to look at, it was more or less her body that could scare the manliest of any man. Either way, the more important part was this surgery. Kyle walked over and looked through the bars, resting one hand on then. Kyle sighed as helplessness started to grow on him, but then he gripped the bar tightly. The second they try to put another bag on him, someones gonna either die or have a broken jaw.
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