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. The Colosseum. A great structure that has stood for years, through wind and rain, through battle after battle. But lately, is has become the property of a crazed man with a lust for watching the bloodshed of others. He has arranged a Battle Royal to take place and is looking to recruit members to take place in his fight.
. That man is me. I am looking for ten people, all of different powers, different tastes, different fighting styles! To join in my battle, simply fill out the small form and wait for me to approve your character. Once all ten people have been recruited, I shall split you into teams of five and watch as you battle it out.
((OOC: Also, I'm going to be playing a character in the actual fight along with the crazy head guy in all of this~ My bio will be the first response!~))

  1. You can only play one character at a time.
  2. No ultimate weapons/powers. (ex: No Super Saiyan or Space Lasers Of Destruction)
  3. Character form MUST be filled out to apply, pictures are optional.
  4. If you wish to change teams because your friend is on the other one, or someone you don't like is on your team, tough luck. Put that into your characters personality! Other team has a friend; show mercy to that friend. Enemy on your team; "accidentally" mess them up now and then.
  5. Don't be a sore loser if your team loses.. Nobody likes that..
Game Explanation

. The way this works is as follows;
The two teams are sorted and placed into the arena. The teams fight it out as a full on 'first come first serve' kind of battle. If your character is about to get killed or is killed, they are teleported to your teams rec room where they can watch the battle commence on a tv in the corner or just do whatever.
. When all of one teams members are eliminated, they lose. The winning team is given a prize for that round of keeping all of their members, where the losing team has to vote somebody off. Sounds like a regular game show, right..?
. Wrong.
. The team that has to vote someone off has the pleasure of brutally killing that member in whatever manner they see fit. Once that character is fully killed, they're out of the RP. They can re-apply at the end if I choose to do this again, but whatever.
. At the VEEEEEERY end, if there is one person left on each team, a special duel shall be set up and they shall battle to the death in this. No teleporters, no mercy. After the final battle is won, that team wins.
. Whoever wins at the very end is awarded a medal of honor, which they may display in their signature or something, I don't care, it's just a .png file..

Character Bio Page

Eye Color:
Skin Tone:
Hair Color/Length:

Main Weapon:
Secondary Weapon:
Special Weapon:
Special Powers (alchemy, ninjutsu, etc.):
Magical Items/Spells (if any):
Combat Specialty:

Additional Information:

Put any pictures of your character below this text:

Team Progresses


That guy named Ed

(Teams shortened so we could start the game sooner. LETS DO THIS EVERYBODY!!~)​
Alias: Scarrlet Reach
Eye Color: Deep Blue, like the deepest part of the ocean
Skin Tone: Pale
Hair Color/Length: Pitch Black, down to my hips.
Height: 6'3
Weight: 135 lb.
Apparel: Long leather trench coat, skin tight blue t-shirt, grey sweat pants, sneakers
Accessories: Rectangular rimless glasses, finger-less gloves, military dogtags

Main Weapon: Obsidian Gunblade, Tranquilizer Darts (instead of bullets)
Secondary Weapon: Twin Daggers, carved from a demons bones
Special Weapon: Aura Gauntlets, shoots concentrated blasts of pure aura at the enemy (does no damage, but great for defense)
Special Powers: Alchemy- Full Control Over Sound
Magical Items/Spells: None, other than a small small satchel with unlimited storage space inside it and the ability to foresee an attack or offensive maneuver a moment before it happens or a moment after.
Combat Specialty: Hand-To-Hand or Swordfighting

Personality: Usually a friendly person, but can mask his true feelings towards someone masterfully.
History: Has been on his own in life since his parents died. He was only 8 when this happened and since then he has been fighting, stealing, and killing for his own life to go on. He has tried to stop, but has learned that he cannot, it just sort of happens.
Additional Information: A natural born thief, can steal anything from anyone. Watch your pockets at all times.

No Pictures, sorry~
Alias: Annie Green
Eye Color: Pale Blue,close to tropical water blue
Skin Tone: Tan
Hair Color/Length: blonde,shoulder lenmghtn
Height: 5'2
Weight: 100 lb.
Apparel: Jean shorts,fitted tee and hiking style boots
Accessories:a silver necklace with a celtic type cross,braided hemp bracelet.

Main Weapon: throwing knives
Secondary Weapon: Bow and arrows, the tips dipped in poison
Special Weapon: Her hair is kept back with a pin and back system,the pin is coated in special posion that makes the unlucky victim lose their mind
Special Powers: Tendency to twist minds into doing what she wants them to do
Magical Items/Spells:none
Combat Specialty: Pressure points,once Annie has found them you'd better give in,also she likes to stalk people

Personality: Quiet and reserved but will do what she has too, to get what she wants.
History: Annie was raised on the road,born as an unwanted surprise she struggled to gain affections from her mother and father but to no advail. Causeing her to turn bitter and independent at a young age. Annie ran away when she was 13 and was picked up and raised by a nitourious gang
Additional Information: Try as she might not to care deep down inside Annie strives to impress and others. Annie has just turned 16 and is ready to change who she is.

No Pictures, sorry~
Alright, Annie!!~ Welcome to the Colosseum. You'll be placed on the red team. Feel free to post whatever you want in the actual forum of this now!~ Good luck!
Alias: Derni
Eye Color: Gray with a hit of light blue
Skin Tone: Dark brown color like an islander
Hair Color/Length: Short and is jet black like the night
Height: 5'9
Weight: 120
Apparel: Wears rag clothing but owns a good pair of boots
Accessories: Choral armor and a lantern

Main Weapon: A sword forged from the bones of an ancent creature
Secondary Weapon: Bows and arows(tips are made from the bones)
Special Weapon: dagger(same as the the others, bones)
Special Powers : Hiden power that is only actavated when his lantern is not with him(makes him insane)
Magical Items/Spells (if any): His armor made of magical choral, and a lantern with a ever lasting flame.
Combat Specialty: hit and run

Personality: Since hes still a young teen he is happy go lucky and is a team player but when hes in a battle his whole personality changes becuase it would be life or death for him
History: On an island he was a hunter of the plains clans. He was found in the plains as a baby and a male took care of him(which means hes nervous around girls). A shadow force started to invade the plains wich fored every one into the forests. Finnaly a prophocy told the tale about a gray eyed hero with only a father. He collected magical items to protect him self from the dark shadow men. People with powers help him with his adventure(Team player is his part here). Finnly after many battles he reached the dark core that apperd at the center of the plains. A mage that was a guy stole the lantern from Derni and took him into the dark core. After an epic battle Derni lost his insanity and discovered the evil mage was his father. They spreed there shadow evil untill his insane self killed his father and killed the shadow men. He became an out cast and left to the shadow realm with his lantern.
Additional Information: When hes insance he will cover him self with a shadow that will kill any thing by any means.

Is that good? or to much?
No, it's 99% perfect!~ I'll put you into the Blue Team, but to make things 100%, could you elaborate a bit on your Special Power a bit..? Does it make you huddle in a corner insane, rampaging demon insane, etc..?~
its under Additional Information :)
Huzzah!!~ :D

Welcome to The Colosseum, Ed. o3o You are now free to post in the actual forum for this topic~
I've been kidnapped :'D

Actually, I have to eat then go to some parade with my family now so I can't put up my character sheet yet, but I will do that after I get back. A warning though, I'm crap at fighting DX I'll probably be the first to die
haha it's all good...Annie needs someone to talk to she's slowly losing her mind lol
Yeah, no kidding man. xD I'm just glad you're here at all.
Haha, okay. I'll go work on the character thing. It should be up soon guys :D
Alias: Natasha Emieras
Eye Color: Hazel
Skin Tone: pale
Hair Color/Length: Short, light pink dyed hair
Height: 5’ 6”
Weight: 115 lbs
Apparel: (use picture for reference, but try editing out the skimpy top) Jeans, plain white t-shirt, blue hat, black combat boots.
Accessories: Gun holster for smaller gun, blue braided bracelet, knife in each boot

Main Weapon: sniper gun with blade attached
Secondary Weapon: pistol
Special Weapon: grenades that scatter something resembling sleeping powder that instantly knocks out anyone who comes into contact with it. (yes, this also affects her, but she uses her alchemy to keep it mostly away from her)
Special Powers (alchemy, ninjutsu, etc.): alchemy- limited control over air
Magical Items/Spells (if any): simple protection spell on hat and bracelet
Combat Specialty: long-range fighting, knives

Personality: Calm and calculating, Natasha mostly keeps to herself and just observes. Once she knows your weakness she plans to exploit it in any way she can to defeat you. Around most people she is polite, but distant.
History: She grew up as a street urchin and developed an attitude of only caring for herself. She doesn’t care what happens to others as long as she gets out alive.
Additional Information: Despite her normal attitude, she doesn’t like violence. In most fights she aims to ‘put out of action’ not kill.

Put any pictures of your character below this text:
436902-bigthumbnail.jpg 450×360 pixels.jpg
Alias: Liza Vilante
Eye Color: greyish blue
Skin Tone: A Light olive
Hair Color/Length: Brown that is chopped short and shaggy
Height: 5'7
Weight: 140lbs
Apparel: beige cargo pants with a forest green t-shirt
Accessories: A small cloth wrist band on her left arm

Main Weapon: A brown cross bow she calls Viola
Secondary Weapon: Sharp hunting knife
Special Weapon: Smoke Bombs that can combust when met with a flame or spark
Special Powers (alchemy, ninjutsu, etc.): Has a the abilty to light fires with a snap
Magical Items/Spells (if any): Glasses that increase her accuracy and sight and a hat that makes her slightly translucent
Combat Specialty: Long range, knives and stealth

Personality: Liza tends to stick to the shadows for a good reason. She can't really handle being able to see the face of the person she is attacking. She's a very sweet girl most of the time but if she doesn't like you she will flat out ignore you or stab you in the back, literally

History: She was found on the streets and a young age by a mysterious person. She doesn't know who he was but she knows he provided for her throughout her life and paid for training so she was able to defend herself. One day she got a letter in the mail saying that her provider was dead and she was kicked back out of the streets when she was 15. She learned to provide for herself and how to become an offensive fighter over the course of three years making her now 18

Additional Information: Because of her times on the streets alone she learned to get by with little to no food and maintain her normal strength
Eee, two new people!!~ :D
SeMiHaCoMeIvRh- I'll approve the character and put you on the Blue Team, but remember this: Just don't go all trolln00b on everyone with alchemy or gunfire.. I promised myself no guns, but since I didn't write that and you already made the thingy, I'll let you keep it. Have fun in the actual forum!!~

5uperjun1or- I like the character, approved and placed into Red Team!!~ But, no lighting people on fire, alright..?~ Have fun!
Alright then, have fun!~ Feel free to start posting in the actual forum now if you want to~ The fighting won't start until both teams are full.
Pfft, I'm insulted that you think I would.

(Oops. sorry. I'll force her to use her dagger more often then, is that all right?)