The Collection

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This right here, is one of my favorite movies. I was thinking maybe, I could start a role-play based on it, except maybe adding my own stuff and changing it up a bit.
I mainly only do 1x1s, so I'm cool with just one person interested, or just a small group. Let's be honest here... group role-plays can get stressful.

In case you haven't seen it, here's a short summary:
It's about a sick criminal who would "collect" people. He'd set up traps in a building (mansion in the first movie, an abandoned hotel in that one). Trip wires, triggering knives to fall on their victim, or maybe triggering something else. Bear traps scattered on the floor. etc etc.
In the second movie, it is mentioned that only the strongest people survive and make it in his collection. Either way, you'd want to try and escape, not be apart of the collection, or end up being killed.

I'm not good with explaining stuff, but if we were to make a role-play based on this, I would add more plot and change it up a tad bit.
Hope someone would be interested.
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