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  1. So to start, the idea came from.. my almost favorite character. Her back-story basically created the whole idea. I was fleshing her out and bam, in my face there it was. (similar to Nikita)

    I'm looking for people that will be able to make long posts, as in a few paragraphs (especially if playing more than one character), reply frequently and respond in an organized way. I try to keep things as organized as possible. I try not to exclude anyone when doing group roleplays. So there may be a certain post order.

    Characters are selected by an organization. Not everyone they choose is an assassin. There are many qualifications. After being chosen by the organization they have to verbally agree to join the organization (in a room talked about in the extra details), and if they refuse they are murdered. After the characters are picked they are formally trained, after training they are sent on missions, in select teams.. The organization plans to over throw the dictator and become the only world power. The characters, discontent with their life being completely ruined by the organization, sensing something is off about the organization, and ungrateful for their 'salvation' they plot against the organization and wish to take it down. After taking down the organization (Which was close to becoming the power) they realize the hell and havoc that they just wreaked upon the world, and have to find someway to fix it.

    Extra details (open)
    The Organization kills off loved ones, and orphans children, jails people and kidnaps others to make a team of 'assassins.' Some people they spend more time trying to get than others. The organization spends lots of time and resources tracing a person ability in a certain field. If they are qualified, (Genes, and predicted mastery of an area) they will be marked for being collected. They manipulate the lives of those marked, the marked will be manipulated differently, based upon the researched impact that each event will have on the character. (For example, if the character will become introvert by having their parents killed it will happen, if they will do something against the organizations desire that event wouldn't happen, or would happen differently.) The event is designed to impact the character a certain way. The character's histories are hell and oddly similar in some ways. They are kidnapped, tricked, led, (etc) into a building. The lights go out, the doors get locked, there are no windows, literally no means to escape. They agree or disagree. The missions are various all having to do with the organization and it's power.

    Setting (open)
    A slightly futuristic world where the government is macho. As usual, but it is a world government(like a shogun in the upcoming simile) not each country. The countries still exist and have their own presidents, but like feudal japan, only had a figure head for power, which had no real authority (the emperor). So all the countries governments are only in place to make the people happy, and not majorly disrupted by being ruled by one person. There is an organization over the world government (ever heard of Nikita?) that is overlooked. This organization has power where no one else does. Technology is far updated. In this world some people have adapted differently than others. Some people have developed telekinesis, great endurance, extra strength and other abilities. (Not extreme forms of these, but slight, and each person is only able to develop one. (would have to go into more specifics later/elsewhere)

    Technology (open)
    Guns still shoot bullets, but these bullets are made with a fullerene material. Armor is made of the same material, but it has many flaws because it is still relatively new in armor form; while many different brands make the material differently, changing the way the material acts. Etc.. more can be discusesed later.

    Characters (open)
    Options for characters are vast. Each team is made up of many different kinds of people. Each one of you, yeah you, that's still reading about this roleplay, will be asked to play more than one character though it isn't mandatory. Teams are typically about 10 characters. Two techies, two brutes, two stealthy, two ranged fighters and two people that have powers. This being the group of people the live, breathe, eat and train with; they are supposed to become like family. Aggressive, passive, explosive, sneaky, many different types of characters are needed. (Not all of the positions need to be taken, some roles can be left to be almost like an npc, but shared between everyone.)
    Also, characters such as government officials, organization officials, civilians etc, are needed. Faculty for many things. Some may be minor characters.

    Date of birth:

    Color of hair:
    Color of eyes:
    Physical description
    Any noticeable features?
    Style of dressing
    As a Civilian:
    As an Assassin:
    (include how they got into the program if they are currently in it.)

    I've typed far too much, any questions just ask. If you're interested reply.~
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  2. I'm interested.
    Question: Do the members of the organization get paid, are they supplied with things, or a combination? (Or do they get nothing?)
  3. Awesome!~

    Well, members as in a gun was held to your head and you said whether or not you were joining, you get nothing. The payment the organization gives is food, shelter, work, and 'salvation' from whatever it was they may have saved the character from. (Jail, death sentence..etc)
  4. (Mine is a tad elaborated... I wanted her to be really fleshed out.)

    Name: Kirin Airia
    Date of birth:September 5th
    Age: 21
    Height: 5'7"
    Ethnic heritage:Caucasian, Native American, German

    Power:Undecided right now.
    Color of hair: Black
    Color of eyes: Green
    Physical description:Slender, fit, athletic.

    Noticeable features: Scar from below the ear towards the bridge of her nose.
    Style of dressing:

    Civilian: hoodie, loose shirt, pants. Typically grey/white/black
    Assassin: Tight leather, or loose poleyster. Depending on the job.

    Weapons: Two katanas, and four kunai, two shuriken on each limb.
    Sense of humor:Demented
    Personality type:Introvert
    Hobbies:Training, fixing things, outdoor activities.
    Favorite music: Hard music
    Favorite colors: Black, Silver
    Description of home: A typical Organization's dorm.
    Educational background:No highschool.
    Work experience: Assassin
    Family: Mother, Father, Sister are dead. Sensei: Killed
    Friends: Doesn't have any friends.
    Enemies:Anyone working for the man she is looking for.
    Best childhood memory:Her first Christmas with her sensei.
    Worst childhood memory:Her mother, father and sister being blown up by a mysterious
    explosion. Watching her sensei being slain by "him."
    Strongest character trait: Strength; physical and emotional.
    Weakest character trait:Emotions can take-control (especially family/sensei related or standing up for someone)
    Character's paradox:Values life, but kills people.
    Greatest hope: To get revenge
    Deepest fear: Her loved ones deaths to be in vain
    Philosophy of life:It's a dog eat dog world.
    How character sees self:As a well balanced person.
    How others see character:Hostile, distant.
    Values: Wont kill children.
    Ambition:To become the best assassin, while killing her nemesis.