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The Coding Labs are the place to be if you want a thread of your very own to test out coding for character sheets, try out some new trick you saw with div boxes, or just work on the aesthetics of your upcoming roleplay post. This is a playground for people to keep projects that they're working on. You can also find resources and guides here to help with coding and styling your posts, such as the BBCode Help thread.

In general, it's common courtesy not to post in someone else's Coding Lab thread unless the thread owner gives permission.

Threads in this section are archived when the thread creator becomes inactive, banned, or deletes their account. These threads are still subject to Iwaku rules (so be mindful of the images you're posting here!).

Thread prefixes are colorful tags displayed at the beginning of a thread title. They can be chosen when creating a thread and more than one can be applied. These prefixes show what a thread is for. You can also click on them from the thread listing to display all the threads with that prefix within that forum. Each section has its own prefixes, so make sure to check the info sticky to make sure you're picking the right prefixes and to learn what they mean!

This signals that the thread is being used to work on posts, projects, etc.

Contents in this thread can be used by others. The thread owner may allow free usage of the code or ask that they be credited if you use their work.

This thread provides useful information to apply to your own projects.
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