The cleansing power of...

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  1. Father Nicholas dipped his hands in holy water. Cooling his skin at the touch. He would have to go back to the confessional before long. His face was hot, yet in the church it was a comfortable temperature. It seemed the sinners keep getting worse. Now they have no regard for sinning, they feel simply that a simple confession will fix it. Which confessing was good, but making the same mistakes over again was not. But he was not there to judge only to listen and heal and cleanse. So he would do just that. No matter how dirty the confessions were. No matter how much they bothered his southern regions.... He splashed holy water onto his face, then said a couple Hail Mary's for his sinful thoughts.

    After a few moments he headed from the room and headed for the confessional, sitting back and closing his eyes, listening to some elderly woman rambling on about how she got in an argument with her neighbor. "Love thy neighbor." He mumbled and absolved her of her sins. This was going to be a long day. Finally at the end of the day when almost everyone had headed home he opened the curtain and stepped out. One of the nuns stepped up to him. "Father I am heading home." He nodded. "Have a good day sister." Then he turned and stepped back into the confessional to grab his personal bible.
  2. Sister Catharinas heart was pumping as she snuck into the church just as she knew Father Nicholas was about to leave. She had waited all day long for this moment and hoped no other sister would see her, because she knew some of them could be very worldly and nosy, most of all.
    And what she had to tell Father Nicholas was private and she feared his judgement as well as Gods because she respected him very much.

    When she saw him entering the confessional, probably to retrieve some personal item, she took her chances and slipped in.
    "Forgive me Father, for I have sinned. It has been 3 days since my last confession...." she began and did her best not to stutter. Oh, he would think so bad of her...

    "I have had sinful thoughts about a man." the young sister admitted softly. This was perhaps the easiest part of her confession to get out, as she was young and the sinful thoughts were something she'd had to confess before.
  3. He recognized the voices as one of his own nuns. A beautiful young woman. A bride of Christ. He was rather shocked at this, but instead cleared his throat and tried to keep his own sinful thoughts back. "Go ahead child, tell me more." He closed his eyes and gripped his book, wondering what this sister had done. He dared not call her by sister, for risk of embarassing her, and letting her know that he knew who she was. With a small gasp. When he heard silence he cleared his throat. "Child. It is only you and I and god in this house now. Everyone else has gone home, you are safe and you are welcome here, please confess your sins so I can cleanse you." He said.

    He seen the steam rising on his glasses. He quickly took them off to cleanse them. Wondering how he would fully cleanse this sister. He could think of many ways. With a soft gasp so she couldn't hear him, he whispered a breathy hail mary so he could absolve himself of the sinful thoughts he was having himself. Today some of the spoken sins were that of a penthouse forum. He could not believe some of these women here. But he was not here to jugde them. Only help them, and that is what he was going to do. He put his glasses back on and continued to listen for her response.