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  1. OOC: So my iPod wouldn't let me choose the category for this, but the category is highschool.)

    Maggie: (Me) 14, she is a freshman now, and at a private school, where she doesn't know anyone. She desperately attempts to fit in here.
    John: He is 14 as well. He is tall and fair, and he is somewhat of a nerd. He reads all of the time, and is at the top of his class. Somewhere throughout the role-play, he develops a crush on Maggie.
    Peter: Peter is 15, and he has cancer, yet his mom still forces him to attend school.
    He mostly keeps to himself, because he knows that
    meeting people is worthless.
    Florida: Florida is 17, and she
    is like the big sister of the group. John, Maggie, and
    Peter are her friends, but to
    her they are more like family.
    Jackie: She is the "popular girl" of the academy. She
    thinks she can befriend anyone and when Maggie turns her down she is outraged. They become good enemies. Jackie is 16 and very snobby.

    OOC: (So there you have it! You can choose to play the role of any of the above characters. Enjoy!)

    Maggie opened her eyes. "UGGGGG!"
    She placed her bare foot onto the cold hardwood, and as always, it immediately got her blood flowing. She looked at herself in the mirror. How could she be going into high school already? She felt and looked like an 8th grader still. She wasn't tall enough to be a highschooler. At 5'1" she felt growth deprived and continued to ask her mother to take her to a doctor to see if her lack of growth was a medical concern, but of course, like any good mother, she told Maggie she was crazy. As Maggie got dressed, she spent twenty minutes looking for the perfect outfit before remembering that at this school, there were uniforms. If this was meant to prevent bullying, Maggie didn't think it was very effective. Or stylish. The gray sweater and attached plaid skirt were definitely not her. The sweater was itchy, and she never wore skirts. A shirt and jeans were more her style. After completing the first struggle of the day, brushing her hair, she sat down at the table and ate breakfast with her mom and her brother Garrett. Garrett was going to public school because he was in 11th grade an practically out of school already. Maggie didn't see how this was fair. 9th grade was "practically out of school already" too. But no matter how much she begged her mom to let her go back to her normal public school routine, her mom insisted on paying extra money they didn't have, so that Maggie could go to the school of her nightmares instead of the school of her dreams.