The City of Lost Memories

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  1. Plot and Sign Ups:

    Theodore was waiting tables at the cafe below his apartment as usual. it was a rather sunny Friday afternoon, and hot as the middle of summer was meant to be. thermometers spiked at 102 F(38 C), and the cafe was bustling with customers coming to shelter in the air conditioning and quench their thirst with an iced coffee or smoothie. people from every era enjoyed every manner of food and drink. those whose memories were altered saw this unusual gathering of people, technology, trends and all as normal. no one though it out of place because it was what they were wired to understand, altered to believe was their life. if someone from the 17th century was talking to someone from the 21st about recent technology, there was no misunderstanding about the old and the new. peoples clothes, behavior and way of living was usually the same as it was before death, and this too, was normal.

    Theodore was no exception though he woke with no memories. he remembered the day quite well. he had awoken from a slumber, or so he thought, to a pounding headache, and a strange burning sensation all over his skin. he had bolted up with a loud yelp, only to find the mysterious heat quickly fading away. the room had been adorned with top trend familiar 1960's styles, and Theo felt quite at home. he recalled going downstairs, being handed an apron and told he was late for his shift, therefor starting his job at the cafe. he slowly learned about life in this city, seeing nothing wrong with the people there. by now he knew well of cell phones, luxury cars and iPods, but simply preferred a less hi-tech life.

    The cafe itself was in a 1960's theme, likely why he had been placed there. he hustled from table to table, living his life, a life he and the rest of Syringa knew to be normal despite all the dark undertones that ran the city.


    Elri let out a yawn as her ears guided her through the city, her sightless, sky blue eyes unmoving. her faithful German Shepherd, Jethro trotted along beside her. Elri wiped her brow to keep the salty sweat from stinging her eyes, and Jethro let his tongue loll from his mouth as he panted to fight the heat. today was no different then any other in Syringa, save for the record breaking temperatures, but that did happen from time to time, why wouldnt it?

    Elri took a seat on a shaded bench as they reached Syringas central park. Jethro flopped onto his side in the cool grass next to the bench, and Elri looked up. she yearned to know what the sky looked like, the clouds and trees, but she knew it would never happen. instead she often indulged herself with music and cooking, taking advantage of her other senses.

    Elri couldnt help but recall an unusual day she had a few months back. she had woken up in her apartment, her entire body racked with pain, especially her stomach.(where she was crushed by the car). she had cried out in pain, her voice echoing off the silent, empty walls of the apartment. once the pain subsided she turned to the wimpering dog on the blanket on the floor at the foot of her bed. she stroked his fur and comforted him as he awoke, seeming to be in as much pain as she had been, but only for a moment. it took only a few seconds before she started to remember, her apartment, her parents, her life in the unusual city of Syringa. even now she didnt understand the circumctances of that morning, the pain, the short few minutes of memory block.

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  2. Nathaniel was currently walking into a cafe that was in the city. Mainly to escape the terrible heat of the day as he and his hawk felt like they would quickly die of heat stroke out there, and also he found himself hungry. Walking to a far corner of the cafe where the amount of people dwindled out, he found a suitable spot that he chose to sit in. He sat, thinking about what all the city had to offer. What different types of activities he could partake in. He didn't know everything that could happen here, but he knew that there would never be a dull moment.

    His mind kept wandering back to that day when he woke up, in a random room and felt massive amounts of pain, like he had been ran over by a steam roller, and no memory of anything before he had awoken in the room. The pain soon subsided and he took a look around the room. Normal, Renaissancey. He didn't know why, but it seemed familiar. As he kept looking, he found his bird who seemed all ruffled and in pain. Aquilla quickly recovered and the two began exploring the town. They found that they both liked it and decided to just have fun.

    He shook the thoughts out of his head and began petting his hawk, waiting for his waiter. He knew it could take a while, what with all of the people, but he was a very paitient person who didn't mind waiting.
  3. Theodore gave a sigh as he took a breather in the kitchen. after adjusting the little bow-tie around his neck he placed a few plates on a tray and went back out to the dining area, a polite smile on his face as he set plates out for those who had orders put in. he laid out a few bills for finishing customers, collected tips and finally grabbed his pen and pad to head out and take more orders. He took orders with good speed, finally making it back to the far corner of the store where a young man around his age sat alone. "good afternoon sir, do you have any idea of what you would like to order? we also carry pet products if you want to feed your companion."

    this was another thing that was not unusual. people and their pets went everywhere together, cafes and restaurants were pet friendly even serving food to the customers companions. despite the circumstances of them being in such a city, the place was rather people and animal friendly.


    Elri leaned back on the bench, the sound of cicadas singing in the summer heat. it was too hot for her, she was so uncomfortable she couldnt focus on taking in all that was around her as she usually did. She signaled to her canine friend that they were leaving, and he got up, shaking out his fur to rid himself of any leaves or grass stick to his shining fur. Elri smiled as he trotted after her. they headed into town, the sun beating down and reddening Elris cheeks. as they found their usual cafe, they walked in and took their usual spot away from the windows. in the summer they sat in the back where there were less people and it remained cooler. in the winter Elri would sit near the windows so she could feel the sun on her face, while still remaining in the warmth of the building. she sat with Jethro, patiently waiting, her order eventually taken and then proceeding to wait for her iced coffee.
  4. Landon walked down the sidewalk looking down, not exactly knowing why he was in rags and had cuts. The teen lifted up his shirt a bit. "How did I get this?" Landon asked himself. He kept meandering down the sidewalk looking for anywhere with food. For some reason, Landon was starving. Quickly, he saw a near by café. Landon put his hands in front of him and met the glass door. He opened and looked around. How am I in this and they in that? Landon thought. He thought that they were rich or something. Landon walked up to a teen with a small bow tie, looking a little older than him, and asked "Excuse me, can I have some food please?" Not knowing any manners and not knowing he had to order something at a restaurant.
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  5. Nathanial looked up at the person that had neared him. It was a waiter who wasn't to much older than he himself was. "Um... I'll just take some soup, and he'll take whatever you have to feed a bird." He said, his heavy Rennaisance accent aparent in his voice, giving Aquilla a scratch under his chin, who gave a light cooing sound. "Thank you, sir." He said, he didn't remember why of course, but he had a strong sense of being polite and formal, especially around fellow young men.
  6. Theodore jotted the order with a smile, "alright, your order will be right out sir, so please relax." he said, tucking the notepad back into his shirt pocket and going off to pick up dirty plates. he was approached by a slightly younger looking boy, who promptly asked for food. "of course young man, if you will take a seat, i will come and take your order in just a minute ok?" Theo pointed out an clean, empty table with a helpful smile. "i will be right back, and then you can tell me what you want." he patted him on the back before hurrying off to take in dirty dishes and grab and distribute orders.


    Elri gave a content sigh when her iced coffee arrived alongside a bowl of dog food. Jethro heartily ate the food as he sat on the floor beside her chair. She took her first sip of the coffee, and let its icy, bitter-sweet taste dance on her taste buds. she loved to indulge her sense of taste alongside her other senses since she lacked any ability to see. she sipped at her drink contently as she listened to the quiet music emanating from the jukebox in the corner. a small smile graced her lips as she relaxed in the cool comfort of the cafe.
  7. Landon smiled "Thank you," he said kindly. Landon turned to the nice looking table. Landon approached the table and pulled out a chair for himself to sit. He looked around beginning to notice that everybody looked quit older then him. How did I even get here? Landon asked himself. He tried to remember what happened, but nothing came to mind. Feeling drowsy, Landon rested his head on his arm slowly went in and out of sleep. Finally, he told himself that he couldn't go to sleep just yet so, he sat up straight and waited for the nice man.
  8. once Theo had finished up distributing orders and picking up dirty dishes, he grabbed a quick drink of water in the kitchen before heading back out. after taking a few other orders, he came back to the messy looking boy whom he had directed to a seat earlier. "thanks you for waiting, my name is Theodore and i will be your waiter today." he gave his usual work greeting, "what would you like to order?" he asked, a pen and pad in hand to short hand whatever the boy chose to order.
  9. Landon looked at the waiter and stared. "Um....," the young boy started. "Surprise me, I guess." Landon did not know exactly how to read a lot. His mother and father did not teach him how to read a lot, just how to write his name. Landon`s parents were always trying to find work, and so was Landon.
  10. Peter was squinting at the Sun, and admiring the blue sky. He took a deep chest inflating breath. There was something he loved about today's weather. It was something he could relate to, but couldn't put his finger on why.

    Peter had a good pep in his step that mourning. The pain in his throat was gone, and it no longer hurt to swallow. "Today is a great mourning for steak and eggs with a cup of joe." He said to himself while walking down the street. He stopped by an outside vendor to grab the mourning paper, and asked the vendor "where's the nearest diner." The kind old man replied. "Up the road and to left you'll find a nice 60's style diner."

    Once Peter skimmed through the paper he was off. He stepped inside to see all kinds of amazing people. The entire dinner was filled. "I guess i woke up a little late today" he said aloud with a smile. He scanned the room to see any open seating. He saw man with a beautiful hawk, and a young man that looked like he felt a little out of place. Peter spotted a nice bar stool at the front counter where he could scan the room and admire the activity.
  11. Theo was a bit surprised, but gave a light hearted chuckle, "sure thing kid, I will have something whipped up in a jiffy." He said, tucking the pad and pen back in his pocket. He headed back to the kitchen to gives orders, then took any ready meals to be distributed and continued the cycle that he'd been on all morning. On his way out of the kitchen he spotted a man at the bar, and realized the cafe was a bit short handed. Luckily, he spotted light aqua blue amongst the customers from varying eras. "Hey El, I know todays your day off, but you think you could lend a hand?" Elris pale blue eyes looked up, sightless as they were and she nodded. Theo knew she was blind and told her quietly that there was only on person at the bar, a male.

    He quickly dropped of meals, finishing with the man who'd brought his hawk with him. "If there's anything else you need, just ask" Theodore gave a polite smile.


    Elri had finished up with her cake a coffee as a familiar voice called out to her. Her co-wprker Theo asked for her help, and she assumed the was no one attending the bar at the moment. She muttered a comand to her dog, who went and sat in his usual spot behind the counter while Elri headed to the back room. She grabbed a spare work shirt in her size, the dark purple button up with 'Bitter-Sweet Brews' embroidered on the left side. Elri unbuttoned the cuffs and rolled the sleeves up to her elbows, then pinned her nametag beneath where the shop name was stitched and headed out to the bar.

    Elri normally worked the later shifts mixing drinks, since the cafe doubled as a morning coffee shop and a late night drink destination, but she could easily take on the earlier crowds. She listened for the slightest bit of nearby movement and glanced at the man with her sightless blue eyes. "Are you ready to order sir?" She asked with a polite smile. By now she was very comfortable with her ability to hide her disability, and spoke with the confidence of someone who was completely normal.
  12. Landon ate the delicious food. He ate it so fast one bite at a time. It was a cheese burger with lots of things in it. In only 2 minutes he ate the entire burger and began eating the French fries. He Landon ate as if it were the only meal he has ever had. After he finished, Landon stood up and went to the waiter. "Thank you for the meal," he said gratefully.
  13. Theo had finished waiting on an older couple when the boy came up from behind him. "wow done already? youre quite the hearty eater!" he smiled as he dug into his shirt pocket, pulling out a slip of paper. "here, since youre all done here is your bill, you can pay at the register over there" he pointed out the clerk before handing slips to a few tables nearby.

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