The city is crumbling

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    Welcome to the only city left in this horrible world, humans are surviving but not with out sacrifices. Very few humans leave the wall that protects us from the demons, the government invented an invisible force field to keep away the flying demons. Humans leave the wall only to retrieve supplies from outside, most don't come back eaten and/or taken as slaves and not the demons do horrible things to these humans. Very few women and girls live in the city most were caught long ago by the demons, most that live inside the wall have high roles and are very respected.

    Store owner
    Disposable(supplies retriever):

    To join give a picture of your character and then a bio one paragraph is the minimum.

    1. No godmodding
    2. No killing without permission(even with demons)
    3. No OOC drama or fighting
    4. Be active
    5. Don't leave without telling me
    6. Please is you have questions message me
    7. Be advanced with your posts, four sentences is the minimum
    8. Have fun
    9. Put 'I will survive' in other
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    My name is Luna. My mother named me Luna because she said I was her moon and my brother was her sun. My brother is Blaze. He was the sun in my mothers life. After our father died, she had to care for us while we were both still only 6 or 7. It put a lot of stress on her and she had a hard time. So we got early jobs at community centers so we could help to pay bills and such. We made her smile but it didn't save her from her stroke that ended up killing her. We were 12 at the time, each of us at our respective jobs as both a military tactician and a neuroscientist. We both got a call from the hospital telling us to come as soon as possible. We feared for the worst and prayed that our mother, who had tried so hard to support us, was still living and breathing. She wasn't. Not when we arrived. We were too late to save her. She passed on into a better life. Somewhere safe from what had been attacking us for years months now outside our protective walls. Her sun and her moon remained to help protect the citizens who lived within the great walls and we never forgot her. And we made a sacred promise that was never to be broken.
    Never let the fire burn so hot that you cannot reach your goals. Keep it calm and keep it low so that the water can safely flow.
  3. Welcome dear friend, Accepted give Mr a second and I'll create a character.

    What jobs are they doing?
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    I don't remember my real name but call me ghost, I also don't remember much of my past. I know I had a sister and I know she is still alive but I don't know where. I can't remember how old I am or how long I have been living in this trash filled hole they say that 'protects' us. I believe we are all going to die here, I however will survive I have so far. My job you ask, I am one of the many Disposable but I am one of the few that have lived as long as I have.
  5. Luna is a military tactician and Blaze is a neuroscientist.
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