The Circus of Dreams (SHUT DOWN)

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    • The Circus of Dreams

      Surface Premise
      Welcome one, welcome all, to the Circus of Dreams!
      Do be sure to enjoy your stay, as we try to make your experience the best of the best!
      We've hired only the most talented, most graceful, and even the cutest preformers out there!
      Do not throw things down into the preformance area! You will disturb their act and you will be escorted out of the theatre with your company as soon as possible for such ill behavior!
      If you begin to feel light headed, don't worry! It's only the special allure of our show!
      Please do not exit the theatre until the show is over. If you are in need of the restroom, do inform one of our supervisors that are constantly walking up and down the aisles.
      Above all, do not speak to the preformers! They have too much to have to be burdened with the many questions of the audience.
      Do enjoy the show...
      You'll have no choice but to...

      The only word to describe where you are forced to live your entire life, is Hell.
      Whether you were born here...
      Or were forced here...
      It is your home, for now, and for eternity.
      Sure, there are others, but it's completely hopeless to escape.
      The Head Preformers... The Guards... They're impossible to beat or get past.
      They're completely transfixed on serving the Headmaster, one could call them Satan himself, though none have actually seem him, none but the Head Preformers or Guards.
      Though the rest of the preformers, they know to fear them... Even if he is not present, the thought of him standing over them, watching them, breathing down their neck for every living moment, just waiting for them to break a rule is engrained in their minds.
      Training is dreadful, many have gone mad through the process of it, but still must serve in the circus.
      The Head Preformers constantly berate you, and your fellow slaves, calling you freaks, treating you lower than dirt, and damaging your psyche every day.
      There is no normality in your life; not even the people who come in to see the "Dream" Circus.
      They already had the souls sucked out of them by time it was all of your turns to come out.
      The circus's sole purpose was to collect souls, en masse. About 20% of the population of Earth have succumbed to it's effects, becoming smiling, empty puppets to only go around and tell all of the circus, which opened once a month.
      Your life of hell won't end, so will you get used to it and live with it?
    • RULES
      No making your character some nutso crazy strong creature - MMKAY. This is usually the first up problem in any type of supernatural creature roleplay. If your character is able to do crazy crap like make the sun explode or kill someone by touching them, thats not okay. Okay? Okay. You can make a custom one yourself, just remember this rule and follow common sense...

      You have a character limit of 4 - Yeah, i've noticed that with WAY too many characters, an rp can get a little... Ehh... Out of control. Four's a good cap.

      A limit of 5 sentences, please! - If you're really expecting someone to work off a one or two sentence post, you're nuts. Especially if everyone else is posting with WAY more length than you, it both isn't fair for you or everyone else, nor would it be in your comfort zone. This is a WARNING. This is for people who can post pretty long often.

      No constant posting - Please, this is very annoying. Unless a certain event pops up, an order, although unspoken, will be created. I know order rps can SUCK but it's only so the rp doesn't get centered on only two or three people.
      If someone's character is speaking and/or making an action directly to your character, please respond to it - It's a biiiit of a dick move to purposefully ignore someone's post for whatever reason. If it was a mistake, just state that you didn't see it. No one's perfect, just don't be that person.

      The role of a demon is LIMITED - Again, i'm going to sound like a butt for this, but yeah i'm limiting any demon-esque roles for the plot's sake. I may allow demon roles in the future for the public, but for now only I can orchestrate any demon role characters. Don't ask or bug me for it, it'll only lower your chances, a lot.

      This is not a soap opera - Meaning, don't be having your character being overly dramatic and causing all sorts of problems every. Single. Damn. Post. It is very grating and will only get you kicked out.
      No animals/furry characters - I will scream if I see this. In any way shape or form. Please guys, no.

      No character hijacking - I will kill a man if I also see this. It's not cool. Don't do it. If you want to control every single damn character in a story, write your own ya power hungry derk.

      No technology or large possessions - If you really think that your character could have a phone or puppy in a circus of mistreated creatures, I have no idea what type of reality you're living in. No. Don't do it. Little things like a necklace or broken watch are fine.

      There is literally no limit to how your character was "trained" - Yeah... Thats where the "magic" unfolds. Your character could have been whipped into submission, clicker trained, bell trained, all sorts of triggers and fears are possible, just as long as they aren't unreasonable, like things that are technology-related. Be CREATIVE.

      Warnings -
      This rp is NOT for the light of heart or the soft of mind. Themes of psychological torture and mental illness are going to be the norm in this rp. If you join and then it gets too intense for you, do not say I didn't warn you.

      Sexual themes are to be kept to spoilers. Please. Keep the taco to weiner action locked up into a spoiler. This isn't a Liberteen/Libertine rp.​
    • Character Sheet (Mandatory to be able to join in)

      Species (Give an explanation for those who don't know/for a custom one)
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  1. First off, taco to weiner action. I-just- It's too late for me to be laughing this hard.
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  2. Why yes I have a strange sense of humor~
  3. Sorry for misinformation; This is the OOC thread. Follow the "Signups" button and put your character bio there!
  4. Before I create my cs, minus the furries, what other characters types can we not play or you do not like?
  5. No demon/demon related characters, Or purely animal characters. Anything else is fine.
  6. Okay. Would you like pictures or just really good descriptions? Sorry if I ask weird questions, I just like to make sure I get all information before making a CS.
  7. Either is fine. Refer to the thread via the Signup button in the Overview to put your skeletons on.
  8. Name: Ariel Surana

    Gender: Female

    Age: 19

    Specialty: Tight rope gymnastics

    Species: Human

    Appearance: [​IMG] Has an old silver chain around her neck from her childhood.

    Relationships: Her parents, both deceased.
  9. Accepted.
  10. What's with the shut down? Does that mean that this RP isn't going anymore or is it just part of the name?
  11. Check out Cirkus Azyl Bizarre & Beautiful if anyone is looking for a good circus rp.
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