The Chronicles of Narnia

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  1. Narnia is back and recreated. Aslan and Mr.Tumnus have also returned along with many many other characters. With the rebirth of Narnia comes the rebirth of Darkness and Evil as well this time a small group of young adults fall upon the Door to Narnia in the old run down house of the professor. Yes the professor from Way back when with Lucy, Peter, Edmond, and Susan. However this time it is a cupboard. Welcome to the new Narnia new endless winter, with a New White Witches. New adventures.

    6 young adults 21-20
    - Male @LuckycoolHawk9
    - Male @Zanmar
    - Male @Pasi
    - Female @~Dark Disney~
    - Female @Brea
    - Female @Princess Poisoned Rose

    Aslan-Taken @~Dark Disney~
    Caspian @Shayla
    White Witch open pm to take this have questions @Shayla
    Mr. Tumnus open
    New narnians-
    Telmarine @Pasi
  2. I am interested.
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  3. role?
  4. One of those male humans who found Narnia. ( Do you mind if he is a grandson of one of the original four?)
  5. sure
  6. Save me a young adult female! And I might take up a male later, if we end up needing one.
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  7. Cool. Probably going to be Peter's Grandson
  8. sure thing
  9. Sorry, I don't really know a lot about the narina series, I never really got into it very much...
  10. Oh well no need for a background to join
  11. i will take the last female
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  12. yes
  13. @Brea would you like to make sister siblings?
  14. I could join in and take a male spot
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  15. Sure, that sounds fun! I'm at work right now though, so do you wanna send me a pm?
  16. Caspian and White Which please. ^^
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  17. pm me on white witch
  18. May I have the last male for the young adults and then do a new female Narinan?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.