The Chronicles of Elym; An Early Development Rp Looking For Interest.

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  1. Greetings, I do not have much that I can put here as of yet. However this is going to be an epic Fantasy rp set in medieval times in a magical and non existent world. If that tickles your pickles then I ask that you head on over to my development blog. Currently there are five rather long winded entries explaining some of the basics of the world and what have you.

    This thread serves only as a testing of the waters to find people who want to follow the blog and offer criticism/content for me to consider while I introduce the world through blog posts that will come at least 2 times a week. (5 times at most).

    Head on over, read what I have so far and if you are interested please let me know. I do not expect to finish for a while, but those that show interest now, and keep that interest as we reach the point where we can begin, will be guaranteed a spot in the main rp, which will have limited player slots upon initial opening.

    To be frank, I am looking for players that want to find an rp they can commit to for the long term. Experience, reliability, and flexibility are the traits I am looking for. Not only that but those that show up now and stick around will most likely find themselves in co - gm positions down the road. So I hope that those who express interest would also be interested in that as well.

    Either way. Here you go :)
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  2. Hi there Senpai! Anything high fantasy, medieval shall always catch my interest. (And I am not stalking you I promise) I might not be available for a couple months down the road, basic training maybe? super long story, but I am very interested in this kind of thing. I shall read all your things
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  3. Can I rate thank and love at the same time???

    Thank you for the interest :)

    And no problem, I intend this rp for mid July. Therefor you have plenty of time to sort things IRL. Also, stalk me all you want bb
  4. Mid July Might just be the time I'm leaving. So I very may well jump in a little late but that would be fine. doesn't matter. I will however stalk your blog like and comment on everything I wish and follow you along on this journey!!

    omg omg omg omg omgomgomg senpai noticed me
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  5. I'm definitely interested.
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  6. Okay, after reading everything, I'm 10x more interested and will try my best to keep up with it. Just so you know, there's some missing info in the stats explanations. And I think at luck (1) you meant to put if all five are EVEN, not odd? Cause then you put at the end "If all are odd"

    Does that make sense? XD
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  7. Yes Thank you, I just finished that last night before bed and the long day broke my brain xD.

    I have fixed the issue, and you can re check it if you want :)

    Also, I am happy to hear you are interested and I hope you can make it to release time as well :D. I will most likely be posting in this thread whenever I update the blog, to help people keep up :).
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  8. Update Time:

    A new Blog has been Posted.

    I hope the wait was worth it.
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  9. I remember joining this RP when I first joined the site almost a year ago.

    Ive been waiting for this to come back.

    Consider me in when you decide to ressurect it.
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  10. It really is great to see you again Persona.

    Welcome Back.
  11. Excitement-r-us

    The 6th blog post is now up.

    Do enjoy.
  12. Wow, two in a row.

    #7 is up.
  13. I apologize for my absence! Not only have I had little access to Internet, much less a computer, but I also broke my wrist early Tuesday morning trying to dismount a horse. Until I get back to the comfort of my own home (and also get a permanent cast on), I simply won"t be on here except to keep up on everything. I might post here and there to let everyone know I'm still around but not much more than that. My apologies!

    (Note: This a generic message that I am posting where I think I can still participate so sorry if it seems out of place.)
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  14. Oh noes! I hope your wrist gets better real quick! And do not worry, I developed this early interest check so that stud like this wouldn't stall out schedule :) you have plenty of time so get lost of rest and feel lots of better!

    I am currently working on creating the world map for this, as we have now completely fleshed out the history of the world over on my blog.

    This project will probably stall blog development by a little bit, but it will be worth it.



    I know, I know, not much.


    That itty bitty island continent is Caertohma :) The starting location of the rp, the rest of Elym is divided in three other large continents. Caertohma is about a third of the size of the smallest of those, so I am going to put my nose to the grindstone here! By by for now!
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  16. I just spent the last five hours 'playing'

    Is the smudging to much??

  17. Lol I legit thought the map was just going to be Africa when you said the world was about as big..

    Like you talk about caertohma being a little island off the main continent and I am just like "oh so its basically madagascar."

    It was so perfect.
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  18. Now I just have to spend three hours drawing a mountain image I am somewhat happy with.. lol
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