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  1. Hello! My name is MoonTeller as you can plainly see, I have been a roleplayer for quite a few years now. Today I'd like to take my first step into GMing a Roleplay.

    I have tried this before but the site I was using (rpguild) was shut down before I got anywhere.

    For my first Rp I had an idea going and was wondering if anyone would be interested. Here it is:

    Story Premise (open)

    This the the main background/plot the story would be based around. Although it would probably be more strongly based on the characters themselves.

    4000 years in the past the world of Ethollo was ruled by dragons, big magnificent and intelligent beasts that constructed massive structures of whitestone. The wise old leader of the dragons travelled the world seeking to learn all the secrets of life and the creation of their world.

    After many years the king returned to the Dragon city of Fandell, he had learned much about the world and inscribed 6 tomes with the knowledge and power he held, but he knew that the secrets were to dangerous and powerful to be shared with his Dragon brethren, so he decided to seal each and every one of the tomes away all over the world, each book represented a different type of knowledge that he discovered on his journey. One such book: The Chronicle of Death held records of 'almost' every single creature or being that ever has and ever will live, when they come into being and when they are taken out, and how. This book held powers over spirits and death so strong that inscribed in the book were secrets of the dead, how to control the spirits, how to live forever, and how to destroy all life from existence.

    This kind of power the king buried far beneath the city sealing it within the chamber of his ancestors a place which was soon to become his own tomb. After this the king gave an announcement to the Dragon kind, saying a dark future was to come and they could not prevent it, even himself with his unstoppable knowledge and power would not have stood a chance.

    He gave up his rights as king and casted one last incantation, this spell was so powerful that all the dragons just vanished leaving their massive structures and their colossal city's empty. For this spell was to seal the tomes away from the darkness to come, and to only allow those prophesied with souls of pure light or darkness to open the seals and control the books of knowledge.

    Much later in the future the world became full of life as towns and cities were created and inhabited by the modern day denizens of Ethollo. Humans, elves, dwarves, orcs, and many other sentient creatures took up residence in the ruins of the ones before. No one really questioned where the structures came from, and soon enough all the old inscriptions and books from the Dragon days were turned into legends and legends to myths.

    There was no dragons, there was no ultimate tomes of knowledge, and there was no coming darkness. That's what they believed, for a long time they denied the seemingly ridiculous story's of prophesies and demons, even when the rumors started going around. And the darkness started spreading.

    Now the legends told of the mythical power and those capable of using it. Finally the time has come for these prophesied hero's of legend to come to reality, but what will they do with this power?

    The choice to save the world, or to end it is now in their hands.....

    Okay, so that was more of an OOC start then the basics, but it said what was what.

    This Rp would be close to sandbox but with an overall goal and the world's history set, some towns, races, events, and factions can created by players, big things should be run by everyone but small things like names could just be inserted in the IC.

    The only two things I would not like is: Godmodding/Overpowered characters, and characters who are "too much" I should say.

    Again, this is my first attempt at GMing and would like as much feedback as possible.

    As a start, how's this Sign-up/Plot chat look? Any big mistakes? More information?
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  2. I bet skyrim started with a punchline about as long as that. It's a good beginning. sets up a WORLD around the idea. gives characters a reason to do what they are doing. Destiny can be a powerful storytelling tool if not over-exhaggerated. I'de love to joint his story, but i have to say I'de like to know more about it first! ^_^
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  3. xD

    Yeah, I understand. So what kind of information would I need here? I just want to make sure, so I don't litter the page with useless dribble.

    I am assuming a location, and a starting plot point perhaps?

    Races and such I believe I didn't explain much on either.....
  4. sometimes with an idea this big, less is more. throwing every Race imaginable into a storyline can be overwhelming. because then that begs a question as to how all the races get along with eachother, and before you know it have a Tolkien-sized mash-up of over-explained information that can deprive a story from it's goals and takes time and energy away from your players.

    I think you need three or four things.

    1- a starting point. A place where all the characters end up at once, and for the love of god, not a tavern, XD taverns are always the go-to and it's cliché as hell UNLESS you have a good supporting reason.

    2-A set of MOST Common races, and why they are most common.

    3- a list of Cities the players can be from, or regions at the cery least.
  5. Alright, thanks!

    I'll edit it all in tomorrow morning.

    And don't worry, it's not a tavern.


    I know, it's way overused!
  6. Hey! This RP looks pretty good, but yes, I do think it would be nice to have a few guidelines to help design our characters. I second what Desaecula said but I'm definitely interested in joining this when everything's a bit more fleshed out.
  7. Hey here's something I forget to do when I GM. EVENTS! Do Not Forget Them! If you do stories turn into a standstill because no one knows what to do. But, if you sandbox it too much the story gets too wild. So just make sure you keep on those two things other than that I would love to join.
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  8. SO how goes the good work, Moonteller?
  9. Yeah. We'll need to know our current limitations.


    Powers? if any.
    CLasses? (Not necessarily, but job either, should probably optional).

    A solid structure base.
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  10. Alright, sorry for the wait, technical difficulties on my end. I apologize.

    Okay. a small map and list of cities and notable locations which I'll put up right quick.

    1: Races: The races in this Rp will probably be somewhat vast, I'd like to make some exceptions for characters involving this but don't want anyone going to overboard with anything or to ask about overpowered or unrelated races. (Ex, no angels, demons, undead, immortals, ect.)

    The basic fantasy races are applicable, here are the main races that populate the content:

    Humans. (The main race of ruling, most cities have human rulers and figures of note. There's not much to say about them that's not otherwise obvious, but the main city of the continent is ruled by a human king.)

    Dwarves. (A race that's plenty able in both knowledge and skill, they average with elves and humans as the major three races. They are as smart as they are strong. The dwarves have a stronghold in the northern mountainsas well as an assortment of settlements along other mountain ranges all ruled by a monarchy including a king as his sole heir. Regardless they are a prominent race that fears little discrimination due to the value of their resources and skills involving crafting.)

    Elves. (The average wanderers throughout the continent, their are no homelands from which they hail from on the continent. It is known that they as well as a few other races come from other lands over sea and have yet to establish many places of sovereignty. They are quite common but are shunned by certain circles due to their higher knowledge of the arcane.)

    Dark Elves. (These are a different type of elves found only within a single small empire within a series of underground fortresses in the deep southern portion of the continents single desert. They aren't usually seen in the forested grasslands to the north or east but are quite common around the entirety of the desert and the cities/villages within.)

    Orcs. (They are stupid, their entire race lives a mostly simple and basic lifestyle in all reaches of the land, they gladly trade and work alongside anyone they can, usually preferring dwarves due to their physical capabilities. Even the stupidest of orcs knows how to talk and work any job involving strength. Although their are known bands of barbaric orc raiders most are just as civilized as any human. They don't have any capital or hierarchy outside of their chieftains of each separate tribe.)

    Birdmen. (These along with Lizardfolk and Kajari are natives of a continent found in southern lands far from this continent. All three races aren't very common in any places outside of the citadel, and even so are usually looked upon as quite..... "foreign" and usually in the worst of ways. Each race has their own native language and beliefs that are not known to the main populace aside from a few ambitious scholars or themselves.)

    As for the birdmen in particular they are not a very talkative group they are usually found in employment by the king as messengers or couriers, the odd part about them is even though they are covered in feathers and have many birdlike features they cannot fly, at least not any heard of before. Their pristine eyesight and quick reflexes make them proficient archers and good scouts.)

    Lizardfolk: (I'll post up something when I get the chance next. For now, think Argonians from the Eldar Scrolls series.)

    Kajari: (Again I'll post when I can, and as well they are similar to Khajjit also from the Eldar Scrolls series.)

    Okay, I'll throw up the locations and regions as well as the accompanying map and legend next.

    Then I'll finish the races. And add detail where's needed including appearance, background and any notable features. I'd appreciate any and all suggestions regarding this part.

    An then I'll put up optional powers and classes as well as occupations and allegiances.

    In the meantime feel free to give suggestions and let me know of any errors and things I should work on.

    (I apologize if this post isn't the best, I've recently been stuck with using my phone now, but I believe I'm working it out.)
  11. Thank you all for posting so far, I'm taking notes as is in order to be the best GM I can be!

  12. This is shaping up nicely, I like it! I'm slightly disappointed you can't play demons in this since I've got a demonic character I've been trying to fit into a RP for a while now but I've got a few ideas for other characters I could use.
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  13. This is exactly what the planning phase should be like. Well done, Teller. ^_^ I'm enjoying this read too. awesme job at making avian race non-cliche' !
  14. I mainly play Demons. And Unless I make a Human cursed to the point his appearance changed., I might go human just because. (As in Demonic in appearance, but for all incentives, he's a human. Same lifespan if not lower, Str.Spd, stamina limitations, maybe sickly, as it fits a pale character), etc. As long I can be a knight with a Zweihanher, and would still lose to a Orc, I do not mind those.

    But I'll think about making a normal human, if those kind of mods aren't permitted.
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