The Chosen Few Series: Book One, The City in Hell

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  1. There once was a time where vampires were seen as evil and indeed most were. But that was over 1000 years ago before the great demon war. The vampires were treated as if they were humans with simply a different type of food. They can either take the blood filled capsules or go to one of the many stores that sold chilled blood packs to sustain them. Of course, like any society there were a few rebels, they would go for weeks without feeding. Then their instincts would take over and send them after the nearest human and they would drink so much it would kill the person. Instead of killing the vampire the authorities would treat them as a criminal and capture them throwing them in jail. Depending on if it was intentional to starve themselves or not would effect their sentence. If it was completely against their control they would just sit in prison for a few years. If they meant for it to happen they would be given the death sentence.

    Vahn was one such person. No one knows exactly how old he is. Only that he is vulgar. He wore a dark blue hoodie with dark brown hair coming down to just below his eyes. The light that came in the car gleamed off his dark grey eyes, glaring up at the house in annoyance for the lack of the understanding of time the twins, Rikko and Rikku, seem to have. It seems every day they are either impatiently waiting or rushing because they are late for work.
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