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  1. The year is 2075 and world we have all known and loved has change in many aspects. One of those aspects is the human race as become aware that the world isn't as black and white as it seems, especially when a strange craft crash into the ocean. All around the world; scientist, deep-sea divers and welders, and military forces sent their best people out to the area. Within weeks these few where able to savage the strange craft and have it token to an undisclosed location. Once there astronomers and technology specialist worked to figure out the advancements and quickly found themselves no longer alone in the universe, and way behind in technology. Fearing an invasion the world governments came up with an a plan know as Night Storm, where willing individual immersed themselves in the alien tech. Hundreds of military, scientist, astronomers, and people considered genius tried to learn the tech but all fail.

    That is until a strange message arrived at NASA via satellite. The message was almost human, but more complex and asked for the return of the craft. Knowing the other races advantage and still having no idea about the tech, the government refused to give in. A couple of months went by and the studies continued, the message long forgotten that is until strange lights echoed through the sky in almost lighten like flashes. The government hid it under a cover up story, as they dug deeper. Quickly they realized that all the lights had happened over expecting parents homes. Instead of inducing panic the government start to watch everything having to do with these people. But when a government official figure out that his son’s unborn child is among the many others, he leaks a top secret military plan known as Night Storm. The document reviled that the government had monitored children all around the world.

    The rumors caused confusion for many, others saw it as other conspiracy bull, but to the hundreds of people whose children were on the document worry started to sit in. However, as years passed and nothing ever came to light the threat was long forgotten. None of them is realizing how completely wrong they were until the children started to go into puberty. On the children's 14th birthday strange black vehicles started to show up in the dead of night ripping the children from their parents. Many of the children were over looked as runaways. However, for those of the parents that had seen the madness a threat of imprisonment was used to quite them.

    But some parents started to make plans to keep their children safe. Their plans were to change the child's name, forge documentation, and send the child away. The plan had gone as plan, allowing dozens of the children to escape. But none could image the damage that the act could cause, after these children started to reach maturity. Believing they were protecting their children they acted, but they were condemning them. Their children weren't normal children, and as time goes on they come to see how abnormal they truly are. In fear of the population’s safety a group forms to hunt these children down, but they might be more than they bargain for especially when they realize who and what they are and how truly powerful they are.

    Need To Know Information (open)
    All the kids have Telekinesis, photographic memory, along with some telepathic abilities. They also each possess an elemental ability. The Telekinetic and Telepathic abilities are needed to operate the weaponry. The Photographic memory makes them easy to train and remember the enemies’ tactics. But the Elemental power is more or less and safety major, kind of like a squid inking to get away. They can easily be overpowered by electricity and the government has developed special restraints for this.

    My Character Sheet (open)
    ☪Astharoth Marquis☪, Aqua
    Name: Astharoth Marquis
    NickName: "Astharoth Of The Azure Flame" (He only has this Nickname because he's Legendary for his "Azure Flame")
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Astharoth is Mysterious and Charming, very intelligent and resourceful as well as he is kind.

    Abilities: Manipulator of Azure Flames, Water, Air, Lightning, He also secretly has Strong Telepathy as well as able to Levitate because of his mastery over air.

    Secret Talents: Astharoth is a great singer and secretly is a very talented Violin player.

    Physical Abilities: Astharoth is physically strong and swift as well as is quite skilled in hand to hand martial arts.

    Biography: Astharoth was the very first of the many children whom acquired mysterious powers, making him the first target that the government went after, which he has eluded the government for many many years since getting his powers at the age of eight and has been training and developing new powers along the way until the point he is at now and has Mastered fire being his first power and then mastering the other powers he knows over the years since he had so long to learn and practice, making him a Legend among his kind well known by all the older kids who have powers, as well as some younger ones, He was the first to escape the government facility using his "Azure Flames" when he was the age of ten, which made him the Legend he is to this day.
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  2. I would love to do this rp with you! ^-^
  3. Sweet alright put a character sheet up! Can you handle playing multiple NPC's? And someone whom has a love interest with your female character that isn't my character and is out to get the "New Guy" when he comes around? XP
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  4. I'm more than happy to play multiple characters. So you also want competition another male ^-^ I should be able to do that.
  5. Yeah not exactly multiple characters Just on-going NPC's with the group she's a leader of with like two other older kids, they have a hideout somewhere and they leave the younger kids at their "Base" while they go out and bring back people like themselves, I was thinking you and the two leaders could be trying to get another one whom is a bit schizophrenic about meeting in public because of the government tries to attack your person because they think your with the government or whatever and my person whom is known as a legend saves yours from getting hit by a vehicle cause the one that your trying to bring back is like a fire user as well as can use earth or something and fire users are supposed to be bull-headed hot heads and shit, just like the competition for the love interest but your person has no affection for him because he tried to assault her one time or something and he's younger than both of them.. anyway yeah thats the jist XD
  6. Sounds good ^-^ I'm happy playing npcs as long as you do to and how much older I'm thinking 20.
  7. Actually I was thinking the two would be the same age and everyone else would be younger cause remember they're all still kids so they'd be in their teens.
  8. ^-^ alright 19 it is! I'll put a character sheet together asap. Just stuck on my mobile right now.
  9. Alright its all good. and like my pic? XP
  10. Yes I do ^-^ I'm working on mine now
  11. kk~ and thanks. :D
  12. Sorry this is taking so long got dragged out for half the day finally on my laptop. ^-^ will not be long promise!
  13. Oh alright dear. ^^;
  14. Name: Keira Zeral
    Age: 19
    Nickname: KZ
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5 foot 7
    Weight: 58 kg
    Personality: Strong willed, brave very smart, friendly to most people (She believes in second chances with people except to one or two) She is always very flexible and would risk her life to help another.
    Powers: Manipulation of lightning, extremely fast reflexes and durability she still hates getting knocked over. Designed to adapt.
    Biography: You will find out. She will explain a lot of it on her own promise <3


  15. Sexy pic~ <3 and Love the thing~ Wanna get the IC started or how should we do this so I can post the IC link in the thread thingy? :P
  16. Thankyou ^-^ umm and it's up to you how you want to get started ^^
  17. Cause I mean your suppose to take a team to go meet the new person your trying to take in and thats when my guy just happens to be around the scene and protects your and gets hurt himself in the process.
  18. hrmmm I see what you mean. I can start us off then thread or pm or what? ^^
  19. Alright sounds like a good Idea! ^^ You start us off and give me the thread through PM or something and I'll post the link in the IC link thingy but remember to put the title and who is in it as well as that its the IC in the title thingy, though I'm sure I don't need to tell you this XD
  20. ^-^ cool I can do that