The Challenge of Aelhurst

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  1. Iris Sat, staring at a large sign that read 'Aelhurst' in large, unmissable Falu red letters. For the third time since her best friend Chris disappeared, she had fallen through dimensions. First she was at home, reading manga peacefully, then all of a sudden she spazzed out as if she had the feeling of falling down stairs backwards, and landed on her butt somewhere else.
    She stood up, adjusted her black right-above-the-knee skirt and dusted her white tank top and unbuttoned her long coat. She took her dull brown hair and put it in a ponytail, leaving some of the bangs still in front of her face (If you need a visual, think of a brown haired Winry Rockbell from fullmetal alchemist). She reached into her loose-fitting combat boot and grabbed her 'indestructible' glasses and gently put them on her face. Her vision cleared and she was staring at a peaceful-looking town.
    She huffed, then realized that she might not have papers! She scrambled, feeling anywhere the papers might be. She looked at her boots, even painstakingly taking them off and turning them upside down. She looked for pockets in her outfit, but there was none. She realized there was only one more place one might be. She turned around, checked her bra. Sure enough, she found the paper. She grabbed her pencil from her shoelaces, and drew intricate lines on the paper, are it down, put her hands on it, and it started glowing. A portal formed, in which Iris reached in and grabbed a bunch of papers.
    "Now I won't run out." She mumbled. She entered the tiny town, seeing many shops. There was a library, a cafe, a grocery, a bank, and other things you would see in a stereotypical town. She drew up another portal and took out her big headphones, setting them on her head and pressing play. She walked through, deciding where to enter first.

    This is... well the town described. You can be a shop owner or another traveler. I will respond as much as possible. Try more than one liners, but I get your reasoning for them. Swearing is allowed but don't overdo it. Weapons and flights are allowed. Please if you have to do 'it', fade to black. Me and the other teens don't need that smutty stuff XD no killing without mine or other people's permission. If you do they can immediately respawn and have rights to the saying, 'an eye for an eye'. Any sort of character is allowed. You can do a character (eg: Winry Rockbell, America, Mickey Mouse, Loki, Hatsune Miku, Kyon, Markiplier, Spongebob, Cloud, Mario, You name it.) Your oc (own character) or completely make one up. Just pay attention to other characters so you don't have the same exact one. Rp at your own risk! If you get offended, angry, or pissed off in anyway, get over it, because we don't care. now LETS START! XD