The chains burn me...

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  1. Meet Cassie: A sixteen year old run away who got taken into the slave market. She's spent weeks in the small cage of the kennel they kept her in, and because she seems like such a handful no owner wants to buy her. Violant and a smart ass with a mouth, she swears to break away from anyone who buys her. But when a new fire elementalist shows up and she catches his eye, will she still be able to spit hell fire... at someone who can CONTROL fire?

    I've really been craving a slave x master rp where the master is an elementalist. It's been awhile since I've played a slave in an rp. Sadly, I always lose track of forum rp's, so if you wanna do it PLEASE PM ME. I'm dying to do another good abusive slave rp. And don't be scared you'll be too rough on her, she needs to be broken, even if it means a broken bone or two along the way... Cassie-1.jpg