The Cat's Paw: Cyberpunk-backstaberoo

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    Cat's paw - a person used unwittingly or unwillingly by another to accomplish the other's purpose.

    Somewhere in the milky way, sometime in the future.

    You're an analyst for Syndicate X. I am an accountant for Conglomerate Y. We are competing for opportunities. We are contracting many smaller corporations to do the grunt work.

    In fact, we are contracting each other.


    The Cat's Paw is a space-faring-cyberpunk double-triple-quadruple-(or maybe none at all)-cross rp. There are only two laws in this universe: your loyalty to your company (note: not necessarily to your coworkers), and your company's desire for profit. We will compete for various ventures and eventually vie for control of the Big Cheese at the center of the galaxy.


    The name of the game is information. Each chapter will begin with a statement of publicly available information. Your only resource is credits: use them wisely to purchase information, subterfuge, sabotage, or 'security contractors'. Make alliances. Lie.

    To make actions (i.e. double-cross) in this game non-trivial, you will have finite credits that you will use to pay for various actions. Otherwise, everything else is 'soft' gaming - there are no resource tracking systems, point systems, or anything of that sort.


    Be the monopoly.
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