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  1. Ok, this is a new idea I just had in class today and thought I would give it a try! I think I explained everything but if not, feel free to ask me any questions! So here it is:

    Link to RP:

    "Come one come all for fun games, interesting people and the Main Event when the Ringmaster and his magician will make one lucky audience member a part of the show! He or she will be able to join the crew and travel with them all around the world- an experience that all want to have. This is the place for fun for the whole family from little Susie to Grandpa Bert."

    There is a fair, it emerges every 10 years on the same date at different places all around the world each time. After 5 weeks they are gone once again. No one has ever seen the fair twice so come while you can for this once in a lifetime experience.

    But get your ticket soon because once it leaves, don't expect to see this carnival again, they never go to the same place twice and if so, it will be long after you've died. None know where they will go next- not even the people who work there. The only being who can control what happens on the

    fairgrounds it the ringmaster.

    The only thing with this fair is… All the carnival workers seem to be from scattered places and times- there is one girl with a 50s style dress leading the ring toss, a boy with an afro and a shirt that anyone would throw away after the 70s ended and a variety of others like this. It doesn't seem to make sense but it's a carnival, what does? When they are asked about their clothes the act like you are the strange one for not wearing it. They don't understand that their era has passed.

    Why can't they remember what has gone on in between the carnival's stops? How did they even join the carnival? Why is everyone that works there have the same
    necklace that they can never take off? It's up to you to figure it out…

    Character Skeleton:
    Carnival or audience: (do you work for the carnival or did you just come to check it out)

    *only applies if you work for the carnival

    Carnival: TigerQueen (Kylia & Ringmaster), Celtic Noctuam Lunar (Maylen), ilovevampzero (Mary), Romantic Winter (Viktor & Esmerelda), Shadow Reaver (Rin & Hitomi), Koala Chemist (Kara Liddel & Clyde Mare)
    Audience: RomanticWinter (Leise), TigerQueen (Gabriel), KrystalAida (Sebastian & Chris), Shadow Reaver (Devin)
  2. Name: Kylia Ashton
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Personality: sweet, innocent, caring, motherly, very proper, still believes in her era's version of the 'perfect woman' and always tries to abide by that.
    Era*: 1950
    Job*: conducts the balloon and darts booth
    Carnival or audience: Carnival
    Other: she tends to wear long and modest dresses most of the time since they were the kind of clothing she was raised on

    Name: Unknown. Goes by 'Ringmaster'
    Age: Unknown but he appears to be anywhere from early 20s to 30s. This seems impossible but is actually true
    Gender: Male
    Personality: kind of a flirt, mysterious, doesn't talk about his past and won't reveal any of his secrets no matter what, he is only serious when furious
    Era*: Unknown
    Job*: Ringmaster
    Carnival or audience: Carnival

    Name: Gabriel Wrinchester
    Age: 19
    Gender: male
    Personality: doesn't talk very much, would do anything for those he cares about, kind, if he or someone else is wrongly attacked or challenged he will fight back with everything he has
    Carnival or audience: Audience
  3. Previously Posted by Celtic Noctuam Lunar:

    Name: Maylen
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female.. last time I checked :D
    Personality: Shy, quiet, but has a side that wishes to break free, even if just a little bit.
    Era: Victorian (*only if I get a carnival spot)
    Job: Contortionist, (don't remember the name) where they twirl from the fabric that is hung from the ceiling and do acrobatics, acrobat (*only if I get a carnival spot)
    Carnival: I am fine with either decision. Working as a carny, or as an incoming audience member.
    Picture: (will add if I find one applicable)
    Other: dresses in corsets, mounds of skirts, and she looks as such: Light brown eyes, long auburn hair, pale skin with freckles, thin and strong from doing the acrobatics.
  4. Name: Mary (The most popular name of the 1930s!)
    Age: 28
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Behaves like a woman from the 1930s, usually quite proper, likes to keep things clean, etc. Mary usually is a quiet person, but if you get her to talk, she is very kind and understanding.
    Era*: 1930s
    Job*: Kind of a magician, can make things disappear out of thin air and bring them right back without any "equipment."
    Carnival or audience: Carnival
    Other: Prefers to wear the typical 1930s dresses and sometimes the hat-looking things. Here's an idea of what they looked like.
  5. [MENTION=3575]ilovevampzero[/MENTION] Accepted! I'm glad you joined :)
  6. YAY! The 1930s were awesome...
    (Oh and nice with the fish in the bread...)
  7. Yay, a new carny! Excited to have a magician joining us
  8. Yes, I may eventually make an audience member if there is a lack of them. Oh, and, Celtic, how do you add your Skype to Iwaku? I can't do it currently, but just for future reference.
  9. I think I may add an audience member at some point too. And to add Skype, go to settings, then edit profile. Keep scrolling down until you see "Skype" or something to that effect
  10. I want a spot as a carnie, but I see we have no attendants, so can I have two, possibly three characters? I want to be a Russian knife thrower! And maybe I'll play the role of his lovely assistant and human target, or get someone else to. I have to do some research... TO THE INTERNETS!
  11. [MENTION=3336]RomanticWinter[/MENTION] You can have as many character as you want! I'm glad you want to join :) just post a CS whenever you can
  12. Name: Viktor Zimmermann
    Age: Mid 30's
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Viktor had a some distaste for father figures and strict men (like his father) so he doesn't have much love for the ringmaster. Viktor may not be the warmest character, but he is friendly to his fellow carnies; they are almost like family to him. He is protective of his sister, and doesn't like how much men are attracted to her, or how she leads them on (or rather just doesn't say no) He is very confident in what he does.
    Era*: Early 1930's
    Job*: Knife Thrower
    Carnival or audience: Carnie
    Other: Speaks Romani, German and Russian fluently and had a mixed accent, most prominently Russian.
    Story: A little bit about his heritage and background, I don't mention how he joined the Carnival.

    His mother was a Russian gypsy who traveled with a gypsy caravan. The band brought their show to Germany where she met a handsome German man. They did their performance, and she was a graceful dancer that had caught the eye of a German carpenter who was attending the show. He had caught her eye as well. After a few drinks the two slipped away to her tent. The band was going to stick around for a little while (in the general area) so she decided to stay with the man. Later she found out she was pregnant and the two decided to raise the child together. Viktor was born. He learned the trade of his father, and the customs of his mother. And for 13 years they stayed as a relatively happy family. Though Viktor did sometimes did think his father strict, and like his mother, was a more free spirit. His mother was also feeling restless, like she had to go. Not long after Viktor's 13th birthday the caravan returned to the area, and his mother was more than happy to see them. She met up with some old friends, and reconnected. The night before the caravan set off, she told Viktor's father she had to go with them; that she couldn't sand staying in one place any longer. His father was infuriated and told them to leave his sight right away, so she fled, Viktor in hand. Only months later was his littler sister born.

    Appearance: (Couldn't find a picture that fit what I visioned)
    Viktor stands at 6 feet tall, and has a straight and confident posture (good for show boating), broad shoulders, median build, and rather muscular. He has short and shaggy dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, his eye brows are much like his sisters but firmer and sterner, and has poky stubble. He has a strong and prominent jaw and a slightly gaunt face. He has been known to grow a big and bushy handle bar mustache some times just for kicks.
    He usually wears a loosely fitting white undershirt. Some times he'll throw a vest over it. (He wears different ones all the time.)

    Name: Esmeralda Boswell
    Age: Early 20's
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Esmeralda is innocent and childish is some ways, and very playful and cheery. She can be very flirtatious and sexy, and many men and are drawn to her. She doesn't see that her light flirtations drive her brother mad. She is very trusting of her brother, in fact she lets him throw knifes at her. She is light hearted and friendly, and hardly takes anything too seriously. (Plays into her innocents and cheeriness)
    Era*: Early 1930's
    Job*: Knife Thrower's Assistant
    Carnival or audience: Carnie
    Other: Like her brother, Viktor, she speaks Romani, German and Russian. She is Viktor's half sister. They have the same mother, but her father was Romany like their mother.
    She likes to wear her gypsy clothing (they were her mothers) but when shes up on the chopping black (I mean getting knifes thrown at her) she wears tight-fitting and rather revealing clothes.

    When the gypsy caravan returned to German where Viktor was, his mother met back up with an old friend, and took a trip down memory lane. Realizing what she had done, and knowing she was growing restless, she decided to join back with her family. Later that year Esmeralda was born. Esmeralda was very close to her mother and brother. Esmeralda looked so very much like her mother, and danced beautifully, the men could hardly keep their eyes off her. Later, when Esmeralda was fifteen, their mother died. They stuck with the band for a time, but as the band began to break up, the duo split off to find their own way.


    Name: Leise Recht
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Leise is shy, smart, very kind and quite, curious, and always (well often) puts others before herself.
    Carnival or audience: Audience
    Other: She likes to read about ancient Greece and Roam and their mythology

    There we go! Yeahness! If anyone want's to play Esmeralda and think they can represent her well then feel free to ask.
  13. [MENTION=3336]RomanticWinter[/MENTION] They are all accepted! You can post in the rp whenever you want :)
  14. I'm in the process of making another character except this one is for the audiencebecause so far, we only have one and five carnies...
    So would anyone else please make an audience member also? I would like to even it out. Thanks :)
  15. Woo! More characters! I'll be making an audience member soon. Huzzah, we are having a lot more characters! I feel like this is going to be such a good rp.
  16. Yeah, I agree, I'm so glad there are so many characters but there's no one that is posting in the actual rp :(
  17. I was actually just about to go post, but it's gonna take me a little bit cause I'm over a friends house and and and
  18. Oh, ok. I understand, that's fine
  19. 110505.jpeg

    Name: Sebastian Tanner
    Age: 21
    Gender: male
    Personality: sarcastic, distant, kind of mean sometimes
    Carnival or audience: audience
    Other: He's friends with Devin Grey
    Pic(s): see above pic (black hair)

    Name: Chris Tanner
    Age: 21
    Gender: male
    Personality: kind, very talkative, childish
    Carnival or audience: audience
    Other: He's friends with Devin Grey
    Pic(s): see above pic (white hair)