The Bucket List RP

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    So this is an RP based on/inspired by this story (above) on Wattpad by ella_enchanted. Basically we base it on the actual story up to Part 5, and then we roleplay the rest of it however we want. It will be a romance/humour theme. We also need to make a bucket list with tons of stuff ^_^

    There are six character spots. I'll be Amber occasionally, but otherwise I'll play either Greg or Ian, depending on who is demanded less.

    The Characters
    Allie: Fiery, smart, a bit of a nerd, somewhat self-absorbed
    Chance: Extremely charming, playful, handsome, annoying
    Carmen: Flirtatious, slutty, loves partying, tends to get drunk and embarrass herself
    Greg: Totally flirtatious, somewhat immature, owns a Bimbo Army, captain of the football team
    Lacy: Sweet, calm, sensible, likes reading, quiet
    Ian: Student body president, smart, somewhat moody and reserved, loves cars

    Let's just assume it's totally cliché and they're all rich xD Anyway, you can feel free to change their names, and tweak their personalities and such. The pairings will be as mentioned in the story. I suppose they're high school seniors, so they're probably 17/18 years of age. They live in Canada in the actual story, but I'm open to suggestions. Note that I don't live in America or Canada so I'm not familiar with their school systems, or the geography as such, so you guys are gonna have to help me with that. And it doesn't necessarily have to be a Catholic school. I'm open to suggestions.

    Form (remove the parenthesis or you won't receive a welcoming cookie!)

    Character: (which of the six you're going to be)
    Name: (include surname)
    Appearance: (sure, include a picture. Real person or anime. Do mention their height.)

    And also, bucket list suggestions please, and I'll add them below. We'll assign who gets what when we have enough items of the list.

    The Bucket List:
    1 Bungee-jump off the CN Tower
    2 Get kidnapped
    3 Steal a baby
    4 Shout "BOMB!" on an aeroplane
    5 Literally scare the crap out of someone
    6 Get a tattoo of a barcode and scan myself at stores

    So yeah, interest checking. Who's interested, and who would you like to be? It would be really cool if this kicked off.